Your Comments on 8 Mile Is Worth the Hype

Roger Ebert's take on it:

Jake • November 8, 2002 04:37 PM

yo where can i d/l the freestyle battles from the 8 mile movie

vinny • November 10, 2002 06:26 PM

I LOVE EMINEM ! he is soo sexy and looks like a good fucker:) he has a nice ass!!!! im me sometime


Stephanie • November 10, 2002 08:49 PM

Living in the, uh, Motor City, I must say that it is a bit much, all of the praise that the movie is receiving from the local hacks and flacks. Funny, even though Madonna is also a home-town girl, her filmic exploits (OK--at least her Hollywood ones) haven't gotten half the run.

Mac • November 11, 2002 03:35 PM

Maybe it's because Madonna doesn't have as nice an ass and look as much like a good fucker:)

Jake • November 11, 2002 04:00 PM

Um, how about the fact that Madonna is a horrible fucking actress? Haven't seen 8 Mile so I can't comment on Em's abilities but Madonna is really, really bad. Even the short film she did for BMWFilms is embarassing.

d phillips • November 12, 2002 10:03 AM

What's talent gotta do with it? (Of course, there's talent, and then there's *talent*.)

Mac • November 12, 2002 01:08 PM

The first time I saw this movie (when it was called "Purple Rain") it had Prince in the Eminem role, Appollonia in the "slut with a heart-of-gold" role, and Clarence Williams of the ModSquad in the Kim Basinger role. I don't think I need to see it again....

The Troof • November 13, 2002 09:42 AM

where can i find the lyrice from the freestyle battles in the 8 mile movie

b rabbit • November 13, 2002 08:19 PM

Phil: Having just seen the Madonna's video for "Die Another Day"--"Alias" meets "Witchblade" meets a dirty T-shirt contest--I think you'll have to rethink your assessment of her, ah, acting chops.

Mac • November 14, 2002 12:00 PM

Is that Madonna video not badass? I love that she is fighting her way through the entire thing. Let's get her in a kung fu movie.

Ryan • November 14, 2002 01:08 PM

Except she looks older than Jackie Chan. Nobody needs to see this old Yente karate-kicking anyone. Time to pass the torch and let it go.

The Troof • November 14, 2002 02:00 PM

where can i download the freestyle battles from 8 mile???

jen • November 16, 2002 12:33 PM

Hey just would like to get the lyrics for the freestyle battles in 8 mile, especially the final battle, holla back, thnak you

DJ DABS • November 16, 2002 06:27 PM

Man 8 Mile is one of the best movies I' ve seen in a while. Everything from the actin to imbarasing(to the opponent)freestlyes it was really good. Yo all of u Eminem fans...this is a must see movie!!!

Slim • November 16, 2002 09:45 PM

Eminem is the best, what can't he do. I saw 8 Mile the day it came out it's #1 on my favorite movies list, I am his #1 fan, I basically know and own everything of his. All Eminem fans...what r waiting for...this is a must see movie!!!!!!

Eminem • November 17, 2002 05:45 PM

hey i need to holla real quick and ask if anybody know where i can get the lyrics from the battles on the 8 MILE movies... by the way that movie was tight as shit.. and for people who dont understand why he doesnt make it big in the ending and just walks away... at the beginning it says that movie wa set for 1995.. so since it was basically a movie of his life, we all know he becomes famous afterwards, thats why the movie is set in 1995 instead of 2002... that way we know he does become famous. ANYWAY I NEED THEM LYRICS FROM THE BATTLES FOR REAL!

Honeykisez88 • November 17, 2002 08:46 PM

anyone have the lyrics from the freestyles or know where i can find them? if so email me...thanks, peace

8miler • November 17, 2002 10:23 PM

anyone know where I can get the battle lyrics from 8 mile? thanks a lot.

Ak23 • November 17, 2002 11:46 PM

Ya, I was also wondering where I could download the freestyle battles from the movie.

XDragon • November 18, 2002 01:27 AM

For all you people looking for the lyrics to the freestyles, try here:

Jake • November 18, 2002 09:16 AM

Ummmm, I think some people are looking for lyrics from the freestyle battles in 8 Mile.

The Troof • November 18, 2002 11:04 AM

Please send me the lyrics to the freestyle battles in 8 mile if you have them or know where i can find them. Thank You

DJ • November 18, 2002 12:03 PM

I'm starting to get the impression that some Eminem fans aren't that bright...

Jake • November 18, 2002 12:23 PM

I know the first part of E's first freestyle at the end:

This guy raps like his parents jerked him,
he sounds like eric sermon,
the generic version,
this whole croud looks suspicious,
it's all dudes in here,
except for these bitches,
so I'm a German hey,
thats OK,
you look like a fuckin worm wit braids,
run the streets wit these Freeworld rookies,
how can six dicks be pussy,
talkin bout six deep,
bitch, you could be a piss creek,
with paddles this deep,
your still gonna sink,
your a disgrace,
yeah they call me rabbit,
this's a turtle race,

I don't know the rest because he goes so fast after that and the sound on the video I have is fuzzy. I'll holla back when I figure the rest out.

Charles • November 18, 2002 03:50 PM

all i have to say is WOW Em looks beyond good in his movie and it was one of the best mvies i've seen!! there was not one scene he looked bad in and i wish i could be britney murphy in that movie lol holla back !!!!

kristen • November 18, 2002 05:35 PM

Here are the lyrics to E's freestyle at the end against Papa Doc:

now everyone from the 313 put ya mother fukin hands up and follow me,
everybody from the 313 put ya mother fukin hands up,
look look,

now while we stand up,
notice that this man did not have his hands up,
the freeworld got ??? up,
now who's afraid of the big bad wolf,
1, 2, 3 and to the 4,
1 pac, 2 pac, 3 pac, 4
4 pac, 3 pac, 2 pac, 1
1 pac, 3 pac, no pac, none,
this guy ain't a mother fukin MC,
I know everything he's got to say against me,
I am white, I am a fukin bum,
I do live in a trailer with my mom,
my boy Future is an Uncle Tom,
I do got a dumb friend named Cheddar Bob,
who shoots himself in his leg with his own gun,
I did get jumped by all six of you chumps,
and Wink did fuk my girl,
I'm still here screamin fuk the Freeworld,
don't ever try to judge me dude,
cus you don't know what the fuk I can do,
but I know something about you,
you went to Cranbrook, thats a private school,
what's the matter dog you embarrased,
this guy's a gangster, his real name is Clarence,
and Clarence has some Uncle Tom parents,
and Clarence parents have a real good marriage,
this guy don't wanna battle, he's shook,
cus ain't no such thing as halfway crooks,
he's scared to death, he's scared to look,
in his mother fukin yearbook,
fuk Cranbrook,
(without the music)
fuk a beat, I'll go accupella,
fuk a Popa Doc,
fuk a clock,
fuk a trailer, fuk everybody,
fuk ya'll if you doubt me,
I'm peice of fukin white trash, I say it proudly,
and fuk this battle, I don't wanna win, I'm outy,
here tell these people somethin they don't know about me.

Charles • November 18, 2002 07:43 PM

Thank god that was cleared up. I had a hard time imagining someone being able to rhyme "Doc" with "clock", let alone append the word "Fuck" to it -- but Eminem does is again!!

