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New Weezer: All My Favorite Songs

Video: Weezer – “All My Favorite Songs”

Directed by Colin Read. From OK Human, due January 29 on Atlantic.

Goddamn Weezer, just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

“We used our instruments to connect to the 1960’s and 1970’s and, with the orchestra, back to the 18th and 19th centuries. We had no click track or loops or hi-tech sounds. Not even an electric guitar.”

I am a total sucker for gimmicks like that. The funny thing is, despite whatever constraints they put on themselves, “All My Favorite Songs” ends up sounding just like Weezer. I didn’t even notice there weren’t any electric guitars. Wait, is that even true? Not even bass? The band has electric instruments in the video for sure, but that doesn’t mean anything. I can’t be sure. Can you?

But the video is great. A charming indictment of our always-online, never-putting-our-phones-down culture. We’re probably all overdue for a device detox. Who am I kidding? Never going to happen. But it’s nice to imagine a world where we all lived in the present instead of letting our monkey brains swing from thought to thought, moment to moment, restless and uncontrollable.

OK Human is out this Friday. Van Weezer, the album first announced back in September 2019, has been pushed back to May 7, 2021.

New Rivers Cuomo video: Two Broken Hearts

Video: Rivers Cuomo – “Two Broken Hearts”

Single out now.

Well at least it’s better than the stupid Toto covers. I hate to sound like Leslie’s Jones’ character on the SNL bit, but I am what I am. By the way, have you watched that sketch with people who are not total nerds? It’s uncomfortably unfunny. And there I am, all like, “No it’s funny because I am Leslie Jones. No really, that is exactly what I’m like. Exactly!” And they’re all like, “Weezer? I didn’t even know they were still a band…” Good times.

Rivers Cuomo: web, twitter, amazon, apple, spotify, wiki.

Via punknews.

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Pinkerton Deluxe Reissue Details

Night Snow at Kambara

It’s been over a year since we first heard about Weezer‘s expanded Pinkerton reissue. Back then, we made a guess at the track list. Turns out we were pretty close, since the official track list has been announced with the release date of November 2.

We’re only getting one version of “You Gave Your Love to Me Softly,” and we’re not getting the radio remix of “Pink Triangle” or the Pixies cover, “Velouria.” Known Songs from the Black Hole songs “Blast Off!” and “Superfriend” are also left out, but there are a couple of songs we hadn’t heard of a year ago: “Getting Up And Leaving” and “Tragic Girl.”

Full track list below…

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New Weezer video: Memories (ft. Jackass)

Video: Weezer – “Memories”

It’s funny to remember that Glorious Noise began before Weezer‘s green album. Back then, I had a lot of hope for their future. Like a lot of fans, I was disappointed when the follow-up to Pinkterton finally came out (Weezer vs. the Record Industry: Guess Who Won, 2001). I concluded that piece with the following:

Let’s hope this one sells millions of copies so they feel liberated enough to follow it up with a little bit of forward evolution. Is that lame of me to even think that way? Am I being suckered by a corporate marketing machine into consuming goods I don’t even enjoy? I honestly don’t know. After all, I’m just a fan.

Ah, naivete. So where does that leave us? With memories…and nostalgia. But it’s always fun to see a guy take a ball in the face. Fuck aging gracefully. Let’s bust out some rad skateboard tricks!

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Weezer Goes Indie, Signs to Epitaph

EpitaphLast night, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo tweeted the news:

Hey, Weezer is happy to announce our signing to @epitaphrecs and release of new album “Hurley” on September 14.

Having fulfilled its contract with DGC/Geffen/Interscope/UMG after seven albums, Weezer was free to go. It’s certainly a different atmosphere in the music industry these days from what it was in 1993 when they signed with DGC, the subsidiary label that David Geffen spun off in 1990 as a major label home for weirdos like Sonic Youth and Nirvana. Between the releases of the Blue album and Pinkerton, Geffen stepped down as head of his own label. Then during the band’s hiatus before the Green album, the label was acquired by Universal Music Group and merged into Interscope. It’s a whole new world today with essentially no incentive for an established group to sign a new contract with a major label.

