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New Shout Out Louds video: Jumbo Jet

Video: Shout Out Louds – “Jumbo Jet”

From Ease My Mind, due September 22 on Merge.

More dreamy acoustic pop from the Shout Out Louds. The video follows the loveable Swedes on their adventures across various tours, including home movies from Germany in 2004, Nashville in 2005, Tokyo in 2008, and Spain in 2010. “This is just the beginning / This is just the start.”

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New Shout Out Louds video: Oh Oh

Video: Shout Out Louds – “Oh Oh”

In the video for their first new song since 2013, our Swedish heroes explore the joys of breaking and entering into a villa on a Spanish island. If you like crafty, jangly pop music, you’re probably already familiar with these guys. Their fifth album is due later this year on Merge Records.

“Oh Oh” in some way feels like the trigger for this album. We felt, as soon as we had completed it, that the only way we could and should do this was to focus on the energy, the feeling in everything. We wanted to get back to our roots, to our togetherness and some kind of craftsmanship. We reminded ourselves that we are a band that love each other and playing together; the rest is pretty unimportant to us. “Oh Oh” is a lot about keeping that feeling, of never letting go of a dream.

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Shout Out Louds – Walls

Video: Shout Out Louds – “Walls”

Well it sounds like the Shout Out Louds have stopped trying to sound like the 17 Seconds-era Cure (“Tonight I Have to Leave It”), but this track makes me think they’re now leaning on their Merge labelmates, the Arcade Fire. Still a cool song though. Maybe not quite as epic as they intended, but good.

MP3: Shout Out Louds – “Walls” from Work, due February 23.

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