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Flipper – Love/Fight

Flipper - LoveFlipperLove / Fight (MVD Audio)

I recently told a friend that I was reviewing a pair of Flipper albums. She knows much about old school punk rock having cut her teeth playing bass in a band inspired by those very same classic punk albums. When I clarified what Flipper records I was reviewing—a pair of new albums featuring Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic in the line up—she was incensed. “Will Shatter died twenty years ago!” she pointed out. “How can there be a new Flipper album without Will Shatter?”

I’ll leave that debate among the faithful, but one has to admire that the three remaining original Flipper members are still at it thirty years later. They’ve chosen a pretty dedicated band enthusiast to handle the low-end duties and yet another rock icon with his own impressive resume (Jack Endino) to help capture the proceedings.

The result is one new studio effort (Love) and a live recording (Fight) packaged separately so fans can choose between a collection of new material and one that blends both the old and new.

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Oral History of Krist Novoselic

There’s a ton of fascinating information in the state of Washington’s Legacy Project’s oral history of Krist Novoselic (93-page PDF). For example, his name, if spelled the traditional Croation way, Krste, should be pronounced like “cursed.” And his last name should be pronounced “No-voss-o-litch”, although Novoselic himself pronounces it “Novo-sell-itch.”

Tons of cool stories about growing up, listening to music, moving to Croatia when he was 15, Nirvana (of course), and his political activism now. It’s a great read.

Plus, I’ve recently realized Krist Novoselic and Quasar Wut-Wut‘s Brent Sulek were quite clearly separated at birth.

MP3: Eyes Adrift – “Alaska”

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