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The True Story of The Stooges at Goose Lake Tapes

Today marks the release of The Stooges Live at Goose Lake 1970, a release so unlikely it kinda boggles the mind. Not only are there very few live recordings of The Stooges, but this particular recording of this particular performance is so drenched in legend that to even suggest there was a clean documentation of it sounds like a tall tale. 

I’ve been very lucky to be friends with and play in a bunch of bands with Joshua Rogers. We met in the early 90s and quickly established a musical kinship that took us through dalliances with glam, mod, garage rock, Americana and beyond. Early on we dubbed him “Gadget,” not just for his love of technology but for his impeccable timing as a drummer. It’s almost as if he were designed to be a drummer–programmed, as such.

If you knew Joshua well in those days you also knew his dad in some way. Jim Cassily loved Josh’s musical projects and loved facilitating them however he could. In addition to being a king storyteller, Jim was an inventor with a specific interest in how rhythm has residual benefits relating to motor skills, balance and lots of other stuff I don’t understand. The Interactive Metronome became a key piece of his technological legacy, something Joshua knew well as his dad would have him clap along with a metronome as part of his learning the drums.

And the stories he would tell…Our early bands spent time recording with Josh’s dad and that meant hours of exposure to the various tales he would weave throughout the process of setting up for a recording session. I was a natural skeptic in my youth and basically considered “adults” to be full of shit. Especially Boomers who took any opportunity to tell us how much better everything was in their day, so I was probably more dismissive to his storytelling than I had any right to be.

“Dad was such a legendary bullshitter that it was hard to sort of keep the stories straight,” Josh joked in a recent call where we caught up on this crazy adventure. 

As a kid it was sometimes hard for Josh to discern fact from his dad’s colorful fiction. “Friends laughed at me because I told them he was a member of the Oak Ridge Boys.” This bit of fantasy was likely the result of Josh’s conflating some joke Jim may have told him about having sung with the Oak Ridge Boys and the fact that he could sing in the same register to hit the most famous part of their most famous hit, “Elvira.” When you’re a kid sometimes you miss the nuances of a joke. 

There were also brushes with fame that would sometimes get jumbled up in the telling or retelling. “I thought he had dated Janis Joplin, but mom says no. He–like everyone else–thought she was scuzzy. He did work with her though, but I’m not sure to what capacity. And he did date Debbie Harry.”

Wait, what? 

“Mom jokes that he chose her over Debbie Harry. That’s what he would tell her.”

“Eventually, I started to take dad’s stories with a big hunk of salt.”

The original Goose Lake recordings, stored in a vodka box.

The Stooges’ performance at Goose Lake was pure rock and roll myth. It was the last show with the original line-up. Bassist Dave Alexander was summarily fired from the band by Iggy immediately after leaving the stage because he was so stoned or scared or whatever that he couldn’t play. At least, that’s how the story went.

But at what point does a story become history? Sometimes it’s just when it’s been told enough times by enough people and sometimes it’s when there’s some corroborating evidence. Such is the tale of how a box of tapes in a farmhouse basement in Michigan made its way to Nashville, via Chicago.

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A Whole Lotta Links: Twitter Roundup #14

Tweet tweetBelow are the things we’ve posted to Twitter recently. In reverse chronological order, just like Twitter… We’re reposting 206 tweets this time with a total of 146 links to stuff that (mostly) didn’t end up on GLONO.

# “Benchley had hit bottom. I had reached the mythical state of total anti-rock, which I call ‘Train,’ after the band.” http://ow.ly/1Clou 16 minutes ago

# “C-listers are considerably cheaper than hiring the bigger-name musicians who used to pack clubs.” http://ow.ly/1Ck4G via @Lefsetz about 1 hour ago

# “When he leans down to pick it up, the weight of his backpack and his overall wastedness prevent him from doing so.” http://ow.ly/1CiwB about 2 hours ago

# But don’t say “leaked” in your tweet or 4ad will dmca your ass! RT @tipsheet: Stream THE NATIONAL’s New Album Now http://bit.ly/bX44Lg about 4 hours ago

# Twitter deletes dude’s tweet after bogus DMCA takedown notice. #national #highviolet #4ad RT @TartyTart: http://bit.ly/aui6KA about 4 hours ago

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Mike Watt Does Good Bass for Stooges

