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Today’s Playlist: Peter Ham’s Dream

Peter Ham Totale’s Lost Classic review of Badfinger’s Straight Up has had me on an early 70s power pop rave up. In order to fulfill my need for lush melodies, sly guitar solos, and backbeat drums, I’ve compiled a playlist of the bands surrounding Badfinger’s legacy: Peter Ham’s Dream (re-read the heartbreaking story of the Badfinger front man on Wikipedia).

There’s naturally a gang of Badfinger on this mix. If you’re going to wear your influences on your sleeves then do it with vigor! Be proud and be true to their vision…and yours. While too many will dismiss Badfinger as a poor man’s Fab Four, I revel in their absolute and unflinching embrace of the Beatles‘ later-day sound. They were, after all, disciples of the Fabs so why not be true to that musical message? It’s that musical legacy, as translated by followers for decades to come, that this mix is celebrating.

In mixes like this I prefer to use a band as a point of reference; the point from which the musical personality is derived. Instead of the Beatles as the point in this case, I like the focus being once removed from the source. Bands like Sloan and Spoon are as much influenced by Badfinger (the second layer in the scheme) as they are the Beatles (the primary source). That’s the point. To me it’s just as valid to create new music that shares more of a sonic palette with your influences than not. How that influence is translated and communicated down through the various layers is what allows for the continuity of sound as well as originality in execution. Can you dig it?

The recently departed Jay Reatard summed it up so perfectly in this New York Times article from August, 2009 interview:

The whole concept for me behind pop music is to take your influences and filter them through yourself, and then they become something new. I’m not trying to move forward and create territory that hasn’t been mined before, I’m just trying to do my version of something that I like.

Amen, brother.

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21 Essential Songs from Neil Young’s Archives Vol. 1

Neil Young Archives Vol. 1 (1963 - 1972)So let’s say you’re a Neil Young fan who doesn’t care about all the trappings of the Archives. You don’t care about old photos, rare video footage, or hand-written lyric sheets. You just want the music. Let’s assume you already have the first four albums, plus Decade, the Buffalo Springfield albums, and Deja Vu. Of course you already picked up Live At The Fillmore East 1970 and Live At Massey Hall 1971 when they came out. Do you really need the whole Archives?

Thankfullly for you, iTunes and Amazon MP3 both allow you to cherrypick from the Archives‘ sprawling 125 tracks. Here are the 21 tracks (iMix) you should download immediately:

1. (#1) Aurora by The Squires 2:07

2. (#2) The Sultan by The Squires 2:32

3. (#3) I Wonder by The Squires 2:21

4. (#5) I’ll Love You Forever by The Squires 3:22

5. (#6) (I’m A Man And) I Can’t Cry by The Squires 2:30

6. (#8) Casting Me Away From You by Neil Young & Comrie Smith 2:13

7. (#12) Runaround Babe by Neil Young 2:39

8. (#13) The Ballad Of Peggy Grover by Neil Young 2:48

9. (#15) Extra, Extra by Neil Young 2:41

10. (#22) Sell Out by Buffalo Springfield 1:40

11. (#25) Slowly Burning by Neil Young 2:58

12. (#29) Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (promotional single) by Neil Young 2:15

13. (#31) Birds (Previously Unreleased Version) by Neil Young 2:15

14. (#68) Everybody’s Alone by Neil Young with Crazy Horse 2:31

15. (#71) Dance Dance Dance by Neil Young with Crazy Horse 2:24

16. (#74) It Might Have Been by Neil Young with Crazy Horse 4:18

17. (#84) Wonderin’ by Neil Young 2:10

18. (#92) Tell Me Why (Previously Unreleased Live Version) by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 5:41

19. (#114) Bad Fog Of Loneliness by Neil Young with The Stray Gators 1:55

20. (#120) Journey Through The Past by Neil Young with The Stray Gators 2:21

21. (#125) War Song by Neil Young & Graham Nash with The Stray Gators 3:29

Bonus tracks: While you’re at it, you might as well pick up the two Mynah Birds songs on Disc 2 of The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 6: 1966 (Hip-O Select).