It must feel good for Rivers to see his band on the punkier Epitaph label as opposed to its more dignified Anti- subsidiary, which has gained a reputation for signing old people mature acts.

Do you think sportswear company Hurley had to pay for naming rights to Weezer’s new album? Rolling Stone describes Hurley‘s sound as “Sixties Pop.” We’ll see…

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Rivers Cuomo Goes Punk on Sound Opinions

Thanks to the unrehearsed backing of The Cathy Santonies, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo‘s appearance on Sound Opinions was the punkest—and best—thing he’s done in years. The interviews are great, too.

Goddamn you, Rivers Cuomo. I just can’t quit you!

Listen to the whole thing or just the songs:

Rivers Cuomo with the Cathy Santonies – “Undone: The Sweater Song”

Rivers Cuomo with the Cathy Santonies – “The Good Life”

Rivers Cuomo with the Cathy Santonies – “El Scorcho”

Rivers Cuomo with the Cathy Santonies – “In The Garage/Heartsongs Medley”

Rivers Cuomo with the Cathy Santonies – “Can’t Stop Partying”

He’s a damn good sport.

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Twitter Roundup #8

Tweet tweetBelow are the things we’ve posted to Twitter recently. In reverse chronological order, just like Twitter…

# Bobby Charles, songwriter of “Walking to New Orleans” and “See You Later Alligator”, dead at 71. http://ow.ly/WP6u about 3 hours ago

# RT @slicingeyeballs: Robyn Hitchcock’s ‘Propellor Time,’ due March 22, to feature Peter Buck, Johnny Marr, John Paul Jones http://ow.ly/WImE about 6 hours ago

# RT @billboardglenn: First the rumors, now the article. From Billboard.biz: Layoffs Begin Across Universal Music Group http://bit.ly/93c8vm about 17 hours ago

# RT @adamficek: so…….just got the bat call, it seems tonight is babyshambles at rhythm factory. Best get off train. about 20 hours ago

# On This Day in 2004: @staceykanderson interviews the music directors of one of the best college radio stations in America. http://ow.ly/WAGi about 20 hours ago

# RT @rockcritics: Lisa Robinson’s oral history of disco from #VanityFair features Moroder, Rodgers, Gaynor, et al. http://bit.ly/4xWDp7 about 21 hours ago

# Smoking Gun has FCC complaints re: @adamlambert AMA show: “total fagatoni which I am OK with.” Did @Buddyhead write that? http://ow.ly/WykU about 22 hours ago

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Forkcast Filter, Round 20

Pitchfork: ForkcastThe fine folks at the Fork have been uncovering all kinds of new music for you to check out. It’s hard for anybody to listen to everything. We handpick the stuff that might appeal to the GLONO reader…whatever that means. Listen for yourself and let us know what you think.

Here’s our latest roundup of the good stuff that Pitchfork has given up recently on their Forkcast:

Weezer – “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To (Doctor RosenRosen Remix)”

A Sunny Day in Glasgow – “Shy (Ernest Gonzales Remix)”

Tindersticks – “Black Smoke”

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – “Say No to Love” (Live)

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – “Even Heroes Have to Die”

The Notwist – “Boneless (Grizzly Bear Remix)”

More fun after the jump…

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Rivers Cuomo teases Pinkerton fans

Rivers Cuomo Twitter Profile PhotoYesterday evening Rivers Cuomo posted a little note to his Twitter account:

“Tragic Girl” is going to be like “You Know You’re Right” for Pinkerton fans.

A translation for non-obsessives: there’s an unreleased, un-bootlegged outtake from the Pinkerton era called “Tragic Girl” that’s been rumored to be included in an upcoming Pinkerton deluxe reissue. Cuomo is comparing this song to Nirvana‘s “You Know You’re Right,” the post-In Utero song that was eventually released on a 2002 best-of compilation.

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