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O! wrote:There are so many, many cases of bands that began to suck after they got huge, and not exactly when they got huge, but sometime after. Please don't ask me to list them. We all have to know. The Cure, Pearl Jam, The Stones, The Kinks, Weezer. . . the list is broad and all encompassing.
The Weezer suckitude phenomena is the most fascinating, and something that should be explored. I can't think of any other band that gets bashed harder by ex-fans.

Somebody (Jake) please write an article about this passionate hatred for your former heros. Having never really been a huge Weezer dude, I'm not the one to do it.

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I don't think it actually has anything to do with obscurity or popularity. What happens is that every band/artist starts to suck after about ten years. There are very, very, very few exceptions to this rule. And even most of the exceptions went through a period of sucking sometime in there.

I know we've gone over this before, but can anybody name any (productive) bands/artists that were creating great stuff for more than ten years in a row?

And Grounded, if you say Edie Brickell or any of your other sub-mediocre faves, I swear to god you're banned for life.

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O! wrote:Peter Buck is a total dope smoker! Tuatara!? Outings with Robyn Hitchcock?! Come on! We know Mr. Buck is a drinker. That's well documented (look up the airplance incident).
I used to live in Atlanta and would spend alot of time up in Athens ( a great town and I recommend any of you to go visit sometime). One of my good friends is a bartender there and REM would often come into his bar. A little scoop on them:

-Stipe smells like shit. He has that 'hippie never bathes/incense smell.' A local joke in Athens is you know Stipe is coming around because the smell hits you before you see him My bartender friend confirms this. Stipe likes the all natural smell.

-Mike Mills is the big partier of the band. I personally know a girl who has not only smoked some pot with him, but also has shared a few lines with him. I always thought he was the dork in the band, but no...he's quite the rock and roll badass. He propositioned her as well. She said no.

-My bartender friend served them all drinks in his bar and did shots with them. They proceeded to get wasted and said that Mills was kind of a dick and didn't tip him worth a shit. They were partying with Jim Courier, the professional tennis player. Later that night, Courier got a DUI, which made national news.

- Overall he said Stipe and Buck were great guys. Stipe was friendly though he disliked all the attention he got from the sorority girls in the bar.

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Mixmaster Shecky wrote:Somebody (Jake) please write an article about this passionate hatred for your former heros.
I don't hate them. But I documented the crumbling of my relationship with the band on this here website over the years:

Karl's Korner (February 7, 2001)

Weezer at the Aragon (March 10, 2001)

Weezer vs. the Record Industry: Guess who won (May 15, 2001)

Grasp the Rock - Weezer Lets the Hardcore Fans Produce their New Album (January 9, 2002)

Well, It's Better than the Last One (May 28, 2002)

Lollapalooza 2005: Day One (July 26, 2005)
Oh Rivers. Why do you do this to me? Why do you have to break my heart? And then stomp on it? Why you wanna go and do me like that? Actually, this show was pretty fun. For a while. Then they played some terrible new songs. And we left.
Kinda sad when you read them all in a row...

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Red House Painters > Mark Kozelek > Sun Kil Moon - if this can be counted as one band (as each is comprised of the same two or three core members), then they defy the 10 year suck rule.

I thought Low would make that list, but Drums & Guns royally sucked. They hit that 10 year wall hard.

The Breeders don't suck, at least not musically.

Bedhead/The New Year - same guys, different names. They are better than ever.

Cranes are better than ever.

That's all I can think of. 4 bands in a sea of mediocrity. Sounds like it's time for a new thread.

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O!, you mentioned The Kinks earlier in this thread, and I think they are kind of an interesting case. They're definitely a band whose quality has waxed, waned, waxed and waned again. All told, they did quality work for more than 10 years, but probably not 10 straight years. I love the Kinks and think of them (and the Yardbirds) as the most underrated of the British Invasion bands, but they certainly have some clunkers littered throughout their canon, but every now and then they'd drop a "Sleepwalker" on you when you had pretty much given up on them. Strange birds. Anybody heard Ray Davies' latest solo disc? Did it get reviewed here? I'm curious. I've read some real positive press.

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Jake wrote: Kinda sad when you read them all in a row...
I still think there's an article in there, maybe "An Open Letter To Weezer". Make us feel your pain.

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Do you think that Nirvana may have had an impact on the wrong turn
R.E. M. seemed to make after the early 90's? I wouldn't call myself a mainstream rocker dude but certainly I lean more that way that those of you who like the pansy rock of The Cure, The Smiths,etc. I outgrew my heavy metal stage and discovered R.E.M. in my late teens. I actually became a fan of The Ramones and The Replacements after college so I was late to the party. Then when I heard Nirvana I was like "Holy Shit!" This is what I've been waiting for! R.E.M crossed with Black Sabbath." Cobain's vocals were rougher than Stipes but there is something melodic about both of them. This was the intensity of my heavy metal phase mixed with the interesting lyrics and hooks of R.E.M,, which now paled in comparison. Again I was a lot more mainstream at the time than a lot of you. So let's not turn this into Nirvana bashing because I know a lot of you think Nirvana is overated. We've beaten that horse to death here. Even though Stipe and Cobain became friends, maybe Michael got a little Nirvana on the brain. Was it always on his mind----How will this be compared to Nirvana? Subconsciously did the band try too hard not to sound like Nirvana? It would've been interesting to hear how that rumoured Stipe/Cobain collaboration would have sounded had Kurt lived.

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Over 30.

Never got the whole R.E.M. thing.

A lot of friends over the years, who's musical opinions I otherwise respect, have held them up as some kind of big great thing. But then again, I could say the same for Guns-n-Roses, and I don't understand that one either.

I'm sure I've mentioned this before. I got to see R.E.M. in the mid-80s at a small club. Memphis was part of the regional rounds for all the Athens bands. Quadalcanal Diary's live show blew R.E.M. out of the water.

REM has had a few turns of lyric that I've thought, 'oh, clever line there'. But nothing about their music has ever appealed to me.

I'm sure I've taken a cheap shot or two at them over the years. I really get tired of bands I feel don't live up to their press, that just get bathed in the glory of the music press beyond their merit. I don't actively hate R.E.M., but man do they do nothing for me at all.

It's like unflavored oatmeal. I know probably millions of people swear by it, and it's real healthy stuff, but I prefer the flavored packs, Cinnamon and Spice, or Maple and Brown Sugar. R.E.M. always just sounded like plain oatmeal eatin', jangly slow pokin' Georgia honkies to me.



Sven Killer Robot Spacema wrote:...those of you who like the pansy rock of The Cure, The Smiths...
Oh no! Have Sven and I found our common ground?

Sven Killer Robot Spacema wrote: ...when I heard Nirvana I was like "Holy Shit!" This is what I've been waiting for!
Oh, I spoke too soon.

...well, we have some common non-ground, so to speak.


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Under 30 here (barely)...

"Monster" was a huge album for me. Monster and Achtung Baby --- huge for me at that time. I think I had lyrics from both those albums written on my shoes. (Hey, I was a kid! What do you want?) I had a few other REM albums, Document, Green, and Automatic, that I liked, but I wore Monster out from playing it so much. I loved the sonic tones, it was kind of similar to U2 the way they were breaking out of their 80's sound into some big new modern 90's thing. They totally lost me after Hi-Fi. I never thought losing a drummer could affect a band so much. But I haven't cared about anything they've done since then, with the brief exception of enjoying the live version of "Turn You Inside Out" on that bonus disc with the Greatest Hits album.

It may or may not be relevant that I saw them on the Monster tour and they sucked live. Totally sucked. That might have killed some of the fandom for me.

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