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New Built to Spill video: Gonna Lose

Video: Built to Spill – “Gonna Lose”

Built to Spill - Gonna Lose (Official Video)

Directed by Jordan Minkoff. From When the Wind Forgets Your Name, out September 9 on Sub Pop.

Would I lose all my 90s indie cred if I admitted I get Built to Spill confused with Guided by Voices? Always have. Can never remember which is which. Granted, they don’t sound anything alike, and one of their band names has two more syllables than the other, but I still mix them up. I was too busy in the actual nineties diving deep into the back catalog of Neil Young to pay much attention to scrappy new guitar bands. I was getting into the Back from the Grave series of sixties garage punk, and the only new music I listened to were my friends’ bands and some alt-country. So it goes.

That’s a bit of an exaggeration of course but just to totally prove I wasn’t hip, the first Pavement song I ever listened to was “Spit on a Stranger.”

As I got older I realized there were a bunch of cool bands I totally missed. Johnny Loftus turned me on to bands like Sebadoh, and there are still plenty of times I hear things and think, How was I not into this at the time? It’s right up my alley.

Built to Spill is one of those bands. Every song I’ve heard sounds like I should’ve been listening to it forever. Including this new one.

Built to Spill: web, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New Father John Misty video: Goodbye Mr. Blue

Video: Father John Misty – “Goodbye Mr. Blue”

Father John Misty - Goodbye Mr. Blue [Official Music Video]

Directed by Noel Paul. From Chloë and The Next 20th Century, out April 8 on Sub Pop.

This guy. He makes it so easy to hate him. But then he releases a song about his damn cat dying that sounds like it could’ve been an album track from a 1969 Glen Campbell record, and you’re sucked right back in.

That Turkish Angora’s about the only thing left of me and you
And early this morning he started making sounds that say
Don’t the last time come too soon.

The video is kind of annoying because the dialog and sound effects are too loud in the mix. But whatever. It’s still touching. Sincerely. Which isn’t a vibe something this artist usually goes for.

Father John Misty: web, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Low: Disappearing

Video: Low – “Disappearing”

Low - Disappearing (Official Video)

Directed by Dorian Wood. From Hey What, due September 10 on Sub Pop.

Oops I forgot to queue this up before I left on vacation. It’s still good though!

Every time I see that ship go out, it feels like everything’s complete
Somebody somewhere is waiting, some other ocean at her feet.

The throbbing, distorted guitars remind me of Neil Young’s Le Noise. Or my last trip to the dentist office… I like it.

Star and director of the video says, “I was inspired to offer a personal glimpse of what I’d been up to during the pandemic year. I’ve been doing art modeling on the side for years, mostly for art schools. Once the schools physically shut down due to Covid, I was invited to pose for dozens of virtual classes. I borrowed a friend’s empty guest room and twice a week I would set up my laptop and lights and pose for three hours at a time. During these long stretches of time, I’d lose myself in thought while delivering poses that best showcased all this fat brown beauty. In my mind, I traveled to places and memories, and in the case of ‘Disappearing’, I not only visited the ocean in my mind, I became it. Even at its most empowering and meditative, a modeling session was often a reminder of how lonely one can feel when the other humans in the room immediately vanish once the laptop shuts down. And still, a semblance of hope always lingered. We shot the video at Human Resources, a performance space in L.A. which also served as a creative sanctuary for me during the pandemic year. There’s a lot of ‘coming home’ love in this video. I’m honored to be able to share this love.”

New Metz video: Sugar Pill

Video: METZ – “Sugar Pill”


Directed by Shayne Ehman. From Atlas Vending, out now on Sub Pop.

How great are skateboarding videos? I could watch this stuff for hours.

Here, skaters Jojo Johnson and Sara Smith convert a snow-filled pool in Thunder Bay, Ontario into a perfect bowl while Canadian punk rockers METZ holler about the overwhelming stream of bad news that we are all constantly being bombarded with.

