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Wolf Parade – Live In Iowa City

Wolf ParadeWolf Parade at the Englert Theatre

November 18, 2010, Iowa City, Iowa

As I was exiting the Englert Theatre after Wolf Parade’s performance on Thursday night, I noticed a familiar face.

It was co-worker who used to work close to my cubicle.

We gave each other a look of startled recognition, but it was my twenty-something corporate neighbor who stated the nature of his surprise.

“I didn’t know you were an indie rock fan.”

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Pitchfork 2010, Days 1-2

Pitchfork Music FestivalEvery year that I’ve gone to the Fork Fest, I’ve been surprised how many people actually show up for it. Rationally, I know it sells out and that there are 18,000 people there, but I forget how many bodies that really is until they’re surrounding me. It’s a lot of people.

And it seems like most of them are really into the music. Of course, there is also a good percentage of folks who are just there for the experience. There’s nothing wrong with that. But I would guess that the majority really gets into the performances, packing themselves densely into the fields, singing along, and paying attention to the music. There are moments when it feels like a community, and that’s pretty exciting in these days of extreme cultural fragmentation.

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Wolf Parade – Expo 86

Wolf Parade - Expo 86Wolf ParadeExpo 86 (Sub Pop)

It’s album number three for Wolf Parade, and we’re finally getting a sense of them as a band rather than a press sheet bio of performers who sound an awful lot like or who run around with better bands. Maybe all of that name-checking and “recommended if you like” comparisons have prompted a darker hue with Expo 86, but I like the end result, which is another way of saying that I didn’t think as highly of Apologies To The Queen Mary as everyone else seemed to.

Or maybe it was Ugly Casanova.

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Fun with Forkcast, Round 9

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: just because it’s been months since we’ve done a Forkcast update, it doesn’t mean we haven’t been paying attention.

Tobacco ft. Aesop Rock – “Dirt” from Fucked Up Friends, due later in 2008

Wolf Parade – “Call It a Ritual” from an upcoming full-length, title TBD, due 06/17/08 from Sub Pop

Architecture in Helsinki – “Like It Or Not (El Guincho Remix)” From the Like It or Not EP, forthcoming from Polyvinyl

Radar Bros. – “Slack Motherfucker”

Os Mutantes – “Mutantes Depois” from a forthcoming album, expected in late June 2008

Free Kitten – “Seasick” from Inherit, due 05/20/08 from Ecstatic Peace

Stereolab – “Three Women” from Chemical Chords, due 08/18/08 worldwide (except for the U.S.) and 08/19/08 in the U.S. from Duophonic UHF Disks/4AD

The Chap – “Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley” from Mega Breakfast, due 07/01/08 on Ghostly International

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