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Pitchfork 2010, Days 1-2

Pitchfork Music FestivalEvery year that I’ve gone to the Fork Fest, I’ve been surprised how many people actually show up for it. Rationally, I know it sells out and that there are 18,000 people there, but I forget how many bodies that really is until they’re surrounding me. It’s a lot of people.

And it seems like most of them are really into the music. Of course, there is also a good percentage of folks who are just there for the experience. There’s nothing wrong with that. But I would guess that the majority really gets into the performances, packing themselves densely into the fields, singing along, and paying attention to the music. There are moments when it feels like a community, and that’s pretty exciting in these days of extreme cultural fragmentation.

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Fun with Forkcast, Round 16

Pitchfork: ForkcastHere’s some good stuff that Pitchfork has given up recently on their Forkcast:

Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions – “Blanchard” from Through the Devil Slowly Softly, due September 15 on Nettwerk

Islands – “No You Don’t” from Vapours, due September 22 on Anti-

Black Francis – “All in My Mind” (Love & Rockets cover) from New Tales to Tell: A Tribute to Love and Rockets

The Dodos – “Fables” from Time to Die on French Kiss

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New Panda Bear video – Take Pills

Video: Panda Bear – “Take Pills”

Two years (to the week!) after the release of Person Pitch, Paw Tracks releases a trippy new video for “Take Pills.” Who knew pandas had such long tails? Directed by Brian DeGraw.

Panda Bear: MySpace, wiki.

Animal Collective Weirded Out by Old Dudes

Animal Collective‘s Noah Lennox (a/k/a Panda Bear) talks to Variety and reveals that he’s a little creeped out by old dudes writing about his band:

There’s an area of music journalism that has gotten more interested in this one. I don’t think ‘mainstream’ is the right word for it, but maybe an older journalistic world? An older group has gotten more excited about and that’s kind of weird.

Hey man, you’re talking to fucking Variety! What do you expect?

I’m happy to see Lennox acknowledge that there are bands besides the Beach Boys who’ve done multi-part harmonies. This sets him apart from most of the people writing about music these days:

The quality of the chord changes becomes a touchstone for the Beach Boys, so perhaps that’s another staple. We like all kinds of singing groups from the Zombies and the Beatles, to the Mommas and the Poppas [sic] and the Everly Brothers, but I guess the Beach Boys have become the poster child for multi-part harmony pop groups. It’s certainly flattering to be likened to a band like that; I’m just curious why it’s always them!

I’m curious, too. Whenever a band does harmonies, they’re always compared to the Beach Boys. The intern from Variety who typed up this interview doesn’t even know that it’s Mamas and the Papas, not Mommas and the Poppas. Come on!

Fun with Forkast, Round 8

Just because it’s been several months since we’ve done a Forkast update, it doesn’t mean we haven’t been paying attention.

The Long Blondes – “Here Comes The Serious Bit” from Couples, out now in the UK and due May 6 in the U.S. from Rough Trade

Panda Bear – “Comfy in Nautica” (XXXChange Remix) – Original version from Person Pitch, out now on Paw Tracks

Radiohead – “Nude (Holy Fuck Remix)” – Original track from In Rainbows, out now on ATO

Islands – “Creeper” from Arm’s Way; due April 20 on Anti-

The Dodos – “Ashley” from Visiter, out now on Frenchkiss

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Jeff Tweedy, Failed Rock Critic

So Jeff Tweedy is now reviewing records for the New York Times: So, Mr. Would-Be Critic With Alt-Rock Leanings… “I’m probably the only person that wanted to be a rock critic and failed at it and started a band.”

His recommendations:

• Dr. Dog – We All Belong

• Grizzly Bear – The Yellow House

• Battles – Mirrored (GLONO review)

• A Hawk and a Hacksaw – A Hawk and a Hacksaw

• Panda Bear – Person Pitch

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