I turn it off, I drown it out, it’s never ending
The tension in the air hits every day
The prefab pull, the sugar pill, ugly and aging
It’s coming faster each and every day

Director Shayne Ehman says, “I hope the winter skateboarding footage carries with it some of the love we have for skateboarding. I hope it contains a spirit of perseverance and the will to make it happen. Come wind, ice, or stormy weather, we shovel snow, we torch frost, we skate.”

Bring on the blowtorches! There’s plenty of snow to go around.

Via punknews.

New Lael Neale video: Blue Vein

Video: Lael Neale – “Blue Vein”

Lael Neale - Blue Vein [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Directed by Lael Neale. From Acquainted with Night, out February 19 on Sub Pop.

The first thing you hear is the tape hiss. Then a couple tentative guitar strums. By the time the vocal comes in you’re ready to hear what she has to say. “Gather your words, gaze at the field of snow…” Wow.

Lael Neale created her new Sub Pop album on a cassette recorder in her bedroom, limiting herself to four tracks and first takes, and it sounds perfect.

Some say the truth springs
for reservoir seekers
but I think the truth sings
to whoever listens

Neale says, “I wrote this song pre-Omnichord [the instrument she acquired in 2019 and recorded the rest of the album on] and it is the only recording I play guitar on. I wrote it around New Year’s Eve and it felt like a resolution.”

Happy new year! Let’s all keep our resolutions.

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New Bully: Where To Start

Video: Bully – “Where To Start”

Bully - Where To Start [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz and Alicia Bognanno. From Sugaregg, due August 21 on Sub Pop.

Alicia Bognanno isn’t having any of your shit.

Running your face through ice cold water
Quick sugar rush, blood in the shower
I read your mind through the flash in your eyes
There’s nowhere to go, out of reasons to try

The song has an unexpected origin story.

“I was listening to ‘Tubthumping’ by Chumbawamba and picking apart the melodic structure and sort of trying to mimic that,” Alicia Bognanno told Rolling Stone. “I’m not even joking; it still makes me laugh to think about. But let’s be real, that is undeniably a solid song.”

Is it though? Really?

Bognanno says her song “addresses the frustration that comes along with love having the ability to fully control your mood and mental state for better or worse. It was therapeutic to funnel some lightheartedness into what can be an otherwise draining state of mind.”

One thing we can say for sure is that you are never gonna keep her down.

Bully: web, twitter, bandcamp, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New Weyes Blood video: Wild Time

Video: Weyes Blood – “Wild Time”


Directed by Natalie Mering. From Titanic Rising, out now on Sub Pop.

“It’s a wild time to be alive.” You can’t argue with that!

The new video features Weyes Blood’s Natalie Mering and a few of her friends frolicking naked in the woods and then getting freaky with some dayglo paint under a blacklight.

Mering says the video “was shot on 16mm pre-Pandemic, then edited together during isolation. Felt like the right time to let this video out into the world, seeing as we’re all getting saddled down by some pretty grim realities. This song is about yearning for wildness and Mother Nature in a time of chaos. It’s for sensitive people who worry about the fate of humanity and feel powerless to do anything about it.”

The song has a very strong Seventies Creepout vibe. Remember when Karen and Richard Carpenter ate a bunch of acid and spent a week locked up in the studio with Scott Walker? Yeah, me neither. But if that happened I bet the results would sound a lot like “Wild Time.”

Weyes Blood: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

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New Marika Hackman video: Hand Solo

Video: Marika Hackman – “hand solo”

Marika Hackman - hand solo

From Any Human Friend, out now on Sub Pop.

Not the most subtle video ever made, but that’s okay. Sometimes you want your message to come across loud and clear: Diddlin’ is fun.