The Troof • November 19, 2002 10:49 AM

in line 20 of that last post of E's end battle with Papa Doc, the lyrics should be

cuz u don't know what the fuk i been thru
cuz u don't know what the fuk i can do

Anonymous • November 19, 2002 12:23 PM

Actually in line 1 of Em vs Poppa Doc:

it should be now while he stands tough, notice that this man did not have his hands up.


now while we stand up,
notice that this man did not have his hands up,

jermzz • November 19, 2002 01:45 PM

yo, what bout the lyrics to his battle with Lotto

DM • November 19, 2002 05:22 PM

Lotto vs. Rabbit lyrics:

Warn, I think u were a little hard on the Beaver,
so was Eddie Haskle, Wally and Mrs. Cleaver,
this guy keeps screamin he's paranoid,
quick someone get his ass another steroid,
(mocking) blah bluhbudy bluh blah, blah bluhbuy bluh blah,
I ain't here a word u said, hubudy huh blah,
is that a tank top or a new bra,
look snoop dogg jus got a fukin boob job,
didn't u listen to the last round meathead,
pay attention, u'r saying the same shit the he said,
matter fact dog here's a pencil,
go home, write some shit, make it suspenseful,
and don't come back until somethin dope hits u,
fuk it, u can take the mic home with u,
lookin like a cyclone hit u,
tank top screamin "Lotto I don't fit u",
u see how far them white jokes get u,
boys like "how Vanilla Ice gone dis u",
my moto,
fuk Lotto,
I'll get the seven digits from yo mother for a dolla tommorow

Charles • November 19, 2002 06:21 PM

Lickety Split vs. Rabbit (revised):

This guy raps like his parents jerked him,
he sounds like eric sermon,
the generic version,
this whole croud looks suspicious,
it's all dudes in here,
except for these bitches,
so I'm a German hey,
thats OK,
you look like a fuckin worm wit braids,
these leaders of the Freeworld rookies,
how can six dicks be pussy,
talkin bout shit's creek,
bitch, you could be a piss creek,
with paddles this deep,
your still gonna sink,
your a disgrace,
yeah they call me rabbit,
this's a turtle race,
he can't get wit me,
spittin this shit wikedly,
likin this shots ????,
???? lickety,
then I'm a turn around with a great smile,
and walk my white ass back across 8 mile

Charles • November 19, 2002 06:28 PM

Does anyone have the counterparts, not just em's stuff? my friend and i want to "battle" using their rhymes

alex • November 19, 2002 06:53 PM

Do you have the lyrics to the "sweet home alabama" remix thing? if you do..please post them or email them to me! Thanks

Dulci • November 19, 2002 06:59 PM

any1 no any lyrics for when em was rappin to sweet home Alabama?

write back aeight.

Cody • November 19, 2002 07:00 PM


this guy's a choke artist, he'll catch a bad one,
u better off shootin urself with Popa Docs handgun,
climbin up this mountian, u'r weak,
I'll leave u lost without a paddle, floatin shits creek,
u ain't Detroit, I'm the D
u the new kid on the block,
bout to get smacked,
back to the boon docks,
fukin Nazi, ya squad ain't ur type,
take some real advice,
and form a group with Vanilla Ice,
and what I tell u, u better use it,
this guy's a hillbilly, this ain't Willy Nelson music,
trailer trash,
I'll choke u to ur last breath,
and have u lookin foolish like Cheddar Bob when he shot himself,
silly Rabbit, I know why they call u that,
cus u follow future, like he got carrots up his ass crack,
and when u acted up,
thats when u got capped up,
and left stupid like Tina Turner when she got slapped up,
I'll crack ur shoulder blade,
u'll drop so hard that Elvis'll start turnin in his grave,
I don't why the let u out in the dark,
u need to take ur white ass back across 8 Mile to the trailer park


This guy raps like his parents jerked him,
he sounds like eric sermon,
the generic version,
this whole croud looks suspicious,
it's all dudes in here,
except for these bitches,
so I'm a German hey,
thats OK,
you look like a fuckin worm wit braids,
these leaders of the Freeworld rookies,
how can six dicks be pussy,
talkin bout shit's creek,
bitch, you could be a piss creek,
with paddles this deep,
your still gonna sink,
your a disgrace,
yeah they call me rabbit,
this's a turtle race,
he can't get wit me,
spittin this shit wikedly,
likin this shots ????,
???? lickety,
then I'm a turn around with a great smile,
and walk my white ass back across 8 mile

Charles • November 19, 2002 09:06 PM


I'll spit a racial slur, honkey sue me,
this shit is a horror flick, but the black guy doesn't die in this movie,
fukin wit Lotto dog, u gotta be kiddin,
that makes me believe, u really don't have an interst in livin,
u think this [email protected]$ gone feel the shit u say,
I got a better chance joinin the KKK,
off some real shit though, I like u,
that's why I didn't want to have to be the one u commited suicide to,
fuk Lotto, call me a leader,
I feel bad that I gotta murder that dude from Leave it to Beaver,
I used to like that show,
now u got me in fight back mode,
but o well if u gotta go, u gotta go,
I hate to do this, I'd love for this shit to last,
so I'll take pictures of my rear end, so u won't forget me ass,
so all's well and ends OK,
so I'll end this shit with a "fuk u" and "have a nice day"


Warn, I think u were a little hard on the Beaver,
so was Eddie Haskle, Wally and Mrs. Cleaver,
this guy keeps screamin he's paranoid,
quick someone get his ass another steroid,
(mocking) blah bluhbudy bluh blah, blah bluhbuy bluh blah,
I ain't here a word u said, hubudy huh blah,
is that a tank top or a new bra,
look snoop dogg jus got a fukin boob job,
didn't u listen to the last round meathead,
pay attention, u'r saying the same shit the he said,
matter fact dog here's a pencil,
go home, write some shit, make it suspenseful,
and don't come back until somethin dope hits u,
fuk it, u can take the mic home with u,
lookin like a cyclone hit u,
tank top screamin "Lotto I don't fit u",
u see how far them white jokes get u,
boys like "how Vanilla Ice gone dis u",
my moto,
fuk Lotto,
I'll get the seven digits from yo mother for a dolla tommorow

Charles • November 19, 2002 09:16 PM

I just gotta say that those battles were killin'.
I was wondering if anyone knows the lyrics to the Sweet Home Alabama song they did??

Supersteve • November 19, 2002 09:41 PM

Sweet Home Alabama Freestyle

Well Jimmy moved in with his mother
Cause he ain't got no place to go

And now I'm right back in the gutter
With a garbage bag full of clothes

You live at home in a trailor
What the hell you gonna do?

Cause I live at home in a trailor
Mom I'm commin' home to you

Well my name is Jimmy his name's Greg Brue
Me, him and you we went to the same school
This ain't cool, I'm a rave, he's tappin'
my mom we're almost in the same age on the microphone I drop bombs, look at this car, Thanks a lot ma! "Here happy birthday Rabbit, here's a brand new car, you can have it." A 1928 Delta, this shit won't even get me to the shelter
(He says somethin' at the end but I can't make it out)

Cause I live at home in a trailor
Mom I'm commin' home to you

Johnny Boy • November 19, 2002 09:50 PM

I am not sure if this is the entire thing.. But here is the sweeet home alabama rap:

Well Jimmy moved in with his mother
Cuz he aint got no place to go
And now im righ back in the gutter
Wit a garbage back dats full of clothes
Buss It Buss It
Cuz you live in home in a trailer
What the hell you gonna do
Eyy Haw
Cuz i live at home in a trailer
mom im commin home to you
Well ma name is jimmy, his names greg bual
me him and you we went to the same skewl
this aint cool,
im in a rage,
hes tappin ma mom we'r almost the same age
on the microphone i drop bombs,
look at dis car, thanks alot mom
here happy birthday rabbit,
heres a brand new car you can have it
1928 delta, shit wont even get me to the shelta

Antrieb • November 19, 2002 10:01 PM

HAHA This was a hard one !!!

ya style is generic, mines authentic made
i roll like a renagade, you a clinic gay
my techniques bizare and ill, i scar and kill
you were a star till i serve like a bar and grill
cuz i perceed to cook and grill ya
thats all it took to kill ya
ya better recognize me like i look familiar
ya wanna battle?
you beat around the bush,
like u scared to lick pussy so u eat around the
I need a clown to push
someone that I can bully
wait a minute, i dont think u understand fully
see me with the style is like mustard wit the heinz
i lead the new school
you the busta witout the lines
i cruss shit outcha lines
Dunno this guys name but its right after Rabbits freestyle:
Now im the lick shicky
smokin the lick licky
ten freaky girls inside the chin chicky
gurl when ya see me ya bess to believe me
this aint a game and pimpin aint easy
anything goes when it comes to hoes
im the kingpin when it comes to flows
ya betta ask someone if u dont know
when ya see me gurl say what up doe

Antrieb • November 19, 2002 10:16 PM

i know you all know the lyrics, but can they be downloaded from anywhere?????

vb • November 19, 2002 11:05 PM

Does anyone know where I can find the freestyle battles from 8-Mile?

