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New Rivers Cuomo video: Two Broken Hearts

Video: Rivers Cuomo – “Two Broken Hearts”

Single out now.

Well at least it’s better than the stupid Toto covers. I hate to sound like Leslie’s Jones’ character on the SNL bit, but I am what I am. By the way, have you watched that sketch with people who are not total nerds? It’s uncomfortably unfunny. And there I am, all like, “No it’s funny because I am Leslie Jones. No really, that is exactly what I’m like. Exactly!” And they’re all like, “Weezer? I didn’t even know they were still a band…” Good times.

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Via punknews.

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Rivers Cuomo Goes Punk on Sound Opinions

Thanks to the unrehearsed backing of The Cathy Santonies, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo‘s appearance on Sound Opinions was the punkest—and best—thing he’s done in years. The interviews are great, too.

Goddamn you, Rivers Cuomo. I just can’t quit you!

Listen to the whole thing or just the songs:

Rivers Cuomo with the Cathy Santonies – “Undone: The Sweater Song”

Rivers Cuomo with the Cathy Santonies – “The Good Life”

Rivers Cuomo with the Cathy Santonies – “El Scorcho”

Rivers Cuomo with the Cathy Santonies – “In The Garage/Heartsongs Medley”

Rivers Cuomo with the Cathy Santonies – “Can’t Stop Partying”

He’s a damn good sport.

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Rivers Cuomo asks: What If God Was One of Us?

Video: Rivers and Rainn – “One of Us” (Joan Osborne cover, featuring the guy from Six Feet Under who everybody calls the guy from The Office, on bongos.)

This is, of course, an absolutely terrible song. As trite and insipid as any late-night conversation with a drunk sorority girl. But Cuomo sings it straight, and it ends up sounding pretty. Rainn Wilson‘s bongos don’t hurt the vibe. Who knew he was the John Bonham of bongos?

Big nerdy thanks to mathowie for showing me how to link directly to a specific time in a YouTube video, so I could cut out the pointless first four minutes of this video.

More on the Weezer Demos Compilation

Rivers Cuomo talks to Alternative Press about his new collection of demos, Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo. He reveals that it will contain several tracks from the scrapped Songs From The Black Hole concept album (“Blast Off,” “Who You Calling Bitch,” “Dude We’re Finally Landing,” “Superfriend”), but downplays the significance of that project:

I think the whole Black Hole thing has gotten blown way out of proportion in people’s minds. It’s really like–it’s just, like, a third of an album that was sketched out and most of the songs on it weren’t really written specifically for The Black Hole; they were written before I conceived of The Black Hole and then I reshaped them a little bit for The Black Hole and then after I abandoned that idea, I unshaped them and put them on Pinkerton, so besides that, there are a handful or two of scraps of mostly interstitial pieces that aren’t really songs, and then there may be just a couple of full songs that were written for The Black Hole. So it’s really not that big of a deal.

Oh, but it’s still a bigger deal than anything else going on in Weezerville…

MP3: Weezer – “Blast Off!” (courtesy of the Songs From The Black Hole fan site.)

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Weezer Demo Compilation Coming Soon

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo talks about his upcoming projects over on his MySpace blog. He claims to have 400 pages into an upcoming book, but more exciting to music fans is this announcement:

I’ve compiled a CD of my favorite demos from the years 1992 to 2007 and Geffen Records has agreed to put it out this December, on the eleventh. I hope you enjoy it. I may also be able to put out more demo CDs in the near future.

Let’s hope it’s weighted heavier on the 1992-1996 era…

MP3: Weezer – “You Won’t Get With Me Tonight” (courtesy of Songs From The Black Hole, and released on Gimme Skelter)

Rivers Cuomo Memoirs

Some Weezer-related news, according to Gawker:

We hear that bottomfeedy lit agent David Vigliano is shopping Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo’s journals, which, if they’re anything like the rest of his creative output, started out world-changingly awesome and then became so lame they make Pete Wentz seem profound.

We’ll see. If nothing else, it will be fun to see what’s going on his kooky head.

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Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo on Asian Women

Goddamn you half-Japanese girls...On Rivers Cuomo’s MySpace blog, he keeps a running tally of his disagreements over published articles about himself and his band, Weezer: Clarifications, Corrections, and Supplemental Materials. Right now, he’s taking issue with Wikipedia’s Rivers Cuomo entry and its claim regarding his “affinity for Asian women.” Apparently, he doesn’t fully understand that Wikipedia is composed of user-created (and edited) content, which means that he is able to make corrections himself as opposed to asking others to do it for him.

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