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Post by DJMurphy »

Ugh, I get to be Alicia Keys... what the... Why couldn't I be Chris Murphy from Sloan? Or even Bruce Cockburn? Or Mister Zero from the Kings? Or... NARDWUAR!!!!!!
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Post by steve-o »

grounded5am wrote:
depends. how good looking she?
Depends on how strong the eggnog is.
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Post by grounded5am »

nah. i don't like egg nog. i don't know but i am suddenly reminded of nanny ogg from the terry pratchet books. odd how my brain works.
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Post by Dreamin »

steve-o wrote: I'm Chris Murphy from Sloan.

Actually, I just had to take the test again so that I could turn out as Murph.
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Post by explosionsinthesky »

the hardest question I had to answer was trying to decide whether I wanted to play Yukon Cornelius or Ralphy in a holiday re-make. I chose Ralphy....it could have been my downfall because I ended up w/ Dido. Fuck it...It could be worse, I could be Britney Spears.
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Post by trainwreck2 »

Im ANdre 3000.... weird
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Post by Tim »

yeah, i also got Chris Murphy from Sloan, and then I changed my answers and got Julian from The Strokes.

Not bad at all. I'm glad I didn't end up with someone like the lead singer from Creed, or Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit...then I would have to jump off a building.
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Post by worpswede »

Britney Spears. Do y'all want to fuck me now? I always knew I was a whoooore!!!
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Post by infectiousdisease »

Hey, I came out as Chris Murphy too!

"unwillingness to take yourself or life too seriously" - well, sounds about right!
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Post by Dreamin »

DJMurphy wrote:Or... NARDWUAR!!!!!!
There is only one Human Serviette.
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