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Robert Pollard – Two New Albums

MP3: Robert Pollard – “Rud Fins” from Coast to Coast Carpet of Love, out now on Merge.

MP3: Robert Pollard – “The Killers” from Standard Gargoyle Decisions, also out now on Merge.

For these two new releases, Pollard has put together two markedly different albums — one focuses on his super-catchy pop side the other his more down and dirty rock side. It’s like Beatles Vs. Stones! A battle to the death and, of course, Bob emerges as the victor.

Happy 50th birthday, Bob! You crazy, prolific son of a bitch!

Robert Pollard – Normal Happiness

Robert Pollard - Normal HappinessRobert PollardNormal Happiness (Merge)

Let me get this straight: we’re supposed to forgive an artist for lackluster efforts merely on the grounds that they release records at an exponential rate? If anything, these artists should be held accountable with even more scrutiny for expecting fans to open their wallets so frequently while running the risk of buying the inevitable dud.

We should start with Robert Pollard.

I’m asking you to let Pollard foot the bill himself for Normal Happiness, a forgettable attempt at guitar pop that shows him going through the motions while providing little to disprove that his best days ended on December 31, 2004. It’s not right that you should have to shell out for output like this that is both creatively sub-par and reeking of safely honing a genre that already has an ample amount of indifference.

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