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The Lovely Ladz video premiere: Nasty Blister

Video: The Lovely Ladz – “Nasty Blister”

Single out now on Mordorlorff Music.

Years before the Darkness, Steel Panther, Dethklok, even before Tenacious D, a group of teenagers in suburban Detroit decided they needed to live out their rock and roll fantasies and start a band. And not just a band. But an experience!

The Lovely Ladz unashamedly turned it up to eleven.

These kids were ready to take on the world: Dash Rip Rock (vocals), Mickey Trixxx (guitar, vocals), Jerry Rokker (six-string fretless bass), Stylez (drums), The Baby Velvet (guitar), and Don Wa (“freak outs”).

They had bad wigs, dumb props, lots of beer, and enough chops to pull it off. Pretty much.

I am fortunate to have experienced the Ladz once in a basement at Michigan State University around the time this previously unreleased single was recorded. They were ridiculous but impossible to ignore (it was a small basement). They were goofing on “hair metal” but their songs were as good as anything by Poison or Skid Row if not better. They were definitely funnier.

They never released anything back in the day. In fact, “Nasty Blister” is the only song the Lovely Ladz ever recorded. Captured in 1993 in Saginaw, Michigan, with engineer Dan Palmer who had been in a band called Bungee Deth Fest with Ladz drummer Stylez (secret identity: Matt Favazza), they recently found the original master tapes. Mickey Trixxx (a/k/a Dan “The Fox” Edwards) finally mixed and mastered them for this release, revealing their tender side: “Nasty blister on my private part / Nasty blister on my blackened heart…”

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Return of The Krinkles

The KrinlesHere at Glorious Noise, we’ve got a soft spot for overlooked bands that never really made it. We’ve done big features on the Sinatras, Two Cow Garage, Chamber Strings, the Blacks… None of these bands achieved nearly the level of success they deserved. And we’re not talking about mainstream, Top 40 success here; we’re talking about the “real music fans ought to have at least heard of these guys” level of success.

The latest band in this series is the Krinkles. They broke up acrimoniously after releasing one good, fun album (Three Ringos) and one great one (Revenge of the Krinkles). These were the days before Napster, before MySpace, before mp3 blogs, and all the niche-level fanbase community-building stuff that has become so commonplace these days. In 1998, the only way anybody could have ever found out about the Krinkles was if they walked by a flyer taped to a telephone poll outside a record store.

Now, after eight years of not even talking to each other, the Krinkles have agreed to get back together for a couple of reunion shows in their former homebase of Chicago. On Saturday, April 19, as part of the 2008 International Pop Overthrow Festival, they’ll play The Spot. As a “top secret” warm-up show, they’re also playing Phyllis’ Musical Inn on Friday, April 18.

We talked to the guys about how it all started, what went right, and what went wrong. It’s not an unusual story when it comes to rock bands, but that doesn’t make it any less poignant. After all, our motto is “Rock and roll can change your life.” Read on to see how it changed the lives of four guys who knew each other since high school, and find out what caused them to set down their instruments and move on…

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The Krinkles – Still in Love

Our pals in the Krinkles have recorded a brand new song and have generously allowed Glorious Noise to share it with you!

MP3: The Krinkles – “Still in Love”

And as if that’s not enough great news, they’re getting the band back together for a reunion show! Stay tuned to Glorious Noise for an exclusive interview with all four members of the Krinkles. Until then, save the date for April 19, Chicago. Be there!


One Last Time: The Krinkles To Reunite After 8 Years Of Silence

For Immediate Release: Chicago, IL – It’s been over 8 years that Chicago power-pop institution, The Krinkles, played their infamous last show at Rory’s Music Cafe in Chicago. It was not to be their last show by design, but rather by the events that happened during the night. What sparked an onstage shouting-match & swift break-up is just hearsay. Was it because of a girl? Was it because of the new direction the band was heading into while recording their unreleased 3rd album? Was it the constant touring, rehearsing, writing & self-promoting that led to band burn out and burn up on stage? To this day, nobody’s quite sure. But all original members – Dan “The Fox”, Henry K, Jer & Matty are now determined to end what they started in 1994 by coming together for one last time on Saturday, April 19th @ The Spot, located at 4437 N. Broadway in Chicago. This rare reunion show will be a part of the 2008 International Pop Overthrow Festival.

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The Krinkles – 3 – The Mordorlorff Collection

The Krinkles - 3 - The Mordorlorff CollectionThe Krinkles3 – The Mordorlorff Collection

There were a few months back in 1998 when the Krinkles were my favorite band. Not just my favorite band I knew, but my favorite band in the whole world. Besides, I barely knew the guys. Friends of friends. But they were a great band.

At the time, I was not aware of the whole history of the Chicago power-pop scene. I love Cheap Trick as much as the next guy, but the Krinkles were something completely new for me. They sang with tight four-part harmonies and wrote catchy hooks and added badass metal guitar solos on top of it. Like all power pop bands, their live shows were way more powerful than anything they managed to capture on record. But their sophomore effort, Revenge of the Krinkles, holds up as a great piece of history and captures the band at the peak of their rock and roll power.

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