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New Laura Jane Grace video: Blood and Thunder

Video: Laura Jane Grace – “Blood & Thunder”

Laura Jane Grace - Blood & Thunder [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

From Stay Alive, out now on Polyvinyl.

I miss Chicago.

South wind coming up Western
Simple as heaven
Your love is all I need

I spent my first year in Chicago in an apartment up on Foster. The Western brown line station was the closest el stop and even that was a hike. Usually in the morning I would take the 92 bus to the Berwyn red line stop, but in the evenings I would usually take the brown line to Western and walk home from there. Maybe stop at Laurie’s and browse through the used bins. Western north of Lawrence was ungentrified back then (maybe still?) but there was a little antique store I liked and a funny electronics repair shop that was never open and then a diner on the corner of Foster where I would buy fries. All these years later, I look back on those walks with fondness but our next place was going to be closer to the el for sure. Shit gets old quick in the winter.

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New Laura Jane Grace video: I Hate Chicago

Video: Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers – “I Hate Chicago”

Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers "I Hate Chicago" (Official Music Video)

Directed by Hannah Welever. From Bought to Rot, out now on Bloodshot.

Oh come on, lighten up, people. It’s funny. The video’s kind of dumb but the song is hilarious.

I hate the Cubs, the Sox, the Blackhawks and the Bulls
I couldn’t give a shit about the Pumpkins, Slint or Wilco


Grace told Greg Kot, “While the song is meant in jest, Chicago prides itself in being a mean, nasty city — we’re jerks — and it’s a hard place to live. There is terrifying gun violence, government corruption, brutal winters. It’s strange being in a place you’re at odds with, but yet you live there. It’s also strange being a writer who’s identified with being from Florida. But I can’t write songs from Florida anymore, because I live in Chicago now. I finally wrapped my head around that idea. […] It speaks to what Chicago is about. People get it. It’s a hard city to live in, but we’re all in it together.”

And If I die in this shithole
Float my corpse down the Calumet
‘Cause I’d rather rot in Gary

Now that’s just crazy talk.

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New Laura Jane Grace video: Apocalypse Now (and Later)

Video: Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers “Apocalypse Now (& Later)”

Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers "Apocalypse Now (& Later)" (Official Music Video)

Directed by Emily Esperanza. From Bought to Rot, out now on Blooshot.

This sounds like the jangly college rock I loved in the early 90s. The Devouring Mothers include Against Me! drummer Atom Willard and Marc Jacob Hudson, who recorded 2016’s Shape Shift with Me, but this sounds liberated from the expectations of another Against Me! album.

Grace told Rolling Stone, “My approach musically to the record was that I wanted it to feel like a mixtape. Like OK, you’ve got this Nirvana-like song, you’ve got a Cure song. It was musically freeing, in that way, to just be playing whatever was coming to me as I was writing and not having to think about it.”

There’s nothing that can hold me back
Don’t have “happy ever after”, just have “here and now”
On the Samhain of our souls, watch the world burn in fire
The bliss of your kiss in the apocalypse
On top of the world, at the end of the world, with you

I like the idea that it’s still possible to find happiness when the world around you is going to hell. It’s important to be able to “walk away from the hate” we all carry.

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