Emma • November 20, 2002 08:49 AM

where can i download the actual battle?? i dont want just the lyrics... i wanna be able to listen to it or watch it.

lindsey • November 20, 2002 09:26 AM

does anyone know what beat is played during the last battle.

i think its also the first song that comes out in the movie when eminem is in the bathroom

where can i get a list of songs played in the move?
like the beats they used for battles.

hm • November 20, 2002 11:42 AM

If anyone wants the battles from the movie you can get them on Kazaa. Look up "8 Mile battles"
and download the one called "8 Mile freestyle battles" and the artist is "A+"

canadian_dude • November 20, 2002 05:35 PM

Kazaalite is better than Kazaa: It's Kazaa without the ads and spyware.

Jake • November 20, 2002 05:53 PM

Eminem sounds like a nice guy, he just needs good women, i loved 8 mile and want the battles on CD!

rene • November 20, 2002 09:07 PM

Does anyone have the freestyle em uses to cut-up Xzibit? The one where their by the lunch truck?

Canadian_dude • November 20, 2002 09:24 PM

HI! where can I download ALL the freestyle battles? On Kazaa, I only found 3 and it takes forever to download, are there any websites where I can download them? Can someone please email me the and let me know and also email me all the CORRECT lyrics from all the freestyles and the "sweet home alabama" song??? thanks!

Stephanie • November 20, 2002 09:55 PM

does any one know the lyrics to e's dis on that guy at work when hes rapin wit some other girl then e interupts the sene of lyrics would be nice to
peace holla at me if u know

sean • November 21, 2002 10:30 AM

Yo saw 8 mile bout ummm... 8 times now keppin it at a nice number... best shit out there and thanx for the lyrics up there but i too like SEAN or whats it want the lyrics to the shit at Work so if you get it send it up to me and try to get both sides of the battle... see you rouind and 8 mile is the shit...

THEGRATGOLLUM • November 21, 2002 02:42 PM


DANNY • November 21, 2002 03:32 PM


i tried.....gimme a break

ok folks enuff wit the gay jokes,especially from a broke gay bitch yaself, eh loke?this guys do-do, fuck, he worked here longer than me and i get payed more than you do,go, take a seat, whats this man standin in line for? he aint got money to eat!check this out, yo yo, he cashed in his whole check and got one whole ho, fuckin homo, little magget, you cant hack it, pauls gay, your a fagget,least he admits it, dont even risk it,
this guys starvin to death someone get him a biscuit, i dont know what they told you mike, you must have those cornrows rolled too tight, this job you wanna quit but you cant, you worked at this plant so long your a plant, look at your goddam boots, for christsakes there startin to grow roots, on this mic you get faded, you look like a pissed off rapper who never made it, and why you fuckin wit the gay guy gee? when really your the one who got the HIV! man im done with this clown piss off, fuck it, i'll let homegerl finish you off

ZeeWalk • November 21, 2002 05:38 PM

Will every body from the 313 put
Mutha fucking hand in the air and follow me
will every boyd from the 313 put ya hands
in the air and follow me, ya ya no body stand tought,
notice that this man did not have his hands up,
the free world got u cranked up,
now who's afraid of the big bad wolf,
1, 2, 3 and to the 4,
1 pac, 2 pac, 3 pac, 4
4 pac, 3 pac, 2 pac, 1
1 pac, 3 pac, no pac, none,
this guy ain't a mother fucking MC,
I know everything he's got to say against me,
I am white, I am a fuckin bum,
I do live in a trailer with my mom,
my boy Future is an Uncle Tom,
I do got a dumb friend named Cheddar Bob,
who shoots himself in his leg with his own gun,
I did get jumped by all six of you chumps,
and Wink did fuk my girl,
I'm still here screamin fuk the Freeworld,
don't ever try to judge me dude,
cus you don't know what the fuck I been thru,
but I know something about you,
you went to Cranbrook, thats a private school,
what's the matter dog you embarrased,
this guy's a gangster, his real name is Clarence,
and Clarence has some Uncle Tom parents,
and Clarence parents have a real good marriage,
this guy don't wanna battle, he's shook,
cus ain't no such thing as halfway crooks,
he's scared to death, he's scared to look,
in his mother fuckin yearbook,
fuk Cranbrook,
(without the music)
fuk a beat, I'll go accupella,
fuk a Popa Doc,
fuk a clock,
fuk a trailer, fuk everybody,
fuk ya'll if you doubt me,
I'm peice of fuckin white trash, I say it proudly,
and fuk this battle, I don't wanna win, I'm outy,
here tell these people somethin they don't know about me

gansta a • November 21, 2002 06:12 PM

the song ur lookin for is called shook ones part 2 its by mobb deep. its definitley a rough song

jared • November 21, 2002 07:34 PM

Now everybody from the 313, put your motherfuckin hands up and follow me
Everybody from the 313 put your motherfukin hands up

Look, look

Now why he stands tough
Notice that this man did not have his hands up
This freeworld has got you gased up
Now whose afraid of the big bad wolf
One, two, three and to the four
One pac, two pac, three pac, four
Four pac, three pac, two pac, one
Your pac, he's pac, no pac, none
This guy ain't no motherfuckin MC
I know everything he's got to say against me
I am whit, I am a fuckin bum
I do live in a trailer with my mom
My boy future is an Uncle Tom
I do got a dumb friend named Chedder Bob
Who shoots himself in the leg with his own gun
I did get jumped, by all six of you chumps
And Wink did fuck my girl
I'm still standin' here sayin' fuck the Freeworld
Don't ever try to judge me dude
You don't know what the fuck I been through
But I know somethin' about you
You went to Cranbrook, that's a private school
What's the matter dawg you embarassed
This guy's a gangster? His real name's Clarence
And Clarence lives at home with both parents
The Clarence parents have a real good marrage
This guy don't wanna battle, he's shook
'Cause their ain't no such thing as half way crooks
He's scared to death, he's scared to look
In his fuckin' yearbook
Fuck Cranbrook
Fuck a beat, I go accapella
Fuck a Papa Doc
Fuck a clock
Fuck a trailer, fuck everybody
Fuck y'all if you doubt me
I'm a fuckin' piece of white trash
I say it proudly
And fuck this battle
I don't want to win, I'm outy
Here tell these people somethin'
They don't know about me

Johnny Boy • November 21, 2002 08:29 PM

i was wondering if anyone has the lyrics to the chedder bob freestyle when em thinks about going to battle at the end where his froup is sitting at it starts out like cheddar i rip you to a shreddar....if anyone has the rest of me
at [email protected]

ryan brunson • November 21, 2002 10:59 PM

Tha sweet home alabama aint that hard ta figure out.... You need it email me kid..........

