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New Monnone Alone video: Stay Foggy

Video: Monnone Alone – “Stay Foggy”

Directed by Lehmann B. Smith. From Stay Foggy, out now on Lost and Lonesome.

Mark Monnone recorded Stay Foggy all by himself on his cassette 8-track during lockdown in 2020. And now the groovy title track has video featuring our bearded hero riding around Melbourne on a cloud. I like the fact that Monnone looks like a Pacific Ocean Blue-era Dennis Wilson these days.

Monnone told Trouble Juice the song’s “skeletal features date back to the mid-00s and may well have ended up somewhere on the next Lucksmiths album had we not broken ourselves up in 2009. As you hear it now, this song was built up around the repetitive bassline that I had originally put down as a demo to test different ideas on. The lyrics are a murky meditation on a summer spent in the San Francisco fog twenty-odd years ago and, in my reverie, imagining my dear friends there all these years later as a bunch of wharf-dwelling ’embarcaderos’ sipping cheap chianti and yelling profanities at the seaside hotdog vendor. The chord structures and melodies all fell together so well on top of the bassline that I didn’t need to come up with any bass variations between verse, chorus, etc, which was good news for me as I’m extremely lazy.”

Monnone Alone: web, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Monnone Alone: Feel It Disappearing

Video: Monnone Alone – “Feel It Disappearing”

Directed by Simon Fazio. From Stay Foggy, out July 16 on Lost And Lonesome. Single out now.

I’m sure the Lucksmiths cast a long shadow over the former members of the beloved group. Luckies bassist Mark Monnone has ventured out on his own, as Monnone Alone, as well as with briefly hooking up with a couple former bandmates in 2017’s Last Leaves project.

Do you feel that feeling when it’s starting to rain?
Feel the pressure building inside your brain?
Feeling that feeling that’s so hard to contain?
Don’t know when it’ll end or begin again?

Monnone is clearly not opposed to feeling his feelings. Is this “anxiety-peppered bubblegum pop singalong for the Zoom-generation” a belated sequel to “T-Shirt Weather”, which he wrote for the Lucksmiths 20+ years ago? “I’m starting to feel a lot better” is a similar sentiment to feeling your sadness disappearing after all.

Who knows? Monnone wrote, played, sang, and recorded Stay Foggy on his cassette 8-track all by himself during Melbourne’s 2020 lockdown. He says the album “touches on themes of dread, loneliness and the losing of one’s marbles.” But the sound of the lead single is as chipper as ever. So wake up, wake up…

Monnone Alone: web, twitter, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New Lucksmiths video: Camera-Shy

Video: Lucksmiths – “Camera-Shy”

From Naturaliste (2003), out now on vinyl by Lost And Lonesome.

Boy I miss this band. The Lucksmiths were so good. Naturaliste was originally released in 2003 on Candle Records in Australia (and on Drive-In Records out of good old Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the States).

Now after a successful crowdfunding effort, bassist Mark Monnone’s Lost and Lonesome printed 500 hand-numbered copies on vinyl. There are still some left so don’t sleep if you want one.

To celebrate the new release, a new video for the album’s lead-off track “comprised of some recently exhumed home and tour movies” from the early 2000s filmed by the Lucksmiths and Ali Dullard in Melbourne and Amsterdam.

So if it’s not too much to ask
Let’s just let the moment pass
I have no wish to be reminded
Of just how awkward I can be

Well I’m happy that nobody took that advice back when they were filming this stuff. It’s wonderful to be reminded of just how awesome this band could be.

The Lucksmiths: bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Monnone Alone video: Do it Twice

Video: Monnone Alone – “Do it Twice”

Directed bu Lily Youngsmith. From Summer of the Mosquito, due May 10 on Lost and Lonesome. 7″ out now.

The former Lucksmith is back with a new single, and yet more evidence that we should all pack up and move down under where everybody is so much cooler.

