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New Albert Hammond Jr: Old Man

Video: Albert Hammond Jr. – “Old Man”

Directed by Angela Ricciardi and Silken Weinberg. From Melodies On Hiatus, out June 23 on Red Bull.

Picking up where the Strokes left off on 2020’s The New Abnormal, Albert Hammond Jr. proves (again) that he was always the architect of that sound.

In “Old Man” Hammond grapples with the idea that it’s still tough to deal with your parents, even when you’re a grownup.

Time don’t make it better, no
Just makes the feeling grow
Don’t you know the tables turn on you
When you get old.

So it goes. Be sure to watch the video to see Hammond’s wicked air guitar solo, complete with Guitar Guy faces.

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New Albert Hammond Jr video: Set To Attack

Video: Albert Hammond Jr – “Set To Attack”

Directed by Carley Solether. From Francis Trouble, out now on Red Bull Records.

While bandmate Julian Casablancas is off making goofy artzy noiz with his biker gang the Voidz, guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. is sticking closer to the sound that put them both on the map. There’s no way to deny that this new song sounds like the Strokes. And that’s not a bad thing, right? We all love the Strokes!

I stood there like some dumb kid
The music played and the boys would take you far from where I was
I was still hoping that you were the victory to what felt like love

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