Shaolin • November 22, 2002 01:30 AM

y0o if y0u g0t the weRds t0o Future*s freestyle wen they r in the paRking L0t Rite b4 eminem g0es t0o fReestyLe can shum1 shend it t0o mee .. thankss a bunchh .. o0o0 nd 0utRitee if aLL 0f y0u geRLz 0nLi Like the m0vie 0R eminem cuz he*s h0t ya*LL aint fanss .. eminem is ReaL he sings b0ut ReaL thingss .. the way he feeLs at the m0ments 0f his Life .. he*s seen thingg y0u ppL w0nt see in the subeRbs heLL he*s seen thingss aL0t 0f y0u*s w0nt see in the pR0jects .. nd RemembeR .. th0se h0o c0nnect wif eminem nd undeRshtand wha he*s shingin b0ut .. R th0se h0o gRew upp wif eminem<33 he*s the reaLesht 1 0ut theRe n0o1 t0ps him!!

b0oty • November 22, 2002 10:41 AM

Um, the song that B Rabbit battles to at the end of the movie is oviusly SHOOK ONES BY MOBB DEEP. hence the " there aint no such things as half way crooks"

and thanks eveyone for the lyrics, I downloaded the movie clips and been trying for DAYS to decipher

eightmile • November 22, 2002 11:12 AM

I was just wondering if anyone knows where I can download the "sweet home alabama" rap from and what to type in to find it. I know the lyrics, but I want the song. Please email me or post where to find it! thanks!

Stephanie • November 22, 2002 02:41 PM

ZeeWalk got it right up there exept for two words so here i fixed it and made his shit easier to read...enjoy this shit...

ok folks enuff wit the gay jokes,
especially from a gay broke bitch ya self, eh loke?
this guys do-do,
fuck, he worked here longer than me and i get payed more than you do,
go, take a seat,
whats this man standin in line for?
he aint got money to eat!
check this out, yo yo,
he cashed in his whole check and got one whole ho,
fuckin homo,
little magget, you cant hack it, pauls gay,
your a fagget,
least he admits it, dont even risk it,
this guys starvin to death someone get him a biscuit,
i dont know what they told you mike,
you must have those cornrows rolled too tight,
this job you wanna quit but you cant,
you worked at this plant so long your a plant,
look at your goddam boots,
for christsakes there startin to grow roots,
on this mic you get faded,
you look like a pissed off rapper who never made it,
and why you fuckin wit the gay guy gee?
when really your the one who got the HIV!
man im done with this clown piss off,
fuck it, i'll let home gerl finish you off

THEGRATGOLLUM • November 22, 2002 02:51 PM

yo booty made a strong comment...i agree wit her the shit he sings bout is real and he sing it in a way that no one but tose livin it can is a bitch that can fuck you up pretty badly and thats what emenem shows us in a fuckin good way the movie was just showin those that sin't get is music...

SLOW-BUT-FLOW • November 22, 2002 03:21 PM

hey that thing Danny wrote the EMINEM COMEBACK TO XZIBIT...whats that actually called because i checked on kazaa and it said "search finished with out resuts" so i was wondering if u knew what it was called?? email me at [email protected] if u do thanx

Sam • November 22, 2002 06:03 PM

Anyone got mp3s of them freestyles?

Generic • November 22, 2002 07:33 PM

where can i download the sweet home alabama freestyle?

Courtney • November 22, 2002 07:48 PM

yo yo thanks people, damn i cant belive this shit got so big. i knew i could do music and get peoples attion but damn i just came out in this movie and people are like yo slim thats some good shit and so im like yeah whatever thanks people.

sincerly, marshell m.

eminem • November 22, 2002 08:12 PM

wud up guys an girl? thank you so much for talking good stuff about me, i loved working on this movie, i also got to fuck brittany murphy,!! yeahhh, im outie
tell these people something that they might not know about me..

Marhall Mathers • November 22, 2002 08:37 PM

damn your gay

yoyoyo • November 22, 2002 08:38 PM

i want 2 know where i can download all the raps in the movie

Asa • November 22, 2002 08:55 PM

dude 8 mile is a tight ass movie!! thanks for the lyrics everyone!!

8MiLe • November 22, 2002 09:02 PM

The battle : papa doc VS shorty mike !!!!!
what is the SONG????

jax • November 23, 2002 02:29 AM




J ROME • November 23, 2002 05:07 AM

Guys, guys, guys... Please. The proper way to spell the contraction of "you are" is "you're," as in "You're gay" or "You're taking a ride." You should only use "your" as a possessive pronoun, as in "Your mama is so fat" or "Tell your bitch to come here." See the difference? I promise that people will think you're a lot smarter if your spelling is correct.

Jake • November 23, 2002 08:19 AM

yo i posted all the 8 mile freestyles on kazaa jus type in 8 mile freestyles or 8 mile unda audio
i got em up in there there all .wav but i'll convert em to mp3 so it's easier to dnload aight yo 1

da sickis im me on aim or wuteva

Da Sickis • November 23, 2002 09:15 AM

you ccan find eminems freestyle from 8 mile vs. lickity split poppa doc and lotto on kazaa. Search B Rabbit and it will come up 8 mile freestyles A+

akban • November 23, 2002 09:39 AM

FUCK A JAKE, for christ' sake

Anonymous • November 23, 2002 09:53 AM

Hey...i jus wanna say J Rome that was tight....And what the fuk you people thinkin tryin to be Eminem..shit...

Taya • November 23, 2002 10:21 AM

Hey...i jus wanna say J Rome that was tight....And what the fuk you people thinkin tryin to be Eminem..shit...

Taya • November 23, 2002 10:21 AM

Where can I find the freestyles song to download?

Andrew • November 23, 2002 10:30 AM

Who was rappin against him when Em choked in the battle at the beginning?

Scott • November 23, 2002 12:44 PM

Wasnt that lickety split??

Taya • November 23, 2002 01:11 PM

u can get the songs from kazaa search B Rabbit, 8 mile freestyle, 8, mile, 8 mile, freestyle, nd shit like that 1

da sickis

da sickis • November 23, 2002 01:15 PM

It definately wasn't lickedy split who battles Em in the beggining. Im pretty sure it was that dude Proof from D-12 but I don't know if he's anybody in that movie other than that.

Ps: Jake YOUR gay, YOUR never gunna change the way the words we say, or anybodys intelligence level today, i know it was great, having food on YOUR plate, while you learned ya ABCs the Cranbrooke way, but have you considered the fact that this is a forum, and people don't give a fuck about your tips, you bore 'em, so post one more snotty remark and the next contraction you see, will be from ya girl as a direct result of me. Dada?!?

ZeeWalk • November 23, 2002 01:56 PM


thats tru, but also, zee, you could say that "your" is a possessive adjective.

Ruckis313 • November 23, 2002 01:59 PM

ZeeWalk, I have considered the fact that this is a forum, and if you check out the discussions of any of the other articles on this site, you'll see how silly the people in this one look. No offense, pal, I'm just sayin'...

Jake • November 23, 2002 03:25 PM

o howe thilly ov mee, you're hynessss

ZeeWalk • November 23, 2002 04:12 PM

Dude, I apologize. That was a bullshit thing for me to say.

Jake • November 23, 2002 04:43 PM

whoever posted that those directions on how to get the freestyles on kazaa, thanks alot dude, keep er up

Hotch • November 23, 2002 05:53 PM

It's alright man, i was just joking.