Mark Monnone says the song “is written from the point-of-view of a mid-40s gentleman, looking back over the years and realising his greatest achievements – the things that have really left an imprint on his being and still bring a twinkle to the eye – are the things that didn’t work out so well; awkwardly handled social interactions, frustrating miscommunications, situations that went monumentally wrong and made the heart beat ever faster and really fire up the perspiration glands. With this in mind, for the video, it was obvious the first thing we needed to get our hands on was a green screen.”

Obviously! If you’re a fan of clever, jangly pop music do yourself a favor and check it out.

We interviewed Mark Monnone way back in 2002: Perfect in the Summertime: Lucksmiths Interview by Helen Wilson.

Monnone Alone: bandcamp, fb, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Monnone Alone video: Cut Knuckle

Video: Monnone Alone – “Cut Knuckle”

Directed by Lehmann B. Smith. From Summer of the Mosquito, out in 2019 on Lost and Lonesome.

Mark Monnone has been releasing stuff as Monnone Alone since his former band the Lucksmiths broke up. Last year he collaborated with a couple former Luckies as Last Leaves, but now it looks like he’s back to his solo project.

Monnone is the guy who wrote one of the Lucksmiths’ most beloved songs, “T-Shirt Weather,” and he brings that jangly sensibility to this new song as well.

The video features a ridiculous trip down a storm water drainage tunnel.

Monnone says, “I asked Lehmann to make me a video for our song ‘Cut Knuckle’ and unbelievably he said yes. He also said that I’d be bound in rope for an entire day and who could say no to that? One thing that struck me, as well as the close attention he paid to setting up the storyboard and other pre-production things, was Lehmann’s complete disregard for workplace safety and the continual threat to human life.”

Well done!

We interviewed Mark Monnone way back in 2002: Perfect in the Summertime: Lucksmiths Interview by Helen Wilson.

Monnone Alone: bandcamp, fb, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Last Leaves video: The Hinterland

Video: Last Leaves – “The Hinterland”

From Other Towns Than Ours, out October 20 on Lost And Lonesome (Aus) and Matinée Recordings (USA).

Earlier this summer Last Leaves released their first official single, and now here’s the second single from the former members of the Lucksmiths along with an updated release date for their debut album, Other Towns Than Ours. Their label has received “the scouts’ honour from the vinyl pressing plant” that it will be ready.

“The Hinterland” is another slice of perfect guitar pop that grabs your attention immediately with “All this was years ago / the accident, the summer spent indoors,” and goes on to describe the “dull dilaudid dream” of our protagonist’s time of recovery.

All those indistinguishable days
From an upstairs window at your parents’ place
You saw the sun set where the highway cuts across the hinterland
Taillights fading in the twilight
It was more than you could stand

A couple of Australianisms in case you were wondering: 1. A “skirting board” is what they call a baseboard, i.e., the piece of trim at the bottom of a wall.[1] 2. The hinterland is an area off the Sunshine Coast of Queensland with lots of rainforests, lookouts, and national parks [2] as well as historic villages, antique shopping, and day spas.[3] So there you go; saved you a click.

The video stars Shannon Dowling from Melbourne band Spit (who apparently knows a thing or two about accidents) and was filmed in the Dandenong Ranges. I appreciate the “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” poster on the wall.

The single, out now, contains an exclusive b-side, “Nora Creina.”

Last Leaves: fb, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New Last Leaves video: The World We Had

Video: Last Leaves – “The World We Had”

From Other Towns Than Ours, out October 13 on Lost And Lonesome in Australia and on Matinée in the USA. The single is out now.

I was just saying how much I miss the Lucksmiths when lo and behold here’s a brand new video from three-quarters of them. Last Leaves has been teasing us with the possibility of new music for years now, but this is the first we’ve heard about a full album. Marty Donald, Mark Monnone, and Louis Richter recruited drummer Noah Symons and recorded Other Towns Than Ours in their fancy treehouse in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges where this video was filmed.

