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And the Ground Will Burn Beneath Their Feet

Vitruvian ManThe Glorious Noise PO box is a bustling miniature economy, forever striving to support the cottage industries arriving via sleeves of manila. Some fail. Too many tongues in the kitchen building towers to the sky, smashing glass houses with Billy Joel stones. But others thrive, whether by a buoying of collective belief or the simple, logical, largeform realization of a stranger’s hard work and talent. And then there are the others, the oddities, the answering machine messages that continue to play in landfills underground. What do we do with these errant structures? Listening to them late at night, it’s like someone built a Sonic in the center of our 8-way intersection. Shadow Boolean is one of these records. It arrived a few months ago, loosely packaged in a storebought CD-PostBox. No fancy foam here, or glittery stickers exclaiming hyperbole over the lame emblazoned name of your cousin’s Apple IIc record label. GloNo address; return address; two Dorothea Lange postage stamps. Inside, a Memorex CDR. ‘Deepgrave min og dog’, it said, the letters jumbled like word jazz in text. What happen? Somebody set us up the bomb.

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