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New Laura Veirs: Another Space and Time

Video: Laura Veirs – “Another Space and Time”

Directed by Twixx Williams. From My Echo, out October 24 on Bella Union.

Sometimes you need a little bossa nova grooviness in your life. It might even help you imagine a world that wasn’t constantly awful. In her third single from the upcoming My Echo, Laura Veirs presents an alternate reality where “California’s not burning and the seas don’t rise.”

Veirs says, “This song is a dream that we can and will live in a more peaceful, loving world – and a world with more personal freedoms, too.”

Dare to dream!

Laura Veirs: web, twitter, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New Laura Veirs video: Everybody Needs You

Video: Laura Veirs – “Everybody Needs You”

Directed by Lance Bangs. Animation by Marissa Paternoster. From The Lookout, out April 13 on Raven Marching Band.

You might know Laura Veirs from the case/lang/veirs project she did with Neko Case and k.d. lang in 2016. She’s got a new solo album, The Lookout, coming out this spring.

The Lookout is about the need to pay attention to the fleeting beauty of life and to not be complacent; it’s about the importance of looking out for each other,” says Veirs. “I’m addressing what’s happening around me with the chaos of post-election America and a personal reckoning with the realities of midlife: I have friends who’ve died; I struggle with how to balance life as an artist with parenting young children.”

Reckoning with the realities of midlife. I can certainly dig that.

Laura Veirs: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.