The song sounds lovely. A little beefier than the Luckies with crunchier guitars and heavier drums. And Donald’s voice isn’t as “pretty” as Tali White’s, so the overall vibe is less twee and more rock and roll. I’ve listened to this at least 30 times in a row now and it continues to reveal its charms. Gone are the signature puns and clever wordplay, but that doesn’t mean they won’t turn a phrase to conjure up emotions.

Did I dream that weekend in a weather-bored hotel
In a tumbled down old tourist town that we had to ourselves?

I kissed you briefly underneath the broken bridge
The moon behind the mountaintops beyond

And I’m sure I was never so happy before
But darling, don’t you sometimes think we could say the same for since?

You were twenty-something the first time you saw snow
We stood there shuttering as the clouds closed in on Buffalo.

I can’t wait to hear the album. Autumn is the perfect time for this type of music.

Last Leaves: fb, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New Lucksmiths DVD: Unfamiliar Stars

Trailer: The Lucksmiths – “Unfamiliar Stars” DVD

Gotta love the Marge’s Donut Den t-shirt. Grand Rapids, represent!

It’s a shame that the Lucksmiths have generated more news since they broke up in 2009 than they did in the last few years they were active, what with the posthumous seven-inch last year and now a new DVD of their August 2009 farewell show in Melbourne, Australia. In addition to the 33-song live set, the DVD also contains a 25-minute documentary of the band’s final months.

Pre-order from Matinee in the States, or from Lost And Lonesome in Australia in PAL format.

Lucksmiths: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, eMusic, MOG, wiki

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New Lucksmiths Single: Get-to-Bed Birds

The Lucksmiths - Get-to-Bed BirdsMP3: The Lucksmiths – “Get-to-Bed Birds” (courtesy of Matinee Records)

Ah, this is bittersweet… A year after calling it a day, the Lucksmiths are releasing their final single on Lost and Lonesome in Australia and Matinee here in the States.

These are “the last two songs the band scribed” before breaking up. The a-side originally appeared on The Matinée Grand Prix CD, while the b-side (“The World of Professional Golf 1994″) was included with an Australian literary journal. The 7” single is limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies (L&s;L gets the odd numbers, Matinee the evens) and includes the MP3 download. It’s only $4, so what are you waiting for?

The Lucksmiths: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

The Lucksmiths Break Up

The Lucksmiths, back in the daySad news for fans of Australian pop group the Lucksmiths. In a message sent via their label, they’ve announced that “after sixteen years as The Lucksmiths, the band has decided to break up.”

They were a great band who deserved a lot more recognition than they ever received. Perhaps their lyrics were too clever or their sound too precious for their own good. While it would be difficult to argue that they weren’t the very embodiment of “twee,” if you ever got the opportunity to see them out live, your impression might changed a little.

In appearance, they actually reminded me of a young, mod Who. Tali White has the same, piercing eyes and undeniable charisma as Roger Daltrey, despite the fact that White’s subdued, gentle vocals are the complete opposite of Daltrey’s histrionics. And Marty Donald reminded me of more than a little of Pete Townshend. Donald wrote most of the songs, sang occasional harmonies, and strummed lovely chords. He even has a respectable honker like Pete! Mark Monnone isn’t really anything like the Ox, and there’s clearly no place for anyone resembling Keith Moon in the Lucksmiths. Regardless, my point is that they were far from puss-pop, especially live.

I’m mad at myself for not getting out there and seeing them the last (several) times they came through town. I always figured I’d catch them next time. Which you’d think I’d realize by now is a very shortsighted way of thinking about bands at this level. Hell, bands at any level. If you care, catch them when you can…you might not get another chance. They’ll be finishing up their European tour and some final dates in Australia, but then that’s it. They will be missed.


The Lucksmiths – “Up with the Sun”

The Lucksmiths – “A Sobering Thought (Just When One Was Needed)”

The Lucksmiths – “A Hiccup in Your Happiness”

The Lucksmiths – “Up With The Sun”

The Lucksmiths – “Pin Cushion”

Lucksmiths: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki.

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