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Beyond the Music.

All Access: Most Awesome MakeoutsIn the world of popular music, does the music matter? No.

At least that’s the sense of things if one takes a look at a week in the programming of VH1. (Lest you immediately think: “What the fuck is this? No one watches VH1 who still has a pulse,” remember that the issue here is popular music. And does popular music matter with regard to (un)popular music, which can be in some ways used as a label to describe much of which is considered on Glorious Noise? Yep. Because to the extent that the economics of the popular portion are in some semblance of order, there is the opportunity for there to be (un)popular acts signed to contracts that may allow them to garner some sort of recognition than they otherwise might not have. Whether those contracts are fundamentally good for the listener is not the question. Whether they allow the (un)popular bands to not only record but also eat does matter.)

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The VH1 Top 20 (4/23-29) As (Bad) Language Poetry

When I’m Gone: Unwell. The Remedy:

Sing for the Moment Like a Stone.

Clocks, Lights Out: Why, Georgia?

(Miss You, Fighter, Angel.)

I’m Glad; Come Away With Me: Rock Your Body, Beautiful.

Picture American Life:

Times Like These: Big Yellow Taxi Ignition.

For more awesome poetry, check out recent works by Donald Rumsfeld. Make up your own verse from VH1’s Top 20, and add it to the Comments below; it’s the new fridge magnet poetry!