Songs that spooked you (or still do)...

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tongue-tied lightning
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Dreamin wrote:"Moonlight Mile" - The Rolling Stones.
On the surface, it sounds like it could be a love song, but if you really listen closely, it's downright creepy. I swear it's actually a murder ballad.

"Furnace Room Lullaby" - Neko Case.
Finally, a murder ballad for the rest of us.

"Rock, Salt and Nails" - Utah Phillips.

"Revolution Blues" - Neil Young.
For all his flower child connections, Neil was the ultimate anti-hippie and this song proves it. Back then, no one else would have written a song from the Manson Family's perspective. It's fucking brilliant!
I love Moonlight Mile, i'll have to look into this Judy

when I was a kid, I thought Nights in White Satin was freaky

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Post by Lep »

trainwreck2 wrote:I think Wild Rose by Nick Cave with Kylie is a lot creepier than The Curse of Milhaven...dammit thats just a creepy album because its so twisted and yet so beatiful, you feel weird enjoying it.
oh, yeah, one of my faves....
For my money, that "Poor, Poor Mary Bellows" song is the creepiest on there. Don't answer the door, Mary!!!

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Lep wrote: oh, yeah, one of my faves....
For my money, that "Poor, Poor Mary Bellows" song is the creepiest on there. Don't answer the door, Mary!!!
Then there's always "Tupelo" if Nick Cave-creepiness is what you're after.

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Post by Barabajagal »

Anything from Scott Walker's Tilt is pure creep.

Strangely, something about Randy Newman's "Short People" used to creep me out...

They got little cars
That go beep, beep, beep
They got little voices
Goin’ peep, peep, peep
They got grubby little fingers
And dirty little minds
They’re gonna get you every time

like little Chuckies or something

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Post by Dreamin »

tongue-tied lightning wrote:
I love Moonlight Mile, i'll have to look into this Judy.
Then again, I might just have a dark imagination.

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Post by trainwreck2 »

remember hidden tracks on cassettes, Bauhaus had a track at the end of side 2 on The Sky's Gone Out where after a few minutes of silence theres an old man talking real melancholy as if to his child "my baby, how big youre getting, youll be going to school and you wont want your daddy then will you? oh wish you could be my baby always...i wonder what the future holds?"I think thats how it went...very creepy when youre trying to sleep and all of the sudden that wakes you...
too bad theres no way to get that same surprise effect on a cd

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If I listen to Diamanda Galas alone I'm pretty sure I will turn into a werewolf.


Tell here to stop looking at me.


That's better.

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Post by grounded5am »

train you can still do that with a cd. i know i have some cds that have bonus tracks at the end and you don't know it. so you're sitting there listening and out of nowhere comes this song. even worse when you're sleeping. i hear ya.

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Post by johnhl »

The Beatles "Revolution #9" still freaks me out.

The "cut the kids in half" line from "Morning Bell/Amnesiac" by Radiohead gets to me.

I don't know about "Moonlight Mile" (could be), but Dylan's "Moonlight" has to be a murder song. Very creepy.

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Post by dannycia »

"Bike" by Syd Barrett/Pink Floyd always struck me as having a "clown holding a knife behind his back" kinda vibe to it.

Actually, everything Syd Barrett did has that vibe...

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