ZeeWalk • November 23, 2002 05:55 PM

I LOVE EMINEM!!!!!:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>:>=)=)

Taya • November 23, 2002 06:38 PM

yo zee walk
stop talkin your cheap talk
stop tryin to walk how gees walk
before we spark
and quit harrassin jake
hell teach you a motherfuckin lesson
and then im'a take
a fuckin table to your back
done talkin smack?
"It's alright man, i was just joking"
shut up you cunt and start choking
okay bitch now bleed
now ima take heed and feed
your motherfuckin mom my cock
and all of a sudden your dad walks
into the room
and grabs a broom
takes a swing at me
tryin to attack me
i slit his throat and yours done too
what the fuck you gonna do
now rest in peace
as i put this shit at ease
anyone wanna battle?
ill fuck you and your mom is who ill straddle

BetterthanZEEWALK • November 23, 2002 06:43 PM

8 Mile is worth the Hype! Eminem is such a great actor, I was very amazed. It's a must see, for anyone.


Norena • November 23, 2002 07:10 PM

hey i saw 8 mile, and the part about CRANBROOK was cool, I GO THERE, ha ha ha. thanks emenim for makeing me a celeb.

rubin • November 23, 2002 07:38 PM

dude anyone in this little chat forum could walk all over you, that verse was weak

Hotch • November 23, 2002 09:08 PM

Cheddar Bob Freestyle:

Cheddar, I could rip you to a shreddar
cheddar cheese,
there's not a better MC then me,
I'm B-Rabbit, sting like a bee,
float like a butterfly
what am I
so what if I, cut a guy
did I s-s-stutter guy
leave you punch drunk, from lunch truck
to shelter, you never felt the rap, the felter
shelter, melcha, got the felt for the welter,
weight champ, you got in with a fake stamp,
garbage bag full of clothes still pullin hoes,
rip you from head to toe, from right the bullet hole. Next gun, pull it slow, and aim at the freeworld for you let go. instead of oh, I shot my..... and yes you do have a big head,
I can't call it, Cheddar wheres your wallet. You're so drunk, you can out drink the alcoholics
make em say damn, cheddars da man. He needs a can surgically removed from his hand.

8mileEminem • November 23, 2002 09:20 PM

u wanna kno where to get the freestylez? go to , hope that works for most of you

Mandi • November 24, 2002 09:49 AM

Dude this is awesome! Ppl are freakin battling on this forum. That is one of the main reasons I loved 8 Mile. I think battling is awesome and I love to hear what ppl say to eachother. I recommend that you guys battle some more on here.

This is awesome • November 24, 2002 11:58 AM

I luved the shit where he lickety split

Dee Loc • November 24, 2002 12:27 PM

you can get all the freestyle battles on limewire, it takes like 5 minutes to download

Dee Loc • November 24, 2002 12:35 PM

yeah son i got sweet home alabama

Dee Loc • November 24, 2002 12:38 PM

yeah son i got sweet home alabama

Dee Loc • November 24, 2002 12:38 PM

Thanks folks. Got'em mp3s!

Generic • November 24, 2002 01:21 PM

What the fuck, Taya be rippin ppls rhymes!

Hequn • November 24, 2002 01:22 PM

heres the last part of sweet home alabama freestyle :
after after he says a 1928 delta, this shit won't even get me to the shelter
and i can't even tand for motels
cuz i'm back in the 8-1-0 now
cuz I live at home in a trailer
Mom i'm comin home to you

emine8mile1017 • November 24, 2002 03:07 PM

yo yO bettadenzeewalk,

i m sick n tired of u thnkin u da master of flow

but realli u a loser who kant git a girl to blow

u juss an amatuer who thnk u kan rhyme

sorrie dawg all yo lyfe u been wastin yo tym

my lifestylez lethal n got u bitin on lime

fuck ur kiddy rapp tryin to sound lyk a g

juss cuz u saw 8 mile doesnt mean u haf to b antoher eminem wana be

u lyk slittin pplz throat, dawg u aint no sleepy hollow

u r a dumb fuck, ur eyes n ur handz wont follow

i do talk tha g talk , i do walk tha way i talk

wut u gona do? beside runnin home to yo mama

dis is hip hop, u don belong

suck your own dick, trust me it 2inches aint long

keep ur day job n stop rhyming

stay home unless u want sum drive by shootin

aww, stop ur cryin its ok dat u kant beat me

common dawg ur shiet aint rhymin diz aint another spellin bee

DNDSNF • November 24, 2002 04:44 PM

you know that you scared of death
dont even try to battle back
ill put your head on my rack
along with other wanna be
mc's who aint gees with no g's
tryin to spit betta than me
im a wanna-be eminem?
who the fuck is that ive never heard of him
oh you mean that nasty mc
your mistake, thats me
so step off bitch when you see this
and when you read this
i leave you speechless
dont fuckin mess
with tha best
or else you gonna leave
with a fuckin hole in ya chest
and yo mom wont even care that your dead
shell be at my house given me head
and dawg you misspelled 20 inch dick
in your rhyme you motherfuckin spick
dont talk about me dawg
ill smash you in the face with your daddys's wrinkled log
cuz hes dead
along wit ya gma and grand dad
your whole familys a disgrace to this race
watch out for you get a punch in the face
fuck a fist i use a can a mace
now dont cry cuz im the best rapper
you can spend you life cleanin a crapper

BetterThanZEEWALK • November 24, 2002 05:12 PM

u sound lyk a pissed off rapper dat never made it

a can of beer, u be fuckin faded

b4 u bust a hole in my chest

u betta recognize who u fuckin with, u lil pest

i kill u n yo family lyk roaches with a can of zest

u sound lyk a lil scrawny mc wana be

how kan a dick n two ballz b a fuckin pussy

so u r sayin u r da best rapper?

but i thnk ur name rhymes closer with a raper

10 yearz later u be cleanin my shitter

i was speechless when i saw ur lines datz fuckin lame

i kik u around lyk da two dog i tamed

u r too fuckin lame u kant match my mad game

dawg u wont b needin dat can of mace

especially from a ugly motherfucker yoself , fuck face

fuck a fist? u got dissed, u fuckin rapist

y u tryin to act lyk a g?

after i m done with u, on ur grave stone it will say R I P

DNDSNF • November 24, 2002 06:00 PM

hey faggot, you call that shit a rap?
all that looks like is a fuckin pile of crap
im 'dndsnf' whos gotta double space my shit
so i dont look like a fuckin little clit
who still sucks his step-mama's nipples
because i turned his real mama into a cripple
"asdk ajdkla; jfkadf-- what the hell
dude, take a second to learn how to spell.
honestly man does lyk mean like?
or is it the use of the tongue on your sister-the-dyke?
look over your rap again and replay it in your head
youre sayin the same shit that i said
dont try to make fun of me cuz im a rapist
only cuz you have nothin in ya head so you just say shit
and hey man say 'lame' a few more times
or think about it and find a real word to rhyme
actually kill yourself man
youll never be a better rapper than i am
try to write back another verse
no matter what you say it wont hurt

BetterthanZEEWALK • November 24, 2002 07:20 PM

BetterthenZEEWALK is winnin by a long shot right now. Stay tuned and see if DNDSNF can holla back with some ill rhyme.

Judge • November 24, 2002 09:15 PM

eh yo, this the originator, computator,
of the battling trend sparked by Jake, the educator,
and if you act up you'll have a new reason to not be a hater,
listen up bitch, startin' with DND and me?!? That's like me purposefully fucking your mom and catching HIV,
cuz your a fucking loser, you thought you was top until DND passed ya the hush,
you probably suck so much dick you think prick is a toothbrush,
oh and that quote "ill fuck you and your mom is who I'll straddle",
thats the mistake of your rhyme cuz now its easy fo' me to win the battle,
you want to fuck a guy, simple and plain, thats great,
except me and D just don't swing that way,
its insane how this fucking clown thinks he's the bomb,
except its obvious that his shit is from rhymezone dot com,
and all this time typing and thinking is now a waste,
cuz i study bass and treble while you study cut and paste,
and one last thing before i end this murda,
you might wanna listen to Jake so later ya not flippin' burgas.......

........('(...'...'.... '~/'....')
..........'\'...\.......... _.''

Talk the talk, and walk the walk.

"burning haters since 11/24/2002"

ZeeWalk • November 24, 2002 09:31 PM

tha min jus took ya ta church ohh shit. if hes wit DNDSNF than that verse got you guyz in first place in my mind... holla back betterthanZEEWALK, if you wanna try tho! yo zee babe, ima tax that middl finga shit fo' my homepage brotha thanks. and if you look up at the correction to the sweet home alabama thing i dont think tha shits right

BrownSugar15 • November 24, 2002 09:51 PM


rubin • November 24, 2002 10:15 PM

What is the name of song that Em and Lotto rap over at the end of the movie, I think it was second battle.