After the jump, I break out what’s included in the Archives and why some things are more essential than others…

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Neil Young Album Tracks Not on the Archives

Neil Young Archives Volume 1 (1963 - 1972)If you were to believe the press surrounding the release of Neil Young‘s epic Archives Vol. 1, you would understandably assume that the set is definitive. USA Today went as far as claiming that the box “compiles every song he wrote and recorded in that period, plus all significant performances.” Well, even a cursory glimpse at the track listings of Neil’s officially released albums would reveal the blatant fallacy of this statement. Clearly, the fact checkers have all been downsized.

Fortunately for the completists out there, on the same day that the Archives were released, Neil also quietly released remastered versions of his first four albums to iTunes and Amazon MP3. A spokesman has confirmed that physical releases will follow, eventually, on HDCD and vinyl. Below, we list the album tracks not included on the Archives.

Neil Young

• “The Emperor Of Wyoming” (not included on Archives)

• “If I Could Have Her Tonight” (not included on Archives)

• “String Quartet From Whiskey Boot Hill” (not included on Archives)

• “I’ve Been Waiting For You” (Archives contains previously unreleased mix)

• “Here We Are In The Years” (Archives contains second version)

• “What Did You Do To My Life” (Archives contains previously unreleased mix)

See what’s missing from Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, After the Goldrush, and Harvest after the jump…

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The 21 Best Beatles Songs Not on One, Red, or Blue

Twickenham Film Studios, London, Sept. 1968Everybody knows the Beatles. But believe it or not, there are still some people out there who’ve only heard the hits. When 1 was released in 2000, it sold 12 million in copies in three weeks, making it the fastest selling album ever. But it only contained 27 songs.

Prior to 1, back in 1973, all four Beatles participated in compiling their two double-album, “best-of” collections, 1962-1966 (the Red album) and 1967-1970 (the Blue album). Together, these gathered 54 songs, including all 27 of the songs that would end up on 1.

This, of course, is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to officially released Beatles studio recordings. The catalog can be overwhelming, so to assist the newbies, Glorious Noise has compiled an accessible collection of album tracks and a couple of b-sides.

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Your Trilby Hat: A GLONO Mix

Your Trilby Hat: A GLONO MixThe weather’s about to turn cooler and that means it’s time to break out your dopest gear and get ready to layer that shit. Yes, this fall will be dominated by button down collars, sweater vests, skinny jeans, and, of course, trilby hats. The indie kids on the coasts have likely moved on already but that doesn’t mean you slobs in the Midwest can’t run out and buy a sharp cut, thin-lapeled suit and don thy finest Urban Outfitter lid.

Want to really make the scene? Make sure your in-ear headphones are cranking GLONO’s Your Trilby Hat mix. When that dopey girl who answers the phone in the office glances at your iPod window and sees the likes of this mix on your Nano, she’ll know who she’s taking home after the holiday party this year.

Yes, get a sample of my questionable taste with a killer mix of soul, dub, rocksteady, and rock and roll. Nearly 40 songs that will rev up your autumn and dress up your dropsy and snide. The Melodians, Alton Ellis, Delroy Wilson, The Clovers, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Etta James, Amy Winehouse (yep, fuck you), Booker T and the MGs…this is it.

Complete playlist after the jump.

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Early Nineteen Seventy-Something Pt. 1

The BeatlesThe making of Come and Get It, the last Beatles album that never was…

A two-part series of the special kind of lunacy that sets in with avid mix tape/CD makers. What if the Beatles had made one more album? What would it sound like?

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Free Glorious Noise Compilation CD!

One Hundred Thousand

According to our handy little counter, Glorious Noise has had 100,000 unique visits. Every statistics application defines these things differently, but regardless, that’s a shitload of people. So thanks, everybody. We appreciate your support.

As a token of our appreciation, we’re giving all our readers a new cd. Well, sort of. As long as you have a cd burner and a halfway decent connection to the internet, you can have your very own Glorious Noise mix disc.

This mix has been painstakingly compiled and sequenced for maximum listening pleasure. Each track is available for free on the web; we’re just pointing you in the right direction. We have liner notes for you to download and there will be cover art soon. But right now, just dig the music, and let us know what you think.

And, again, thanks for stopping by.

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