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New St. Vincent: Broken Man

Video: St. Vincent – “Broken Man”

Directed by Alex Da Corte. From All Born Screaming, out April 26 on Total Pleasure/Virgin/Fiction.

Sounds like Annie Clark is getting back into guitars. That’s probably unfair, but Daddy’s Home seemed to focus more on Wurlitzer sounds and seventies creepout vibes. She’s also ditched Jack Antonoff and has self-produced the new album. So that’s promising.

She told MOJO, “This record is darker and harder and more close to the bone. I’d say it’s my least funny record yet! There’s nothing cute about it.”

Clark explained the decision to produce it herself: “I needed to go deeper in finding my own sonic vocabulary. I like to think of [the record] as post-plague pop, it’s a lot about heaven and hell – the metaphorical kinds. Which is appropriate, because sitting alone in a studio for that many hours I would say is a version of hell.”

“Broken Man” feels claustrophobic and unsettled. And aggressive.

On the street I’m a kingsize killer
I can make your kingdom come.

What a way to open a scene!

Lover nail yourself right to me
If you go I won’t be well.
I can hold my arms right open
But I need you to drive the nail.

She’s so cool. And scary.

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New St. Vincent: The Melting Of The Sun

Video: St. Vincent – “The Melting Of The Sun”

Animation by Chris McD. From Daddy’s Home, out May 14 on Loma Vista.

The latest St. Vincent videos aren’t doing the songs any favors. Do we need to be bashed over the head with the pastiche gimmick? No, we do not.

The songs are cool and they sound great. Those tones and instrument choices are timeless. The drum sound on this new single is huge and moving. The Wurlitzer electric piano will never go out of style. The electric sitar, on the other hand, is a little goofy, but it’s a lot worse when you hear it while you’re watching this corny video. We get it. Seventies. Fine. Got it. Whatever.

Seeing this song performed on Saturday Night Live was a revelation about how this material can be presented without the cheese. Yes, Annie Clark is still wearing that terrible wig and is dressed like a prostitute in an exploitation film, but this time she looks cool. Not silly. Cool. She proves she can still pull off an interesting visual theme without merely relying on hackneyed cliches about the 70s. She’s immersing herself in those accoutrements in order to mess with us, like when David Bowie dressed up like a clown forty years ago and scared the shit out of America.

So yeah. More art, hold the cheese, please.

Especially since “The Melting Of The Sun” is such a cool song. Clark described it to Rolling Stone as “a love letter to strong, brilliant female artists. Each of them survived in an environment that was in a lot of ways hostile to them.” The lyrics specifically namecheck Joni Mitchell, Tori Amos, and Nina Simone. I just don’t get why you’d want to blunt the message with a dopey video that looks like a combination of Schoolhouse Rock and the Teletubbies.

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New St. Vincent: Pay Your Way In Pain

Video: St. Vincent – “Pay Your Way In Pain”

From Daddy’s Home, due May 14 on Loma Vista.

A new St. Vincent release is always exiting. Like, what’s she going to do to freak people out this time? You might have expected her to capitalize on the breakthrough success of 2017’s Masseduction by doing more of the same, but that doesn’t appear to be the direction she’s heading.

No more primary colored, robotic futurism. “Pay Your Way In Pain” is a funky jam about feeling rejected and wanting to be loved, and it’s our first peak into the world of Daddy’s Home. The album was inspired by “the vinyl her dad had introduced her to during her childhood. […] Music made in sepia-toned downtown New York from 1971-1975. Gritty. Grimy. Sleazy.”

Maybe, but the look of the video has more of a “Fantasy Island” dream sequence vibe and her styling is giving me flashbacks to “Love Boat.” So I don’t know. It’s not reading as gritty or grimy. But still: exciting and new.

To go along with the whole 70s show, the album is available on eight-track. And to think some people scoffed at the kids getting back into cassettes!

Come aboard. We’re expecting you…

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New Sleater-Kinney video: Hurry On Home

Video: Sleater-Kinney – “Hurry On Home”

Directed by Miranda July. Single out now.

Normally lyric videos are pretty lame, but this one is great. It has a story!

And how about the song? It’s been almost six months since we found out Sleater-Kinney was back in the studio and being produced by St. Vincent, and “Hurry On Home” was the worth the wait. It’s everything you could have hoped for in a collaboration like that.

And that’s not the only development in S-K news. Filthy Friends, Corin Tucker’s supergroup with Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey, has a new video as well. “Break Me” is a jangle pop classic with Tucker’s super dry vocals right up front in the mix. It’s fascinating (for nerds like me) to compare the way different collaborators bring out different elements in the sound.

Sleater-Kinney: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New St. Vincent video: Masseduction

Video: St. Vincent – “Masseduction”

From MASSEDUCTION, out now on Loma Vista.

St. Vincent just won the Best Rock Song Grammy for “Masseduction” and now she released a video for it. She was up against songs by Greta Van Fleet and Ghost so you know this is a very good rock song. But you knew that already.

At the Grammys she performed a smokin’ mashup with Dua Lipa’s “One Kiss.”