Burger • November 24, 2002 11:17 PM

i am DNDSNF, wut tha fuck kan u do aba it?

u r a dumb retard u'll never decipher it

u wana b calm but u kant, wut u gona do beside lyin on ur bed lyk a plant

i do double space , i am a fuckin punk

wut u gona do beside askin me for my cum?

wutz da matter , dont stutter, u r disgrace of your race

u r poor to tha dome, is dat y u kant afford shoe laces

meet ur maker, my fist n yo face, lil magget

i juss luv sockin faggotz

dawg, don b pissed cuz u been dissed

while me n zee had our handz up

did u notice dat u coudlnt git ur dick up

y u gota hatin on everyone gay lord fucka?

diz aint 1945, nice try hitler, u dick licker

herez a lesson, therez a thing call slang?

ever took 20 shotz b4? shiet u kant hang

i aint u dawg, i didn enter da spellin bee

n even if i did, i wouldnt lose n brin shame to my family

word of an advice, stay on da down low

or u b shot in miami vice, fuckin gay lord

chill out dawg, y u gota b mad in every second

don come too close, or u mite git canned

cruisin around my neighbor hood around two

u b gitin a bullet and a fuck u

DNDSNF • November 24, 2002 11:25 PM

black to white enviornment adapter,
yall take em's action too deep,
hes just an actor,
in a movie entitled 8 mile,
im a big mon, you go play child,
no matter what i say mens believe in,
g the one that's slowly breahthin,
the cracks in ya home let the breeze in,
this trigger is off lock and needs a squeezin,
like a breast over the chest plate,
this glock release lead to yoru dome,
i got your king king pinned...CHECKMATE

G • November 24, 2002 11:56 PM

yo betterthenzeewalk best to off
wen i step to mic im recite like out of sight
you come lookin fo a fite
ill bitch slap into your dome make you run crying home
while i make your bitch moan and groan
sucking on her tit
because inside you really kno u aint shit
you act like you have good rhymes
but all its making you a fuckin dimes
you make me sick
thats what you get fo suckin to much dick

kenshin • November 25, 2002 02:58 AM

sorry rubin im not an expert in the private school area, enjoy wearing a uniform bitch i hope you chock on your tie

ZeeWalk • November 25, 2002 07:02 AM

Ok, stop saying your ZeeWalk buddy this is the second time you've posed as me, eat a nut

ZeeWalk • November 25, 2002 09:38 AM

Is that it? Gee!, I don't mean to diss "G's" flows/
But wit that wack shit, you'll never see me like Missy's toes/
And check mate, today's ya death date/
Cause you about to get found wit'cha flesh ate/
Scattered around a "Red Lake"/
Right after you've been pounded by thousands of stressed gays/
An if you think you a match for me, you must only got'cha left-brain/
Cause anyone in their right-mind wouldn't approach me unless they/
Ready to get slayed and dragged to a car wit/
Their battered an bruised carcaus strapped to a carpet/
Solely to be sold cheap in the fast food Market/

P.S. It's a well known fact you garbage
Cause you's a harmless target,
Bred from bargain jarred jizzed
Meant to be dropped on cement an beat
By me and any other artist that barge in

Sick-Witted • November 25, 2002 11:11 AM

Does anyone have the lyrics to popa docs freestyle in the begining of the movie???


dom • November 25, 2002 11:35 AM

jake yous a nerd so stop tryin to correct spellin,
wen im finished wit u ur gonna have to correct the swellin,
and DNDSNF wuts those letta meen
da nigga dat's stupid n faggy
gay ass nigga u wear ur sht tight ,i wear it baggy
n the numba #1 hater
is betta then zee walk and he raps like a 2nd grader,
and zee walk u get props for that 1 ryme,
but now its time,
then sum1 like me steped up in hea,
wen i say my shit it comes out clear,
wen u say ur shit it come out ur rear,
imma make this short n imma make it sweet,
if u wanna battle step up if not take a seat!

u nv me • November 25, 2002 12:46 PM

yo ZEE,
to bad i dont wear a uniform, u tool

rubin • November 25, 2002 02:35 PM

and i more thing, zee

emenim says fuck cranbrook, isnt he funny, but dont be hate'in me cuz i got a little money, but i still am from detroit, u better not forget that, u wanna talk shit, me and my dogs will have to bust a cap.u make fun of my name, think that wil get u fame, u better think twise, cuz i'm bout to rool my dice, i'll kick your ass so bad, i'lll make your mama sad, u see i am from detroit, i hang wit them thugs, dont u dare accuse me of bein affraid to shed blood,
u think your all that, give me a breake, u sound like a motherfuckin garden tool, perhaps a rake?, dont mess with me, u dont know my game, so think next time u wanna screw around wit my name.hey white boy, time to listen up, u probly still live with your mama, in a ford or chevy truck, that shit is wack, i'll stab u in the heart, youll feel it strait down your back, u wish u could know, u wish u could go, but u cant hang wit me, and not your mamma that dirty ho, my rhyms are emense, but yours they make no sense, u aint gotta pretend, that u r somethin, but by now u should know, i just put u down to nothin.c'mon zee, time to bring it on, u cant mess wit me, i could smoke u with a bong.o listen up/ u think ur the man/ but sit down and shut up/ sounds like a plan/ it would be so nice just to hear some silence/ if u dont shut the fuck up theres gonna be some violence/ ill hit u once/ ill hit u twice/ i wont hit u again if im feelin nice/ u think u talk cool/ but everyone knows ur a fuckin fool/ u try to act like uve beat me/ but im not down/ ill never be/u take twenty minutes just to think up a rhyme/ but bitch its over uve ran outta time. ooo shit zee/ u got fucked up/ u got nothin to say/ if ud excuse me please get the fuck outta my way. / im just quick with the words/ and that is it/ i live in detroit/ born and raised/ everyday i rap / its a special phase/ull never understand ur a northern hick/ either that or a southern spick/ either way u got no dick/ u think ur good/ but ur really shitty/ i kicked ur ass in this battle/ and i got no pitty

rubin • November 25, 2002 02:46 PM

To all you retards out there-

Stop tryin to rhyme you dont spit you just whine get off the stage bitch this aint ya time stop tryin to flow cuz bein wack is a crime heres a way to get a bit betta you homo go home and drink a bottle of soco get outcha smoke and roll a goddie of hydro until then just try to know you beyond gay you cant flow while you tryin your girls suckin my dick like a ho until next time all you fagots remember this you only got 45 seconds its either hit or its miss

biohazard • November 25, 2002 02:53 PM

Wazzup peeps welcome to round two you want some more beats we'll give ya a few give you something you can bite off and chew just recognize or keep it gangsta and true u know whats funny im rappin without a beat so gimme ya money go home to ya moms and eat cuz some people cant be beat especially pussy ass niggas claimin they hustlin streets but inside they know they weak and wuts up with 8 mile seems like it left a big smile yall actin like its been awhile since u heard dudes tear up shit like a crocodile u say 8 mile was hot where u go to school? Harvard? ability to freestyles a tool until then go home to ya wife half these fuckin fagots dont know shit about life

biohazard • November 25, 2002 03:26 PM

when i spit im intellectual my flows like me sick and perpetual and right now i bet you all think im disrespectin you na thats bullshit ive just been expectin you and dont get me wrong on the last shit that i wrote seriously on the real b rabbits no joke hes straight up the type thatll make you choke dont try to battle him you dont wanna get broke i dont see you makin the news so get off the stage or sit there and lose admit it you gettin nothin but boos when u read my shit dont try to avenge im not tryin to spit at you im just seekin revenge to all the fake ass niggas out there and their fake ass friends they dont understand rap the only sex they get is from men they makin rappin a stereotype when the shit is supposed to be rare but tight all these cats spittin make it a fight im not like you morons ive seen the light wait till i get high later on after that im gonna tear up this shit tonight

biohazard • November 25, 2002 03:37 PM

P.S. Since this is Eminem oriented and eminem is cool wit Pac i wanna let out a little qoute that 2 Pac said that is some real deep shit

"Only God can judge me."

