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New Wet Leg video: Wet Dream

Video: Wet Leg – “Wet Dream”

Wet Leg - Wet Dream (Official Video)

Directed by Wet Leg. Single out now on Domino.

New favorite band alert!

This is Wet Leg’s second single. I missed the first one but apparently it got a lot of attention in the U.K. when it was released on Domino in June. That one was called “Chaise Longue” and it’s awesome and features amazing deadpan lyrics like, “Hey you in the front row, are you coming backstage after the show? Because I’ve got a chaise longue in my dressing room and a pack of warm beer that we can consume.” Awesome, right?

Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers are from the Isle Wight and have been friends for almost a decade, according to an NME profile. The NME, never known to do much fact checking, says Teasdale learned to play guitar during quarantine but there is plenty of youtube evidence that she was playing guitar long before the SARS-CoV-2 virus was detected in Wuhan. Regardless, while locked down together the duo honed what we now know as the Wet Leg sound. They “wanted to have more fun than every other single band”. By the sounds of the two songs they’ve released so far, it seems like they are accomplishing that mission.

“Wet Dream” is not as silly as “Chaise Longue” but it’s equally memorable and far more melodic. Standout lyrics include:

• “You said, ‘Baby do you want to come home with me? I’ve got Buffalo 66 on DVD.'”

• “What makes you think you’re good enough to think about me when you’re touching yourself?”

• “You climb onto the bonnet and you’re licking the windscreen. I’ve never seen anything so obscene. It’s enough to make a girl blush.”

Can’t wait to hear what comes next. Count me in.

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