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New Liam Gallagher video: Wall Of Glass

Video: Liam Gallagher – “Wall Of Glass”

Liam Gallagher - Wall Of Glass (Official Video)

I am an unapologetic fan of Oasis. I like a little attitude in my rock and roll and the Gallagher brothers deliver that by the truckload. Noel’s clearly the funnier of the two (and funnier than pretty much everyone), but the younger Liam wins on pure shit-eating grin attitude. His stance alone tells you all you need to know about him, and it’s that trademark posture that takes center stage in the new video, “Wall of Glass” for his debut solo track.

Because he’s Liam Fucking Gallagher, there’s no need for a plot or a narrative in this stylized video full of blinking lights, seedy hotel lobbies and a hall of mirrors. What does it mean? Nothing! The director knows what he has to work with and just sets our kid up in different situations in which to be snotty. And let’s be clear: he delivers.

More importantly, this is the best track Liam Gallagher has released since “The Shock of the Lightning” from Oasis’ final album, Dig Out your Soul in 2008. There were a number of tracks I liked from Liam’s first venture out sans The Chief, Beady Eye, but this track has the right combo of hooks and instrumentation to cut through the noise that makes for a great Gallagher Bros. track.

“Wall Of Glass” is the first track to preview his forthcoming album As You Were, due in October on Parlophone/Warner Brothers.

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Noel Gallagher Debuts at #1, Liam Open to Reunion

Noel Gallagher’s first solo effort debuted at #1 in Great Britain, moving 122,000 units in its first week. While a nice feather in Noel’s cap and a stick in the beady ey of his brother (who debuted at #3), it’s unlikely to rival the sales of Oasis’ catalog but this is a different time, isn’t it?

Speaking of…brother Liam Gallagher has said he’d be open to a reunion to mark the 20th anniversary of the band’s chart topper What’s the Story Morning Glory.

Liam told Rolling Stone, “In 2015, if we can put our shit aside, we can tour and play the album in its entirety for the 20th anniversary,” he says. “I’d be up for that, if it’s on our terms. There’s got to be two-way respect.”

It appears Noel still knows the songs since he played nine Oasis tunes in his live debut. Maybe the hoopla around the Stone Roses has got the old boy thinking…

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - AKA... What A Life! (Official Music Video)

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds North America Tour Dates:
November 7 & 8 @ Toronto, ON @ Massey Hall
November 11 @ Philadelphia, PA @ Academy of Music
November 12 @ Boston, MA @ Wang Theatre
November 14 & 15 @ New York, NY @ Beacon Theatre
November 17 & 18 @ Los Angeles, CA @ Royce Hall
November 19 @ San Francisco, CA @ Orpheum Theatre

Beady Eye – Bring the Light

Beady Eye It’s well known that I am the resident Oasis apologist in these parts. I am comfortable with that. It’s one of the things that made me and Loftus friends in the beginning. And I had genuine excitement listening to the last two Oasis albums because I felt like they’d moved beyond pub rock and rip-offs to a point where they could wear their influences with flair, rather than defensive posturing. They embraced their love of the 60s British Invasion and let the tones ring through instead of burying them under layers of overdriven guitars. Noel even let some of the other guys contribute more than token songs!

And then Oasis broke up.

Well, Liam has moved on and taken a few of the old boys with him to form Beady Eye. They released a digital single a couple weeks ago and much to my delight it’s continuing down the line the Gallaghers started with 2005’s Don’t Believe the Truth. It’s a lot of jangly piano and space-echo vocals and killer back-up singers. Give it a go. It’s a free download, why not? (Free download no longer available. Boo!–ed.)

Video: Beady Eye – “Bring the Light”

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Liam Gallagher Looking for Class A Drugs

I know lots of people dismiss Liam Gallagher as a loud-mouthed knobhead, but seriously, how can you not like this guy? After being awarded yet another ridiculously over-the-top accolade from the British music press (this time it’s Brit Album Of 30 Years award for the 1995 Oasis album (What’s The Story) Morning Glory.), Liam gives a mostly incoherent interview backstage and wraps by asking the reporters if we can “now get loads of Class A drugs?” Brilliant.

Video: Liam Gallagher Backstage At The Brits 2010

Oasis: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

Liam Gallagher: Attacker Should Eat His Own Dick

Liam and Noel Gallagher are a musical journalist’s dream. It’s like every word out of their mouths is a golden quote.

Responding to seeing his brother getting clobbered on stage, Liam Gallagher told Sky News, “It’s not nice when you look down and see your brother on the deck.”

“If it was up to me, I’d have cut his [the attacker’s] dick off and made him eat it.”

Nobody can say Liam’s soft on crime…

Via The NME.

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Oasis – Dig Out Your Soul

Oasis - Dig Out Your SoulOasisDig Out Your Soul (Warner Bros./Reprise)

This is a review for Oasis fans. I’ve found over the years that it’s impossible to convince anyone of Oasis’ ability to be anything more than loudmouthed musical thieves. Never mind the fact that very traits that prompt accolades from fans and critics alike for equally derivative bands like Sloan, Spoon, and even my beloved Elliott Smith are all cited as evidence that the Gallaghers et al. are nothing more than Beatle worshipping dipshits with great hair and big amps. So, the rest of you can click away, we’re going to revel in our fandom for a bit.

Most artists (and yes I know Noel Gallagher doesn’t consider himself an artist) have periods of inspiration followed by terms of mediocrity or creative drought. Perhps the energy of having created greatness leaves them depleted and withered for a spell. Or maybe they simply got lucky with a couple great pieces and then the luck ran out? Most will tell you that Oasis peaked with 1995’s What’s the Story Morning Glory—a truer testament to Britain’s domination over pop culture in the mid-90s than flannel wearing Cobain worshippers would have you believe—and there’s an argument to be made there. But I think that argument rests mainly on the band’s position as pop culture icons, especially in Britain, and the fact that they not only beat the sophomore slump in which so many bands slog but for a brief moment made the premise seem silly. Morning Glory established the band once and for all as the dominant British lords of pop music and banished their rivals Blur to the college rock ghetto until they too rose up to hypnotize America with “Song #2,” which oddly sounded more like Nirvana than the Kinks, but I digress.

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Ten "Fiercest" British Frontmen Revealed

Jake has long bemoaned the fact that British singers all sound like pansies. [Specifically, English singers -ed.] It’s his main argument for abandoning a genre that once fueled his music collection and has led to hilarious arguments at countless bars with me and Loftus. But is the Old Man right?

MuchMusic has a list of the The 10 Fiercest British Frontmen Of The Past Decade and I gotta say, there’s a fair amount of dandy-ism on display and maybe only one dude I definitely wouldn’t fight in an alley (Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher, who I am sure would fight dirty to protect his hair).

Seven sissies I could stomp and three dudes I would not fight after the jump.

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