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CMJ Busted For Not Listening

CMJ Caught in Money Grab? The short version: CMJ sent an email to the 675 bands who submitted an application through Sonicbids to play at the CMJ Music Marathon, but included all 675 email addresses instead of BCC-ing them. Hilarity ensued.

But the real problem is that CMJ (allegedly) wasn’t even listening to the applicants’ songs:

“Check your SonicBids account and see how many plays you received. Ours, attached, shows that there were NO plays of any of our music by anyone (CMJ was the only ap we submitted). $45 should at the very least mean that they get an intern to click play on your song once.”

I’m surprised they reject so many bands. I’ve suspected that CMJ was a racket, but I assumed the scam was accepting every band that applied and booking them in crappy venues on Wednesday night. I’m actually a little flattered now…

Update: CMJ responds.

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Pay for Play: Buy Ad, Get Reviewed

This is so wrong. Percolator reprints an email exchange between a record label and Amplifier magazine wherein Joe Joyce, Publisher & Dir. Advertising (!) of Amplifier, comes right out and says, “if you’re never going to advertise with us I can’t justify the cost of covering your releases.”

This might be unfortunately common, but it still breaks the #1 rule of reputable publications: the wall of separation between editorial and advertising.

Pot/kettle disclosure: Here at GLONO, we do not have a separate advertising staff. But we never allow advertisers to influence our content. And since we launched our record label, we’ve placed ads in several publications including Magnet, the Fork, and Chromewaves, none of whom ever reviewed our releases.

Via Wired.