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The Primitives (pre-VU) – The Ostrich

Lou Reed might be a complete asshole these days, but he was undeniably amazing back in the sixties (and even for a small part of the seventies). WFMU’s Beware of the Blog has uncovered the 1964 novelty single from the Primitives, and they’re sharing both sides: “The Ostrich” b/w “Sneaky Pete.”

The Primitives - The OstrichRemarkably, this single “generated enough interest to put together a band for a few live gigs. And amazingly enough, that touring version of The Primitives featured John Cale…”

The A-side featured an alternative guitar tuning with all the strings tuned to a D. This tuning became known, not coincidentally, as Ostrich tuning, and was later employed by Reed on several Velvet Underground songs.

Via the gum.