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Brian Jonestown Massacre – Let’s Go Fucking Mental

Brian Jonestown Massacre Logo Brian Jonestown Massacre is back with their tenth studio album, Who Killed Sgt. Pepper, and while I love BJM like I love few bands, I wish Anton would put down the My Bloody Valentine and My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult records and go back to the Stones. Maybe he needs to bring Matt Hollywood back to write some actual songs?

MP3: Brian Jonestown Massacre – “Let’s Go Fucking Mental”

Who Killed Sgt. Pepper is out on February 23. US tour dates after the jump.

UPDATE: According to Wikipedia, Matt Hollywood is back in BJM. If true, I will eat a whole bag of crow. Maybe the question is then, did Anton let Matt Hollywood write any songs?

Brian Jonestown Massacre: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

My Bloody Valentine: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

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Lollapalooza 2005: Day Two

Lollapalooza 2005Also read Glorious Noise’s coverage of Day One of Lollapalooza 2005.

After the relatively mild weather on Saturday, everybody was hoping the forecasters would be wrong again for Sunday. But when my dogs woke me up at 7:30 and it was already 85 degrees outside, I knew it was going to be a rough day. Still, it might cloud up at least, right?

Wrong. But there were a lot of bands I wanted to see so I jumped on the train and headed down to Grant Park for the second day of Lollapalooza. The CTA expanded its service for the weekend (I can’t imagine how much the organizers had to fork over for that!), so we made it downtown in record time for a Sunday.

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