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New Torres video: Dressing America

Video: TORRES – “Dressing America”

TORRES - Dressing America (Official Video)

Directed by Ashley Connor. From Silver Tongue, out January 31 on Merge.

Wow! Remember a couple years ago when Mackenzie Scott was dropped by 4AD for “not being commercially successful enough”? Well now she’s been signed by Merge and this is the first video from her new album.

She talked to Billboard back in July about her new home. “I’m glad to have found a label in Merge that’s actually run by artists and touring musicians.”

So glad she’s back and didn’t let the music business beat her down. “Three Futures” was one of the best songs of 2017 and “Dressing America” picks back up where she left off.

I tend to sleep with my boots on
Should I need to gallop over dark waters
To you on short notice

She’s from Georgia after all, so that cowboy hat and those boots are not cultural appropriation, ha ha.

Warning: The video features pastie-covered breasts so if that’s something that offends you (or your employer), you might want to hold off on playing the video.

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New Torres video: Three Futures

Video: TORRES – “Three Futures”

TORRES - Three Futures (Official Video)

From Three Futures, out September 29 on 4AD.

In the last video from Torres we saw our hero walking around your Aunt Phyllis’ basement with a guitar. This new video is set upstairs in the same house, and this time Torres’ Mackenzie Scott is cast as three separate characters: the foxy housewife, the grumpy husband, and (once again) the cool guitar player. I.e., the participants in the love triangle described in the chorus where the narrator describes her three potential futures: “One alone and one with you / And one with the love I knew I’d choose.” It’s a new twist on the classic cheatin’ breakup song.

While the lyrics don’t offer much hope for the jilted lover, at least the video features a happy ending!

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New Torres Video: Skim

Video: TORRES – “Skim”

TORRES - Skim (Official Video)

This song is cool and the video is creepy. Mackenzie Scott is hanging out in your Aunt Phyllis’ house (complete with pool table and intercom!) and getting groped by disembodied arms while she walks around playing the guitar. Eventually she gets down with Ruth Bader Ginsburg and another, more scantily clad hottie. The guitar tone is paranoid and the lyrics are evocative: “There’s no unlit corner of the room I’m in.”

The “Skim” single is out now on 4AD.

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