And eminem proved that shit right all throughout his life, cuz people gave him a hastle, but he proved he could do anything he put his mind to. Em- if you're listening, I'm not your #1 fan or #100 for that matter, but I respect you for the shit you been through. You're a real mothafucka you know that? Peace out cub scout my name is Will a.k.a. Biohazard P.S. anyone want to do steady battles online ? e-mail me re: biohazardous battlin' peace

biohazard • November 25, 2002 03:45 PM

8 MILE FREESTYLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have all the 8 Mile freestyles! I posted them on Kazaa. They are under 8 Mile Freestyles: Cheddar Bob Freestyle, Chin Tiki Freestyle, Choke Freestyle vs Proof, Lunch Truck Freestyle, Shelter Freestyle and Sweet Home Alabama Freestyle. They are all perfett quality except for Sweet Home Alabama. If someone knows of a better or new version, please hit me up! Enjoy~

Funk_Doc • November 25, 2002 05:06 PM

DNDSNF did you not read my last rap?
dawg AGAIN you be stealin my shit you piece of crap
yo BIOHAZARD, take your biohomoness outta there
notice that you write 4 raps and no one cares
suck my fuckin cock U NV ME im gonna hurt you
your shit stinks i bet your name is gertrude
just cuz you like to deep throat dont cock
dont mean you deserve the right to talk
KENSHIN? who the fuck are you
you know im the fuckin best dont even try to argue
why are you faggots tryin to start shit
go get naked and have a homo mosh pit
listen to the JUDGE, you musta skipped him
notice how he says that i be fuckin killin.
BROWNSUGAR15, you hatin or you chillin?
stay on my side if you wanna stay livin
DNDSNF- i dono now about you dawg stop talkin
get out now or youll never again be walkin
"G" cant rap for shit
SICKWITTED will never have a hit
ZEEWALK--you see my name?
bitch you best get out the game.
I got an idea- lets hold up a fuckin middle finger
since i know ill never be a rap singer.
"my names ZEEWALK - a fuckin bitch at that
im only wonderin why my damn balls arent attached,
musta been that kid BETTERTHANZEEWALK,
cuz i know hes got the biggest cock."
for all you fuckers tryin to bust a rhyme,
stop wasting your motherfucking time,
i dont got shit with you,
besides its only shit that you spew,
so leave it to me to be the mean mc
you shits on your face and be the crazy b
who spills the real shit on lock
that no one can top
im sorry this shits as long as my cock
theres nothing i can do to make it stop
half you faggots cant even read the shit i say
so peace out motherfuckers, have a real nice day.

BetterthanZEEWALK • November 25, 2002 05:48 PM

dawg diz aint da fuckin 2nd grade do i haf to spell out every shit?

face da fact dawg u r juss 2nd rate, no one realli gif a shiet

u still thinkin u r da best?

hella naw dawg u already failed da test

u act lyk u r sum gangsta in da terror squad u aint a mob

i m done rappin a job on u , go HOME FOB

notice u r sayin im rippin off ur rhyme

but realli whoz da one das stealin off my line?

wutz da matter dawg? u feelin shame

is dat y u gota steal zeewalkz name

fo christz sake, stop ur homosexual games

learn yo math dawg, how many tym i said lame, datz a two

whoz da toughest mc on diz forum, dream on dawg, it aint u

i knoe u r pissed skared, is dat y therez a puddle under ur skirt?

pay attention dawg, tha bathroom is dat a way

dun git too close to me, i'll run u over on da highway

dood , stop askin me for more cum

whenz da last tym u went out without ur mom

u got a lota shiet to say for an amatuer

wut else kan u do beside harassin 3rd graders

u spend a lota tym jackin off, u thnk u r da #1 stunna?

even with da lites off, u r still an ugly motherfucka

yo twisited fuck face is a tourist attraction

u look lyk dicaprio da got hit by a truck version

y r u even tryin to battle?

u aint doin shiet but shake n rattle

i dono wtf u doin here, hip hop is da thin u don haf

sick of ur amatuer shiet go bak to yo cave

u r a hater, stfu but u'll still bark

its ok, juss tell yo mom to find yo body at da park

DNDSNF • November 25, 2002 06:44 PM

to "better than zeewalk"

u better take a seat
cuz ima bring the heat
u think u got skill?
u can easily be beat
i aint never rhymed before and im steppin up
to bring u down
u better turn the fuck around
and walk away
cuz youre a fucking clown
u had the longest rap on the board
but u didnt have shit to say
all i saw was "blah blah i have a big cock and im fuckin gay".

Swifty • November 25, 2002 06:48 PM

yo rookies.
i kno i can take you all on
this is not where you belong
none of you have any skillz
and i havnt seen any legit killz
just a bunch of fukin noobz
talking about how they like dudez
ill light up any challengers
ur mom, i avenged her
so step, bring on the heavyweights
ill see you in the ring, take the bait
i just pulled ur shirt over ur head
beat ya up with everything i said
now ur whole ugly face is red
all you pussies are a mother-fuqin disgrace
what the fuck, you cant battle in the first place
then you'll try to come back and get in my face
ur pathetic rhymes are such a waste
of everyones time
cuz you cant spit a good line
i will never leave ur mind
cuz i just made you go blind
you cant believe what i just rhymed
all ya'll just got owned
and u feel all alone
cuz u just got boned
by a big dick, micro-honed
ouch, how does it feel to be raped
by a true white boy with this hate.

Raze • November 25, 2002 07:23 PM

DNDSNF - youre rhymes are just gettin worse
to the point that when i laugh it fuckin hurts
cant tell ya what the fuck your sayin
when u say your a rapper we know you just playin
SWIFTY - Im not sure if I should either kick your ass
or send a bomb to your house to blow through the glass.
all i know is that your worse than a pile of shit
who will never bust a rhyme that one can call swift.
hey pal, heres an idea,
lets go steal
the name of a guy who can rap unlike me
to get people to listen to my shit and then kill me.
good news dawg, straight from the news room,
100% chance of your death soon.
RAZE is gayer than a barrel of gay guys
rippin each others ass-hairs, and jiz-in-the-eyes.
seriously man, if you wanna interupt a regiment,
at least come up with somethin half way intelligent.
go fuck each other im outtie

BetterthanZEEWALK • November 25, 2002 09:12 PM

I'm the only motherfucker in here who isn't 5'3, Chinese, eatin' a bowl of rice while he type sleaze,
can you not see, you nazis, should stick to the sightsee,
this game aint fo' you dawgs cuz you and I both know that you flow slow like a hobo makin' dough bro,
so stick to spectatin', cuz I didn't even have to click POST....y'all die of anticipation,
when you read my verse, you get shocked like an earthquake,
when I read YOUR verse I need a caffeine pill to stay awake,
and Rubin whatcha doin' removin' BETTERTHANZEES anal virginity,
man don't lie you forgot to hide from the cam we all watched, disapprovingly, you can't step to me,
and Raze ima smoke you like i smoke my chronic,
the way you step up sounds like you was hooked on phonics,
see you guys do mad shit like coke, crack, and heroine,
thats why you want beef with me, but you leave a vegetarian,
and enough with the mama jokes like "ima slit her throat then fuck the wide open ass of the dead hoe",
see thats the shit i wrote when i was in kindergarten takin' notes,
and DND is fucking right, if you wanna rhyme tight you better get your OWN name, cuz bitch you aint lookin' hype,
and you must be kiddin' in ya rhymes, do you think before you jot 'em,
B. Rabbit flashed the finger and look where that stuff got him,
see you think your at the top but really your not so just pass,
but you don't and thats why the whole world wide web is against your ass.

