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Preston School of Industry: More Matter, Less Art

Preston School of Industry's Mountain TopPreston School of Industry at the Mercury Lounge

New York City, March 29, 2004

There’s good news and bad news about the Preston School of Industry. First, it’s nice to report that ex-Pavement guitarist Scott Kannberg has improved as a singer since “Date w/ IKEA” (off 1997’s Brighten the Corners). The muddy indistinctness of his voice has been replaced with something warmer and bolder, brightening his feel-good California rock with a rich emotionality reminiscent of Gene Pitney. Kannberg also has good rock-singer chops – he can scream just as well as his former bandmate, the now-Jicks-leading Stephen Malkmus, and in performance at the Mercury Lounge on March 29, he appeared

energized and committed in his new role as frontman of his own band.

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