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Dinner with the Band

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As many of you know that my brother and I have been working on a show called Dinner With The Band over the last couple years, Dinner With The Band shows renowned, avant-garde chef Sam Mason as he invites his favorite touring bands to his apartment for an intimate evening of food, conversation and live music. We are happy to finally announce that the show has been green lighted by On Networks for 8 episodes. OnNetworks, Inc (ON) is an Austin, Texas based new media company that has established a network of Web video channels that offer very high quality, short-form (~4min.) informational and interactive videos around niche topics (e.g. OnIndie.tv, OnTaste.tv, OnFashion.tv, etc.).

We will be filming over the course of two weekends in March and April. The first shoot will be March 3rd and 4th. Each band will be treated to a gourmet meal, in which they will work with the chef to create a meal that fits their culinary desires. They will help create the meal, play a few songs and then dine and talk with the host. This is a great opportunity to allow fans to see another part of a band's personality.We have all ready booked El-P and are looking to fill the remaining spots.

Each episode will be shown over a week, providing the band and label with live footage and performances to use at their promotional discretion. We have already gotten great feedback and have a number of bands confirmed for the first shooting, but still have slots open.

Dinner With The Band is a great opportunity for a local NYC band or touring band to get fed gourmet food, paid and create new and interesting promotional material in one day. If you are interested in having your band appear on the show, please take a second to fill out the small form below. We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you.

Trailer: http://dinnerwiththeband.com/trailerFinal.mov

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