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New St. Vincent video: Savior (piano version)

Video: St. Vincent – “Savior” (piano version)


Directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. From MassEducation, out now on Loma Vista.

This is nuts. When I first heard the new version of this song I doubted that it was just Annie Clark’s voice and a piano. You can clearly hear a plucked bass and strummed guitar chords. Or can you?

As this video makes clear all those sounds are created by pianist Thomas Bartlett using a technique called palm muting where he reaches his left hand inside the grand piano and presses on the strings while he plays notes with his right hand. It looks bonkers and sounds incredible.

This was filmed at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles on earlier this month by none other than Bobcat Goldthwait. Clark looks and sounds stunning. She’s got an almost Winona Ryder vibe going on with her hair and makeup.

“Savior” is a song that didn’t make a big impression on me on last year’s MASSEDUCTION, but this new piano version reveals that I clearly wasn’t listening. It’s freaky. And dope.

Adore you to the grave and farther
Honey I can’t be your martyr
Maybe it’s just human nature
But honey I can’t be your savior
But then you say, “Please”


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New St. Vincent video: Fast Slow Disco

Video: St. Vincent – “Fast Slow Disco”

Directed by Zev Deans. Remix out now. The original “Slow Disco” is available on MASSEDUCTION.

“Don’t it beat a slow dance to death?” I love that line. “A slow dance to death” is a pretty apt metaphor for the mundane experience of adulthood. We’re all racing toward death, some more slowly than others. Who wins? What changes do we need to make to get more out of life?

But that line also works as a commentary on the remix itself. It’s way more fun to bug out to a banger than to sway in place to a slow jam. Isn’t this version a lot better than the original version? Yes, it beats it to death.

Of course, in the context of the song, it’s pretty clear that the death in question is the end of a relationship.

there’s blood in my ears
and a fool in the mirror
and the bay of mistakes
couldn’t get any clearer

Annie Clark told Pitchfork that it’s about “how the life you’re actually living and the life that you should be living are running parallel, and how one haunts the other.”

And in a recent Beats 1 interview she credits Taylor Swift for inspiring the remix: “I don’t want to start a weird rumour or anything, but I swear to God, you know because Jack Antonoff’s bros with Taylor Swift because they work together a lot, and I feel like Taylor was like, ‘You should make this a pop song.’ I know that she wholeheartedly supported that idea and I think the genesis of the idea was her.”

The video features our hero grinding around a sweaty club with a bunch of hunky bears. And nobody’s ghosting anyone on this dance floor.

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New St. Vincent Tiny Desk Concert

Video: St. Vincent: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Via NPR Music. MASSEDUCTION is out now on Loma Vista.

This is so good. I really like MASSEDUCTION but I’d love to hear her do the entire album like this. Although she’s known for shredding her electric guitar, the latest St. Vincent album subverts those expectations to a certain extent by burying her guitars under programmed beats.

And this Tiny Desk Concert goes in the opposite direction entirely. No pre-recorded beats, no electric instruments at all. Just Annie Clark and an acoustic guitar. She’s awesome. And that Elvis snarl? 100% badass.

Set List: “New York,” “Los Ageless,” and “Slow Disco.”

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New St. Vincent video: Pills

Video: St. Vincent – “Pills”

From MASSEDUCTION, out now on Loma Vista.

Annie Clark once again proves she’s the freakiest rock and roller of our time. The chorus jingle is a little grating, but that’s probably the point. She told Pitchfork:

“This song is super personal for me, a little snapshot of a small period of my life. I was having trouble sleeping and I had taken a sleeping pill. As I was popping it into my mouth, I was like, [sings] ‘Do-do-do, do-do-do, pills, pills, pills, every day of the week—oh, maybe that’s so jingle-y that it’s good.’ Just using that language of advertising.”

I can’t even swim in these waves I made
From the bath to the drain, and the plane to the stage
To the bed, to give head, to the money I made

Additional vocals are by Jenny Lewis and Cara Delevingne. Kendrick Lamar’s producer Sounwave (Mark Spears) programmed the drums and gets a co-writing credit (along with Jack Antonoff). Spears previously worked with St. Vincent on her cover of the Rolling Stones’ disco jam, “Emotional Rescue.”

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New St. Vincent video: Los Ageless

Video: St. Vincent – “Los Ageless”

From MASSEDUCTION, out October 13 on Loma Vista.

That’s Spanglish for “ones who don’t age” in case you were wondering. In her previous single, Annie Clark warned us that she was going to “trade our hood for some Hollywood,” and now here she is: in the city where “the winter never comes.” Boo!

L.A. sucks and everybody knows it. But if it’s inspiring this kind of material then I’m happy she ended up there. Because “Los Ageless” kicks ass.

The last days of the Sunset superstars
Girls in cages playing their guitars
But how can I leave?

There’s not a ton of Clark’s distinctive guitar on this track, but what’s here is badass. Fuzzed out beyond recognition and gnarly.

And how great an actor is she! There’s more subtle expression in her eyelids and brows than I’ve seen in Oscar winning performances. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

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