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New Matt Costa video: I Remember It Well #2

Video: Matt Costa – “I Remember It Well #2”

Directed by Pamela Littky. From Santa Rosa Fangs, out now on Dangerbird.

I like Matt Costa. His 2006 album, Songs We Sing, has been in heavy rotation in the family car since my son was a toddler. The song “Sunshine” taught my little guy about harmonizing, or at least that was the first time he noticed how cool it sounds when “another person starts singing like that.”

Before I had a kid I imagined how I would subconsciously shape him into being a cool person by exposing him exclusively to an approved playlist of important music. By the time he was three he would be familiar with Elvis Presley’s Sun sessions and the complete discography of the Beatles. I had it all mapped out.

Well, a funny thing happens when you have a kid: they develop their own personality complete with their own taste. I hadn’t seen that coming. Combine that with exposure to “unapproved” music via babysitters and all of a sudden you’ve got a toddler turning his uptight dad on to the joys of Lady Gaga and Taio Cruz. There’s nothing funnier (to a nanny) than teaching a tiny little boy all the words to “Party in the USA.”

And somewhere around that same time period we discovered Matt Costa’s Songs We Sing. A lot of what Costa has done since then has more of a power pop feel, but this new song is a return to the pretty, acoustic, finger-picked sound that I like best. My kid is 11 now and has very little interest in any of the music (or anything else) that I think is cool, but I’m going to play this for him to see what he thinks.

Matt Costa: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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