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Chris Cornell – Scream

Chris Cornell - ScreamChris CornellScream (Interscope)

Look, I understand that it’s all too easy to write a scathing review of Chris Cornell‘s third solo outing, particularly when it’s as bad as Scream is. But in all honesty, the hostility of my words and the anger in my mind as my fingers hit the keyboards are motivated from one reality: there was a time in which I really enjoyed the work of Chris Cornell.

Listening to Scream has effectively erased those memories. It’s also built up such a resentment towards him that will take years to repair.

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Justin Timberlake and Timbaland: In Love?

He’s a Pretty Face, and Proud of It: “‘Look at those hips,’ Timbaland raps… After each phrase, Mr. Timberlake croons back his flirty (and somewhat cryptic) response: ‘Go ‘head, be gone with it.’ With that, the ‘dirty babe’ first introduced in the second stanza officially becomes a third wheel.” Uh oh! Justin and Timbaland, sittin’ in a tree… Stream it (Real, Win).

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