Best Hype Band?

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Best Hype Band?

Arcade Fire
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Arctic Monkeys
Total votes: 19

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Post by Tom4 »

Jake wrote:What do you Arcade Fire fans think of the Bjork song on that album? Because it bugs the shit out of me.
It bugs me too. In my mind, the album ends with "Rebellion (Lies)"

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Post by Alias »

Jake wrote:What do you Arcade Fire fans think of the Bjork song on that album? Because it bugs the shit out of me.
i assume y'r talking about Regine's etheral solo of "In the Backseat".

I absolutely love it, its my fifth favorite on the album, when I first heard it I thought it was sorta annoying until the chorus which made me smile and sorta go into lala land and just feel like I was 4 years old again being airplaned/twirled by mi madre just flying high and happy...

I picked AF cuz IMO Artic Monkeys are merely okay, nothing really to write home about...I saw the same performances on SNL and I just thought they were a little hacky, didn't stir any canorous interest and really for the life of me can't remember an ounce of tune, its sorta like I didn't even hear them...i think they're nice elevator/background music...

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Post by hebrew hammer »

As much as I like the Monkeys, Funeral is just such a classic CD. It is by far the best of the CDs released by these three, and I think when it's looked back upon, it will be looked at as the greatest CD to come out of the slew of hype bands.

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Post by infectiousdisease »

Mmmm...I'm torn.

The Arcade Fire is the only one of the three I've spent any serious time listening to, but I don't think I'd end up ranking them as my favourite. I don't listen to Funeral much at all anymore...although I am still fond of that EP.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah really captured my interest the first time I heard me, they just sound like a lot of fun. And I'm lusting after their album very very badly at the moment, and I'll spring for it as soon as I have some money that isn't spoken for.

The Arctic Monkeys...I don't know. They're good, but to my ears they're not all that exciting.

...I think I'm siding with CYHSY here. I am a nice, respectable college kid (soon) what're you going to do?

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Post by worpswede »

What Jake originally said. I'm burnt on A.F. right now, prompted in large part by a friend's incessant yelping "They got nominated for a Grammy! Merge doesn't know what the fuck to do!" They lost. Whatever; I'm sick of "Funeral." My current place is in that new Arctic Monkeys disc.

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Post by Dreamin »

I'm still surprised by how quickly I fell in love with Funeral and how it continues to hold my attention over time. I find it incredibly moving from start to finish. Regine's songs took a little longer to grow on me, but she won me over completely when I saw her perform Haiti and In The Backseat at the Paramount in Seattle. (I instantly forgot that Bjork ever existed.)

I think Funeral is a winter album. Listen to it on your iPod as you walk through your neighbourhood on a snowy night and you'll experience it in a whole new way. The first time I heard Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) performed live, I was melting in the oppressive afternoon sun at the Sasquatch Festival, but in my mind I was walking the streets of Old Montréal in December. I think I actually cooled off a few degrees.

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Post by cat153 »

well i love the clap your hands say yeah cd and the arcade fire cd. i listen to both quite often given my bi-polar/ADD music listening preferences. I am surprised the Wolf Parade cd wasn't included...they seemed to get a ton of press and are one band that also delivered the goods as far as i'm concerned.

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Post by hausofjl »

even though their name is by far the most obnoxious of the three, i cant seem to stop listening to that clap your hands. i watched the arctic monkeys on snl and wasn't very impressed. not sure if they just got done with a long tour or they were just worn out by all the press they've been getting, but I wasn't too impressed. but then again i was pretty intoxicated by the end of the show, so it might have been me. vote for clap your hands, they RRRRRUUUUULLLLLLEEEE.

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