Mike Watt at Lollapalooza, 2007I love Mike Watt‘s writing. He such an obviously great guy. Anyway, Watt has kicked off his most recent tour diary for his current trek with Iggy and the Stooges, and it’s as awesome as ever:

I’m playing ronnie’s bass lines now – I better get it together and ig helps me w/that. all the guys in the band do that – I wanna do everything I can for them, I truly do. I can think of no higher calling for someone like me. hell, there would be no punk scene w/out the stooges in my opinion, none – it would’ve never existed and cuz of that me and d. boon would’ve probably only tried copying songs off of records in his bedroom, I swear to god. I seriously owe these gentlemen everything. I meana, d. boon too but they’re right up there. I also just LOVE this music, love it. it is a total mindblow to me I get to be learning from them… damn, it’s been ‘pert-near seven years now – april 27, 2003 was our first time together, at the coachella festival out in the desert… fuck, it’s hard to believe – any of it/all of it. about stooges playing these days even though I am up w/them, I’m thinking very much none of it is really about me except for being responsible to play their music the best I can and do nothing but help and in no way hinder. they have incredible legacy but they are also here in the now and doing it for motherfucking real. I don’t to be doing any badge-buffing at their expense, truly. I wanna do good bass for stooges – nothing else matters to me.

Hard to believe Watt’s been playing with the Stooges since 2003; that’s pretty much as long as the band was together in its original incarnations (1967-74).

The Stooges: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

Mike Watt: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

Photo by AMP from Lollapalooza, 2007. See more.

Twitter Roundup #12

Tweet tweetBelow are the things we’ve posted to Twitter recently. In reverse chronological order, just like Twitter… We’re reposting 128 tweets this time with a total of 84 links to stuff that (mostly) didn’t end up on GLONO.

# “Suddenly, you realized that every great band or musician you love also loved Alex Chilton and Big Star; it’s certain.” http://ow.ly/1ozyj about 2 hours ago

# Jack White (cont): “In the end she’s laughing all the way to the Prada handbag store. She wins every time.” http://ow.ly/1oze3 about 2 hours ago

# Jack White (cont): “For that, they repay her with gossip and judgment.” http://ow.ly/1ozcj about 2 hours ago

# Jack White on Meg: “She can do what those with ‘technical prowess’ can’t. She inspires people to bash on pots and pans.” http://ow.ly/1oza1 about 2 hours ago

# “This line here, ‘Bring your friend, her friend and a blender’…? That’s real good.” http://ow.ly/1oyqP about 2 hours ago

# #FF @loudersoft for delivering the Chilton scoop without any sense of self-aggrandizement. about 6 hours ago

# RT @MOJOmagazine: Alex Chilton 1950 – 2010. A personal tribute to the reluctant Big Star legend, by Martin Aston. http://tinyurl.com/yez8xw2 about 6 hours ago

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Louder Than Love: The Grande Ballroom Story

Video: Louder Than Love – The Grande Ballroom Story

LOUDER THAN LOVE-The Grande Ballroom Story

This looks awesome. I love that the trailer uses the Bob Seger System‘s “Heavy Music.” De-fucking-troit!

The filmmakers’ Facebook page claims a release date of Summer 2010, but they also say they “have more scheduled interviews in early 2010,” so we’ll see. Let’s hope this one has better luck than the ill-fated MC5 documentary, A True Testimonial.

Check out flickr’s collection of recent rotted interior shots. It’s way beyond repair. Sad.

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Stooges Finally Make Rock Hall

Stooges at Lollapalooza, 2007Looks like the Stooges will finally be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Iggy’s response is classic:

“We’ve been rejected seven times, and we would have set a record, I think, if it happened again,” the Stooges’ frontman tells Rolling Stone. “It started to feel like Charlie Brown and the football. I had about two hours of a strong emotional reaction after hearing the news. It felt like vindication. Then I kind of scratched my head and thought, ‘Am I still cool? Or is that over now?’ “

I’m equally excited that Abba made it too. I hope they collaborate at the ceremony.

“I didn’t think this would happen, because we were a pop band, not a rock band,” says Benny Andersson, who helped found the group in 1970. “Being a foreigner from the North Pole, this feels really good.”

In addition to those two awesome bands, the Hall will also induct Genesis, the Hollies, and Jimmy Cliff. Acts who were nominated this year, but didn’t make the cut: Kiss, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, LL Cool J, the Chantels, Darlene Love, Laura Nyro, Donna Summer. Bet Gene Simmons is pissed.

