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New Wilco: Meant To Be

Video: Wilco – “Meant To Be”

Directed by Joey Garfield. From Cousin, out now on dBpm.

Growing up in the suburbs of Grand Rapids, Michigan I spent a lot of time in skating rinks. In the summer, my local rink Wheel-A-While would host all kinds of specials. We did everything from temperature night (the price was whatever the mercury hit for a high that day), to flashlight night (exactly what you think), to all-night lock-ins where you would skate until you dropped and then looked for the least disgusting piece of carpet to catch a few winks. It was pre-teen suburban boot camp and suffice it to say, I developed some skills.

Years passed and we all grow up. I eventually moved to Chicago, having long packed my skates away in mothballs. But then it happened: A friend had her birthday party at the now dearly departed Rainbo Roller Rink on Clark. I was in my early 30s by this point but giddy to dazzle my friends with my dormant, but still very much present skating skills. And dazzle, I did. It was a glorious night where I glided and swayed to the beat of the music, pulling off a spin here and there for dramatic effect. It was a night dreams are made of.

For their latest single, “Meant to Be,” Chicago’s own Wilco set up camp in the middle of a rink where they are encircled by skaters with greater skills and silkier fluidity than I ever honed on Plainfield Avenue. And while “Meant to Be” is catchy in that old familiar Wilco way, the real show-stoppers are the rollers in the video. May they forever run or at  least wheel-a-while longer.

New Brendan Benson video: Good To Be Alive

Video: Brendan Benson – “Good To Be Alive”

Directed by Ben Chappell. From Dear Life, due April 24 on Third Man.

Fresh off the heels of the third Raconteurs album, Brendan Benson is back with his seventh solo album. The first single sounds a little less rock than his previous stuff but that’s not so bad. There’s some deliberately noticeable autotune on the vocals that’s a little disconcerting at first but it works with the synth tones of the bass and programmed drums.

The video features rollerskating and dancing with a horse. And why not?

And I’ve been searching for that hunger
That I knew when I was younger
When I was never satisfied.
Now my body’s getting older
But my brain is aging slower
And I feel young inside.

This is a sentiment that a lot of middle-aged dudes can attest to. I’m about the same age as Benson and it’s weird to be in this spot where you look in the mirror and think, Who the hell is the old guy and how’d he get into my bathroom? Getting old sucks balls, no doubt about it, but as Benson suggests in the chorus, it’s certainly better than the alternative.

Brendan Benson: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Sheryl Crow video: Roller Skate

Video: Sheryl Crow – “Roller Skate”

From Be Myself, out now on Warner Bros.

It’s cool to see Sheryl Crow skating around the da Vinci Horse (by sculptor Nina Akamu) at Meijer Gardens in my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. In fact, all the scenes in the video where Crow is wearing the black “Grateful” tanktop were shot at Meijer Gardens where she played a sold-out show in July.

I haven’t paid much attention to Sheryl Crow for a long time, but this song sounds pretty good. Certainly can’t argue with the message.

I don’t want competition
So put your phone away
Let’s roller skate

Of course if you’re going to sing about roller skating, it’s hard not to think about Melanie’s “Brand New Key.”

Update: Looks like the video has been yanked from YouTube, possibly because it may have used unlicensed footage from “The Funk Phenomena.” Boo.

Update #2: Video’s back online. Must’ve figured out whatever needed to be figured out. 9/28/2017.

Via @pauljendrasiak.

Sheryl Crow: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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Video: The Dollyrots – “Brand New Key”