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New Tristen: Athena

Video: Tristen – “Athena”

Tristen - "Athena" (Official Music Video)

Video by Tristen. From Aquatic Flowers, out June 4 on Mama Bird.

Tristen is my current obsession. Not in a made-for-tv stalker way, but in a new-found musical crush way. I was floored by her last single, “Complex,” and had it on repeat for days after Jake first posted it. She’s clever and has a really interesting sense of melody. She also looks just like the grown up version of Eleven from Stranger Things, but that’s a conversation for another fan forum.

Eleven from Stranger Things
Eleven? Tristen? Athena? Who knows?

So I was excited when she dropped her new single, “Athena.” It’s a spooky, neo-psych number that retains her voice, but filters it through Anton Newcombe’s poncho. Which, of course means…I love it.

Listen to Tristen explain the back story to the song after the jump.

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New Tristen: Complex

Video: Tristen – “Complex”

Tristen - "Complex" (Official Music Video)

From Aquatic Flowers, due June 4 on Mama Bird.

Tristen Gaspadarek’s Sneaker Waves was one of the best albums of 2017 with its jangly hollow-body guitars and clever lyrics. “Glass Jar” has earned a place on my list of all-time faves, showing up on countless mixes I’ve compiled for friends.

Aquatic Flowers comes out on June 4 and if leadoff single “Complex” is any indication, it’s going to be the shimmery soundtrack of the summer.

I’ve got a complex; it’s complex
I don’t know why I act this way
The things I do, the things I say
I really love you
I want to be with you, but I’m so scared

She invited a bunch of her pals including Alyssa Milano and frequent writing partner Vanessa Carlton to jazzercize with her in the video. So that’s fun.

Can’t wait to hear more!

New Tristen video: Partyin’ is Such Sweet Sorrow

Video: Tristen – “Partyin’ is Such Sweet Sorrow”

Tristen - Partyin' is Such Sweet Sorrow

From Sneaker Waves, out now on Modern Outsider Records.

Tristen’s Sneaker Waves was one of my favorite albums from last year, so I was surprised and disappointed that it didn’t even crack the top 100 of the Village Voice Pazz & Jop critics poll. No idea why she’s been overlooked critically and underrated, because her songs are great.

“Partyin’ is Such Sweet Sorrow” is a perfect example of that. It’s catchy folk-rock with smart lyrics. What’s not to love?

Saturnine queen
My heart is hollow
I just got in
My time is borrowed
Love me now
And I won’t remember tomorrow
Cause partyin’ is such sweet sorrow

It’s written from the perspective of a guy. Tristen writes, “For the video, I found a rugged, drunken lover boy with great hair, to lip sync my song while the voice was still mine. Because I’m thinking, I am a woman writing, singing as a male character about his relationship with women. How often does that happen?

Not often enough!

If that “lover boy” didn’t actually get wasted while filming this video then the dude deserves an Oscar or an Emmy because it’s the most accurate depiction of drunken wobbliness I’ve ever seen on screen. And the bit at the end where he stumbles sideways across the street? Bellissimo! Bravo.

Tristen: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Tristen video: Got Some

Video: Tristen – “Got Some”

Tristen - Got Some

From Sneaker Waves, out now on Modern Outsider Records.

Last month Tristen’s song “Glass Jar” totally took me by surprise with its jingle-jangle guitars and cool backing vocals from Jenny Lewis. I like this new song even better, and the video’s more fun as well. Who doesn’t love a slumber party? Pillow fights, negligee, talking to boys on the phone! Good clean fun.

“I think you’re pretty cool but as a general rule / I’m gonna hang back here in the atmosphere.”

Tristen: web, twitter, fb, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

New Tristen video: Glass Jar (ft. Jenny Lewis)

Video: Tristen – “Glass Jar” (ft. Jenny Lewis)

Tristen - Glass Jar (feat. Jenny Lewis)

From Sneaker Waves, due July 7 on Modern Outsider Records.

Do you like the jingle jangle of hollow-body guitars? Do you dig the folk rock vibes of the Byrds? Have you enjoyed the last couple of Jenny Lewis albums? Then you’re gonna love this song by Nashville songwriter Tristen.

Tristen: web, twitter, fb, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.