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If you don’t got Mojo Nixon…

Mojo Nixon…then your record collection could use some fixin’.

Especially since right now, you can download his entire catalog for free from Amazon MP3. But don’t wait, because this is only a three-week deal and after that, it’s over. Well, not totally over. The full Mojo Nixon catalog will be half-price after that. If my math is correct, I think you have until October 27 before they start charging you.

Nixon’s got a new album, Whiskey Rebellion, a collection of previously unreleased material, and this is a very cool way to promote it.

“Can’t wait for Washington to fix the economy,” Mojo Nixon stated. “We must take bold action now. If I make the new album free and my entire catalog free it will stimulate the economy. It might even over-stimulate the economy. History has shown than when people listen to my music, money tends to flow to bartenders, race tracks, late night greasy spoons, bail bondsman, go kart tracks, tractor pulls, football games, peep shows and several black market vices. My music causes itches that it usually takes some money to scratch.”

“Elvis is Everywhere.” “Don Henley Must Die.” “Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My Two Headed Love Child.” “Stuffin’ Martha’s Muffin.” These are songs that everybody needs to listen to regularly. Free!

MP3: Mojo Nixon on Jack Kerouac’s On the Road

Mojo Nixon: Amazon MP3, web, wiki.

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