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21 Best SXSW 2009 MP3s

SXSW 2009 South by Southwest does a great job of letting attendees (and everybody else) do some homework before the shows and preview tracks by showcased bands. Here are a bunch of our faves.

The Asteroid #4 – “These Flowers of Ours” (web, sxsw)

Black Lips – “O Katrina!” (web, sxsw)

The Dollyrots – “My Best Friend’s Hot” (web, sxsw)

Earlimart – “Face Down In The Right Town” (web, sxsw)

The Evaporators – “You Got Me Into This, Now You Get Me Out!” (web, sxsw)

Listen to the rest after the jump…

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Sage Francis Fucks with Spammer

This is good. When Rhode Island rapper Sage Francis was solicited on MySpace by a company calling itself “Want More Plays” instead of ignoring the spammer, he played along. Artists Can Pay To Increase MySpace Play Stats:

well it’s kind of important that it looks like more people listen to my music than actually do. You know that that kind of stuff actually matters especially here on myspace. So tell me what I have to do because it feels like I’ve got something burning in my pocket.

Classic. And, hey, it looks like you just won the U.K. lottery.

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