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New Paranoyds video: Egg Salad

Video: The Paranoyds – “Egg Salad”

Directed by Nicole Stunwyck. From Carnage Bargain, out now on Suicide Squeeze.

Check out this great new, “Valley of the Dolls”-inspired video from Los Angeles garage rockers the Paranoyds.

The band says the song is “an homage to a spoiled brat from the Valley. She keeps sneaking cash outta mom’s purse, doesn’t have any ambition or goals in life, just wants to party, and keeps getting away with minor crimes.”

The video is a transatlantic trans-pacific production from Peruvian director Nicole Stunwyck with additional Los Angeles footage directed by Ambar Navarro. Stunwyck says, “The video presents the glitzy & glamorous world of a teenage girl who, after accidentally catching a beauty pageant on TV, dreams of her rise to stardom & subsequent downfall.” It’s well done and actress Natalie Molina perfectly captures the decadent glam of the zonked late-sixties teenager.

The Paranoyds: twitter, insta, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.