Hackman said, “I wrote ‘hand solo’ as a bit of light-hearted relief, a wank anthem for women everywhere. I loved the idea of playing on old wives’ tales about the dangers of masturbation and pushing the boundaries about what is socially acceptable. I met Sam and we came up with this playful, tongue-in-cheek idea about hands all over the world masturbating on everyday objects, and even places, and eventually the world. The hands were directed by the wonderful Evie Fehilly, a sex educator who runs sex-positive workshops in London at the famous sex shop SH!. Despite the video being quite fun, I wanted to make a serious point at the end, after the world explodes in its orgasm, that masturbation is still for many women perceived as something shameful and embarrassing – the moment of shame after the ecstasy. We asked for any female-identifying people to anonymously submit their experiences of shame relating to masturbation, and we received so many heart-breaking and heavy stories. I hope that when people see these accounts, they can relate and realize that there’s no shame in masturbation.”

She also told Apple Music, “One lyric that will get overlooked because I don’t think many people are gonna understand the reference, but the first half of the song is looking at old wives’ tales about masturbation. One of them I read is that you get hairy hands if you masturbate too much. There’s a line in there that says, ‘Oh, monkey glove’—it’s talking about having hairy hands. It’s quite abstract but it sounds sexual as well. It sounds like something you might call your vagina. And it’s quite gross, that song. ‘Dark meat, skin pleat’—it’s all quite visceral. My favorite lyric is obviously ‘Under patriarchal law, I’m gonna die a virgin.’ That is insane, that is crazy! I feel like people don’t take my sexual experiences as real. The song is also a massive f**k-you, because it’s very funny and empowered with a bit of sass.”

When I was 11 years old my recently widowed mother read me a book called Preparing for Adolescence by Dr. James Dobson. My mom’s heart was in the right place and she felt a great responsibility to steer me in the right direction. I no longer had a dad to teach me about puberty and sex stuff, but can you imagine anything more embarrassing than having to hear a chapter titled “Something Crazy Is Happening to My Body” read out loud by your mom? Worse, Dobson’s views weren’t designed to create a particularly healthy attitude about sex. The bits of advice I can remember include “never do anything on a date that you wouldn’t want someone to do with your sister” and to remember that Jesus is always watching you. Impure thoughts offend God. If you’re feeling a certain kind of way, it’s best to take a cold shower.

Unsurprisingly, I didn’t take any of this advice. But I felt a lot of guilt and shame about it and that’s a bummer. These were also the early days of AIDS when we were taught that sex can straight up kill you. Hopefully kids these days have a healthier attitude about sex, but who knows? There’s an endless supply of creepy stuff out there to warp young minds. Every generation gets its own hangups.

Marika Hackman: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Frankie Cosmos video: Wannago

Video: Frankie Cosmos – “Wannago”

Frankie Cosmos - Wannago [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Directed by Robert Kolodny. From Close it Quietly, September 6 on Sub Pop.

The video is a little distracting but the song has everything you want from this band: sad melodies, earnest vocals, delicate harmonies, and shimmery guitars.

Greta Kline says, “Wannago is an older song that I thought would never come out. Every time we ever tried to arrange it we gave up or lied that we would come back to it later. It felt too hard, and I found some of the lyrics embarrassing. Then Alex encouraged us to give it another shot because he really loved the demo. We ended up all working together to turn this into a song that feels sparkly and distinct; and it’s really fun to play. I’ve accepted the cheesier lyrics as part of the youthful glow of the song, it feels very wide-eyed and is purely about love, distance, and life.”

Frankie Cosmos: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Frankie Cosmos video: Windows

Video: Frankie Cosmos – “Windows”

Frankie Cosmos - Windows [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Directed by Eliza Doyle and Greta Kline. From Close it Quietly, due September 6 on Sub Pop.

Watch Greta Kline and her pal Eliza Doyle frolic around the streets and beaches of New York. Like the music, the video mixes moments of silliness with poignancy.

Slow leak, slow dream
I never noticed you boiling

Kline says, “This song takes place during the waiting period of healing, not knowing how to proceed or how to find the path to forgiveness. The inner versus the outer — learning to see yourself as part of the whole. For me the lyrics cover some of the slow movements of relationships, the shifts that occur in ways of thinking over time.”

I know it’s probably uncool to dwell on but I still can’t get over the fact that Kline’s parents are Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates. That blows my mind.

Frankie Cosmos: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.