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Gorillaz Documentary Trailer

I love me some Gorillaz. I’ve been a fan of Damon Albarn‘s music since the early 90s when Blur was still mistakenly associated with “shoegazing” and “madchester” by music rags when in fact they were creating something entirely different and uniquely British.

Blur crumbled (and are now slated to reform) and Albarn flew off in a variety of directions. The most commercially successful is the fictional cartoon pop band Gorillaz he formed and fronted with Jamie Hewlett, co-creator of the comic book Tank Girl. They’ve gone on to sell some 11 million albums and inspire pasty white English kids to grind they hips like krunked up Souljah Boys.

Now comes a documentary on the band and their following. According to the press release, “Bananaz is an un-sanitised, free-wheeling documentary film, taking down the virtual walls of Gorillaz in an intimate, honest and often hilarious account of the working relationship between Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett and their extraordinary creative process.”

The film will debut online on April 20, prior to the film’s subsequent theatrical release. (Secret: You can also catch a special screening at the Soho Apple Store in New York TONIGHT, March 24, 2009 at 6:30 PM. Shhhhh!)

Dig the Trailer…

Gorillaz Documentary: Bananaz Trailer

New Vampire Weekend – White Sky

YouTube: Vampire Weekend – “White Sky” (live on Fallon, 3/18/2009)

A new song from everybody’s favorite proponents of “African preppy” music. I’m not a Fallon hater, but could he be any douchier at the end of this song? “Good job, buddy, good job. Hey, very good, buddy, good man.” It’s like he’s on the losing tee-ball team, displaying good sportsmanship…

The band is working on their sophomore album, which will be ready “hopefully” this fall, according to frontman Ezra Koening. “We’ll see…”

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Scion Rock Fest 2009

Scion Rock Fest 2009The Scion Rock Fest

Atlanta, February 28, 2009

The Scion Rock Fest. What can I say? It was great. I was really amazed to see how many of the bands were from Atlanta. Of course I think the idea behind it was to “showcase” local talent and most likely to “save money” on airfare. Keep in mind that most of these bands, with the exception of 3 or 4, are fairly well known in the underground metal scene.

Another thing that struck me as odd would be that they called it a “rock fest.” Clearly a festival featuring bands like Mastodon and Skeletonwitch (MySpace) is anything but “rock.” I’m thinking “Metal Forced Up Your Ass With A Fork Scion Fest” would have been more apt. Then again, anyone at Toyota selling the idea of a free concert to boost the coolness factor of Scion might have to call it rock rather than metal. Is Scion metal? I think now it very well may be…sorta.

The venue was the perfect setting for this kind of event. It was large, gloomy, and had so many creepy vibes I was as gleeful as a little boy in a candy store. The Masquerade in Atlanta is an old paper mill that has been a music venue for some time, which made it a really cool place to witness such heavy and broootal tunes. The show got to a late start giving me time to wander the grounds and take some photos.

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Another new Neil Young video: Johnny Magic

Video: Neil Young – “Johnny Magic”

Another self-made video from Neil’s latest distraction, Fork in the Road, due April 7. There’s an alternate version of the video available at the Huffington Post. Accusations of lazy songwriting will probably not be abated by this song.

I really like Trans, Everybody’s Rockin’, and Old Ways, but I won’t be buying this album. I even like a lot of Greendale and some of Living with War, so I don’t consider myself a fair weather fan. I enjoy Neil’s kookiness and crankiness and contrarianism. But this just doesn’t sound musically or lyrically interesting enough for me to spend my time on…

Libertines in the Studio

Sorry for the somewhat misleading headline…although Pete Doherty is still convinced a reunion “is going to happen,” so…

But what we have here is some cool 2004 studio footage of the Libertines and Mick Jones recording “The Man Who Would Be King.” According to the NME, “The footage is set to be used in an upcoming film about the band called ‘The Road To Albion’,” currently in post-production and due to be finished in November.

Video: The Libertines recording “The Man Who Would Be King”

The filmmakers’ website: Bonnie and Hide.

MP3s: (courtesy of Insound)

The Libertines – “Up the Bracket”

The Libertines – “Never Never”

Unreleased Early Elliott Smith: Nine Inch Nails Diss Track

Video: Elliott Smith – “We’re All Friends Now”

We're All Friends Now - Elliott Smith

This is footage shot by Mary Lou Lord somewhere in Canada in 1995. Lyrics are a badass smackdown of a music industry showcase for Nine Inch Nails:

The feedback starts and the singer yells
“I’d rather die than give you control”
But he’s already sold the whole damn thing for a big loan

Two years later, of course, Smith himself signed a contract with DreamWorks Records, but hey, when you’re young and snotty, it’s easy to be righteous. What a great find! Thanks, Mary Lou.

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21 Reasons Why Jay Bennett Should Be Back In Wilco

Jay BennettGLONO has a long history with Wilco. We used to be so obsessed with this band that we actually got teased by other bloggers and commenters. We used to be featured in the band’s links section of their website (until, mysteriously, we were removed just DAYS after running GLONO’s exclusive interview with Jay Bennett after he was sacked).

We miss those days, we miss THAT band. The missing ingredient is Jay Bennett, of course. No slight on current Wilco lead guitarist Nels Cline, but we miss Jay. So we’ve compiled 21 reasons why he should be brought back to the band. We do this out of love so don’t be mad, Jeff.

21. Dreadlocks – Dude had some freaky dreads back in the day. Helps balance Tweedy’s inherent honky-ness

20. Bendy notes – Jay Bennett’s solos always feature lots of bends, which just sound cool.

19. Wilco is too serious now – Jay Bennett is a top-notch goof making him the premier candidate to bridge art and fun.

18. Mellotron – Dude’s got some crazy-rare gear.

17. It’s good for the economy – With Jay comes JP. Those guys need good jobs. Do it for Obama!

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