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Boris and Ian Astbury – BXI

Boris and Ian Astbury - BXIBoris & Ian AstburyBXI EP (Southern Lord)

I played my cassette copy of The Cult‘s Love enough times in high school that the oxide wore off. Despite this, the record has enough moments of ridiculous hippie pandering that I’m not able to ward off its distracters.

Whatever. I still think it’s great and feel that everything the band has done since then pales in comparison.

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Wino – Punctuated Equilibrium

Wino - Punctuated EquilibriumWinoPunctuated Equilibrium (Southern Lord)

Get your Friday Facial from Glorious Noise in the latest installment of our ongoing series, Faces Don’t Lie: Expressive Record Reviews with Dylan Burr.

See Dylan’s reaction to this album after the jump…

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