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Gone and Not Forgotten

The headline read “Marshall Tucker Band Announces 50th Anniversary Tour” and although I have a depth of knowledge of that band that is approximately that of a sheet of paper, I read on, where I found, “‘Our special songs, guided by the lyrics of Toy Caldwell, have given us a deep emotional connection with our fans and friends,’” said founding MTB member Doug Gray. “‘We love you all and can’t wait to see you on the road in 2022.’”

Which made me wonder about that reference “founding MTB member.”

The band, which was organized in 1972 in Spartanburg, South Carolina, currently has one original member: Doug Gray, lead vocalist.

The aforementioned Toy Caldwell was lead guitarist, steel guitarist and vocalist. He also wrote all of the songs that appear on the band’s first, self-titled album, which was released in 1973. It includes “Can’t You See,” which arguably is one of the band’s biggest hits, or at least is one of the more recognizable tracks.

Caldwell’s younger brother Tommy had also been an original member of MTB.

Toy left the band and released an album in 1992, “The Toy Caldwell Band.” In 1993 he was found dead in his home, from cardiac arrest.

Brother Tommy had died in 1980 in a car accident.

One other original MTB member, George McCorkle, who played rhythm guitar, left the band in 1984 and died of cancer in 2007.

There are two other founding members: Jerry Eubanks (keyboards, flute), who left the band in 1996; Paul Riddle (drums) who left in 1983.

It seems that through the years there have been approximately 30 members of MTB.

And Doug Gray continues.

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