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Do you want some GLONO on your iPod?

Poll ended at Thu Jul 14, 2005 1:07 pm

Yes, do a PodCast, bitches.
Yes, let me download GLONO articles to read on my iPod.
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Do both, you lazy bums.
Nah, that shit is wack. Nerds!
I don't have an iPod so what do I care?
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GLONO on your iPod?

Post by Jake »

I just read an article about making e-books for iPods. What do you guys think of that? Does anyone actually want to read their iPod? Scrolling all that text and shit? Seems cumbersome as shit to me...

Which reminds me that we've been thinking of doing a GLONO PodCast. Anybody into this? What are your favorite podcasts and what makes them good?
miss carol
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Post by miss carol »

I've subscribed to WNYC to listen to radio that I used to stream at work. I don't want to read a lot of text on the tiny screen. Paper is much easier on my eyes.
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Post by thinsafetypin »

a glono new music podcast would be a great way to hear new sounds with snarky commentary.
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Post by vitas »

i like the idea of a podcast, but i don't think that i would want to be troubled to read text on that little screen. as it is, i dig that i can see an album cover, albeit a tiny one, and that brings the record geek out in me during my interaction with my ipod. still, i can't believe that i would get too much satisfaction from reading tiny text on it. as it is, i tried reading glono on a blackberry and totall got frustrated with it and never tried again.
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Post by Tom4 »


Podcast = GOOD
iBook = BAD.

I'd love to have GloNo-approved selections streaming onto my Pod, although I don't listen to any Podcasts normally so someone will have to give this technologically ignorant youth a hand.
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Post by johnhl »

I'd be into a podcast, too. iTunes is supposed to be adding iPodder-type functions later this summer, making it even less complicated.

I don't even use the calendar stuff on my iPod--the screen is just too small.
Stacey K
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Post by Stacey K »

What's a podcast?
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Post by thinsafetypin »

a pod cast is sort of a recorded radio-type broadcast that you can download and listen to on your iPod (or other mp3 player of choice)
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Post by russ »

In the voice of Animal from the Muppets:

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Post by Mixmaster Shecky »

Yeah, count me in for a podcast. Skip the iBook, tho - I have a Shuffle.

PS - Apple's doing something to incorporate Podcasts into the next version of iTunes. Not sure exactly how it's going to work, but the format will be a lot like the Music Store.
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