MTV2 contest

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MTV2 contest

Post by aestryker »

Has anyone heard the Mother Truckin contest from Mtv yet? Dude this so rocks.They are going around and getting stuff from top artists to give away along with $25,000 man i hope i get lucky.You got to see some of the stuff they have so far.I registered at and keeping my fingers crossed.
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Post by aestryker »

Just thought id let you all know they have a new site now for this contest and man do they got some great stuff.
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Post by Raiden32 »

Ohhhh I heard of this, they've got my chemical romance and 19 other musicians picking the prizes huh, I signed up at the site you linked thanx.
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Post by illusionist »

Hey thanks i regsitered for it.I like the stuff they have so far for prizes.I personally wouldnt mind the 25g's.
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Post by Jake »

Do you guys really think you're fooling anyone? Seriously?
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Post by Damian is your friend »

This is the highlight of my day.
I love you, spammers.
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Post by TotallyAdorable »

Haha. This post serves no real purpose. But I figured I needed a first one, especially to make sure I'm not deemed a spammer like those first couple guys.
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Post by stickman45 »

Tell me more, mothertruckers!

Will Good Charlotte be involved? God, I pray...

"Good Charlotte-more like 'Mediocre Green Day'."-Doug Benson

BTW, I am kidding. I don't need more info., spammers.
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