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Twitter Roundup #11

Tweet tweetBelow are the things we’ve posted to Twitter recently. In reverse chronological order, just like Twitter… We’re reposting 195 tweets this time with a total of 108 links to stuff that (mostly) didn’t end up on GLONO.

# RT @seanonolennon: Now they say I’m abusing Lennon fans? Because I’m defending my mother from insults over an advert I had NOTHING to do with!? 3 minutes ago

# How come Paul McCartney never made another album as good or as weird as Ram? about 2 hours ago

# Sad about Haeley. RT @maura: tonight’s ‘american idol’ recap, in which i get to the point: http://bit.ly/csZzTO about 4 hours ago

# “With Paula, you’re never more than a few minutes away from seeing a grade-A display of batshit antics on live TV.” http://ow.ly/1eHYx #idol about 4 hours ago

# Macca to quit touring in 2012; age 70: http://ow.ly/1eI4N about 4 hours ago

# “But yeah, there’s just so many songs about the war,” the one publisher reiterated. “My writers have a bunch.” http://ow.ly/1eHLu about 5 hours ago

# On this day 2001: Glenn Kotche joins Wilco. Ken Coomer out: http://ow.ly/1eHuB about 5 hours ago

Lots more below, and you might consider following us on Twitter if you want to keep up with this stuff as it happens…

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Black Converse Baseball Boots

John Squire, Waterfall (detail), 1988, oil on canvasThere are fewer more distressing sights than that
Of an Englishman in a baseball cap.

—The Libertines, “Time for Heroes”

When I was in college I spent a semester studying abroad at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. The guys I hung out with were from all across the British Isles, and I was impressed and sometimes intimidated by their classical education. Dudes could quote whole passages of Shakespeare and Milton like it was nothing. Over pints we would often get into discussions about American culture, or the lack thereof. Fuckers turned me from an Anglophile into a true blue patriot. My main comebacks were always: jazz, rock and roll, and hip hop. I was right, of course, but since I’d never been taught the formal principles of logic, the Brits usually won the argument. But I was right. And their Levis agreed with me.

During my breaks, I travelled extensively albeit aimlessly around the U.K. and Ireland. I had a lot of amazing experiences but was often disappointed by the gross Americanization of the cities. McDonald’s was everywhere (even if they made you pay extra for “tomato sauce”). So our culture, for good or ill, had inarguably spread across the sea.

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Lester Bangs in Creem

FreedomWe all know that Lester Bangs got his start at Rolling Stone. Here at Glorious Noise, we’ve gathered up links to his Stone reviews that are available online twice: Lester Bangs in Rolling Stone (2006) and Even more Lester Bangs in Rolling Stone (2007).

Those are all great, of course, but Bangs really kicked his prose into high gear after Jann Wenner fired him from the Stone for being “disrespectful to musicians.” He moved to Detroit Rock City and took over Creem. Since today marks the 26th anniversary of his death, we’re honoring his memory by providing links to a bunch of his classic pieces for Creem

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