It’s a shame that Ron Asheton didn’t live to see it happen. Nice timing, Wenner, you prick. You gonna wait until Peter Tork dies before letting the Monkees in?

Photo by Alan M. Paterson for Glorious Noise.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees Announced

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced its nominees for 2010, and before I even start getting indignant again this year, I’m just going to take a breath and let it slide. As my man Sab pointed out last year, “It’s called the Rock and Roll Hall of FAME, not the I’m Punk Rocker Than You Hall of Obscurity.”

KISS, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Genesis, the Hollies, LL Cool J and Jimmy Cliff are first-time nominees among a dozen finalists for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, according to a list released this morning by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation. They join returning candidates ABBA, the Chantels, Darlene Love, Laura Nyro, the Stooges and Donna Summer.

The five inductees will be announced in January, and the Induction Ceremony will take place March 15. Artists are eligible 25 years after their first single or album release. Please check out who’s already in before you start bitching about who they left out.

Iggy and the Stooges Reunion Coming Soon

Iggy Stooge at Lollapalooza, 2007No, not the Stooges. Iggy and the Stooges. The Stooges released two albums: their self-titled debut and Fun House. Iggy and the Stooges released Raw Power. Got it?

What’s the difference? Well, the Stooges were Iggy Pop on vocals, Dave Alexander on bass, and brothers Ron and Scott Asheton on guitar and drums, respectfully. For Raw Power, Alexander was kicked out of the band while Ron Asheton was demoted to bass, and James Williamson took over on lead guitar.

When the Stooges reunited a few years ago, Mike Watt took over on bass, since Dave Alexander had died in 1975. Now that Ron Asheton has also died, Iggy’s decided to get the second incarnation of his band back together:

Pop said that while the original Stooges ended with Asheton’s death, “there is always Iggy and the Stooges, the second growth of the band”.

“I had a meeting in LA last week with James (Williamson),” Pop said. “It was the first time we had seen each other in 30 years. So we talked about doing something together. Raw Power would be the repertoire.”

Since bass players are obviously expendable, Watt will continue his role with the new band. Could be interesting…

Stooges: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki.

Lester Bangs on Ron Asheton

Jim DeRogatis eulogizes Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton and shares a great quote from the inimitable Lester Bangs from “Roots of Punk (Part One)” originally published by New Wave magazine in 1978:

“1969” featured the only use of wah-wah that I had ever liked on any record (mainly because Ron Asheton didn’t do anything with it, no flash bullshit, he just blanged out a chord and let the technology play its own self), and most importantly of all, THAT HE AND IGGY DIDN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANYTHING AND NEITHER DID WE. We knew that over in Michigan his lifestyle was identical to ours, just getting fucked up all the time and trying to find the girls who’d fuck us and usually failing. Fuck the establishment, fuck the counterculture, fuck the Beatles after that white atrocity, fuck rock ‘n’ roll for that matter, everybody being so goddam protective about it like it was some sickly child or something, fuck the government and fuck the war and fuck the college and fuck the hippies and fuck everything. Fuck you. I’m fucked up already. Listen, when one of your best friends is slumped in your room stoned just this side of death on Seconals, drooling on himself and mumbling “I dunno, man, lately I think I been turnin’ into a vegetable…” you really don’t want to listen to Abbey Road, much less “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes,” a title I can’t even type without sneering.

Note: we replaced the “—“s with ucks and hits, because…well, we can.

Previously: Ron Asheton, Dead at 60.

Ron Asheton, Dead at 60

The Ann Arbor News reports that Stooges’ guitarist Ron Asheton was found dead in his home this morning.

This is sad news for anyone who gives a shit about real, American punk rock: Asheton pretty much invented it on The Stooges and Fun House. If you don’t know those two albums, then you do not care about music. I love the New York Dolls and the MC5 as much as the next guy, but those bands just look like Rolling Stones wannabes compared to the Neanderthal stomp of Asheton’s work with the Stooges. The Stooges invented punk rock.

I’m glad I got the chance to see Asheton in action a couple years ago at Lollapalooza. Back then I said the show “proved once and for all that punk would have been equally important and influential had it never crossed the Atlantic Ocean.” It’s still true.

Ron Asheton, Lollapalooza 2007

Photo by Alan M. Paterson for Glorious Noise.

Via Rolling Stone.

MP3: The Stooges – “My Idea of Fun” from The Weirdness, recorded in Chicago with Steve Albini.