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Shoes to Play Rare Show

Home-recording pioneers Shoes step out for a rare show this Friday, August 10, Millennium Park here in Chicago. Plus, it’s free, as part of the Great Performers of Illinois festival.

According to Greg Kot, it’s the band’s “first concert in four years and only its third in 13 years.”

Previously: Shoes Can Change Your Life. One thing that’s changed since this we first ran this article in 2003 is that now you can find the Shoes albums on cdbaby.

MP3 (sample): Shoes – “Burned Out Love” from Shoes Best.

Shoes Can Change Your Life

ShoesWhat follows is the first in a series of essays we’re calling “Music That’s Changed My Life: GLONO Readers’ Real-Life Experiences.” These are stories that prove the whole concept of Glorious Noise: that rock and roll can indeed change your life. If you would like to share your tales of music’s effect on your world, get in touch with us…

Why I Love Shoes: A Rumination

I have been a fan of the Illinois band Shoes for going on twenty-five years. That seems like a long time, I know, but Shoes have been one of those bands that I forget about and periodically rediscover, as I am rediscovering them now.

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