........('(...'...'.... '~/'....')
..........'\'...\.......... _.''

Talk the talk, and walk the walk.

"burning haters since 11/24/2002"

ZeeWalk • November 25, 2002 09:17 PM

This was taken from:

It outlines a couple ket things for everybody.

"Students choose Cranbrook because they want to acquire a superb education...additionally they develop independence and a knack for making sensible decisions. They share daily life with classmates and resident faculty, easily and naturally continuing class discussions at dinner or over pizza after study. They embrace new cultural experiences, take on new kinds of leadership roles, and make lifelong friends."

Rubin, you aren't going to gangbang anytime soon, unless its in your dormroom,
I don't care if your from Detroit my hood is tuffer,
bunch a rich white boys saying "man I'll fuck you up, I'm ruffer",
How you goin make this battle end?
Do I really have to resort to saying that your history teacher is your best friend,
you think your the shit, a bunch of cool kids, who are school whipped and have to see 8 mile on the school trip,
see now if your telling the truth theres more than enuff to burn you,
i looked at some people on the site and thought they were dudes,
but guess what, it was the same slut who gave you your first nut,
so don't speak up again, this shit is over, i win.

Holla back when they give you free time, playa

Anonymous • November 25, 2002 09:36 PM

man that shit wasn't anonymous, you wish bitch

ZeeWalk • November 25, 2002 09:37 PM

it was a joke anamumus, haha
sugo me pulcra, look it up

rubin • November 25, 2002 09:42 PM

Betterthanzeewalk never has anything to say
but talk about gay and how he likes it that way
he needs to stay away
while we triumph over the slay
of his dull game.
hes dumb hes got his thumb up his bum
intelligence ownz his ignorence hence
he'll try to rhyme in his own defense
the lil tampon cant dis for shit
change it before i slit ur clit
with razor words that favor my world
huked on foniks was sure good with chronic
cuz u put me up in smoke
no, ur the mother fucking joke
your dirty herb weed creed grass
whatever u call ill still kick ur ass
flashing da finger like its important
u all might as well stop it and forfeit
it took you a whole week
to write ur 6th grade squeak
all these words ur contimplating
bring ur shit boyz. im waiting

Raze • November 25, 2002 09:48 PM

uhh yo DNDSNF.. no affense cuz i don freestyle n all, but weve herd yur rimes before..try sum of yur own shit.

Lunachik • November 25, 2002 09:55 PM

DNDSNF-man fix your shiz up so we can read it

RUBIN-good (would've been pretty good until i just went to that site man, lol)

RAZE-i feel it, i feel it

SWIFTY-too short to judge

BIOHAZARD-man i aint reading that shit



BETTERTHANZEEWALK-some of your verses are too simple, you rhyme talk with walk then transfer from me to pee, like what the fuck? Other than that you burned DND and RAZE but you haven't touched ZEE.

ZEEWALK-man, you're good at exploiting weakness but quit it with the middle finger trademark, its kinda getting old, no offense.


But if you wanna check out some pretty ill shit go to msn communities adn find freestyle battle arena, thats where some MAD shit gets done

Ill be back...

Judge2 • November 25, 2002 10:00 PM

"BetterthanZeewalk" is still in the lead.
"DNDSNF"- You've lost all of my respect; you at the bottom of the polls along with "Sick-Witted" and "u nv me".
"Rubin" and "Raze" are close behind "BetterthenZEEWALK"
"Biohazard" and "Swifty" - take a seat guys.
"ZeeWalk" - I'm feeling your stuff man, but get rid of that dawg "DNDSNF", he's whack and hes bringin down your look. You still behind "BetterthanZEEWALK" tho.

That's all I got to say for now

Judge • November 25, 2002 10:10 PM

thanks judge

rubin • November 25, 2002 10:13 PM

I see we have another Judge in the crowd. Your judging is good but standings go:

Judge • November 25, 2002 10:14 PM

Sry guys but I got two more things to say:
1. "DNDSNF"- "Lunachik" is right, get some of your own stuff, heck just give up.
2. Do any of you guys play an online game called Counter-Strike?

Judge • November 25, 2002 10:18 PM

everyone plays CS

thanx for the judging :-)

Raze • November 25, 2002 10:19 PM

now i respect you, judge 2,
but what you gotta do, is realize some shit that may be new to you.
i admit zeewalks last shit was the illest utterance that came from his esophagus.
but check out his other rap,
is this guy a load of crap?
could be true this man aint true for the latest shit he spewed.
i dont think its possible
or in any way logical
a guy can go from jermaine
to snoop dogg in one day.
you ranked me number two
so now i realize what i gotta do
is to get my ass to show to you
that i come before number 2.
ask anyone, im number one,
for the shit that i be doin son
im like a gun
ive already done
killed the competition
put your key in my ignition
as i make 3 g's commition
so there aint no recognition
of no one else but me
youll see
how i be so peace

Anonymous • November 25, 2002 10:20 PM

yo raze, who the fuck u callin rookie
look and c, u bout ta be shook b
wat u tryin ta fuck wit tony toka
ill whoop ya ass,and have ya screamin esta loca
u cant battle me, ure rhymes gonna have ta die
ill tell everyone the truth so u wont have ta lie
im the man that cant be beat
the man u cant defeat
ure pussy ass rhymes aint shit and neva will be
just like u,u must not have shit ta do but write those stupid as rhymes, dont front like wat i say aint true.
ill have ta beat ya ass lata
cuz now i got ta go
but ill tell u anotha time somethin bout me u should know.

tonetoka • November 25, 2002 10:22 PM

shouts to the judges -- post a list every once in a while

betterthanZEEWALK • November 25, 2002 10:22 PM

forgot to sign my name...the above rap that says ANONYMOUS is mine as if ya didnt kno

betterthanZEEWALK • November 25, 2002 10:26 PM

HAHAHAHA! tonetoka
wow ur shit was GOOD!
teach me to rhyme like that teach me!

Anonymous • November 25, 2002 10:29 PM

me = RAZE my bad

(being sarcastic by the way)

Raze • November 25, 2002 10:29 PM

it seemz to me dat a guy name judge kant read

is it cuz u git tounge ties stink n reakz

who tol u u can b a fuckin judge

y don u rhyme up a verse i wont hold a grudge

i aint yo teach , y u gota b yo mama who suckz my dick lyk a leech

n to better than ZEe, da oni thing u got das same with em , is a 1928 delta kant u see?

i m sick of ppl "judgin" , when dey don do nothin but keepz whining

i m sick of u dicklings, betta den zee u need to git a coffin

tired of judge n better than zeez barkin

judge luvz suckin up better den zee its interestin

how a midget n a faggot gitz together fo thanxgifin

who said i gota spell out every shit fo u dawg?

mama boyz , pissin on yo pantz aint breakin a law

i am da faggot terminator, herez a special

aisle 4 , 4.99 u kan git a pack of diapers

betta den ZEe juss a biter, he jacked all da 8 mile freestyle with a recorder

if u kant read my shiet, git a tutor

sick of you "hip pop" headz

git ur mamas off my bed

DNDSNF • November 25, 2002 10:34 PM

yo DNDSNF - no offense, you suck, the judges aint whack your life is. do us a favor and stay off the forum dawg.

betterthanZEEWALK • November 25, 2002 10:36 PM

all you people are just biting lines off 8miles line , so fuck off disgrace to the real hip hop, you guys are nothing but "hip Pop" thats the only thing i agree with dndsnf

judge#3 • November 25, 2002 10:43 PM

i duno what it is G
maybe its cuz u cant spell "be"
you talk ghetto to try to beat me?
ur shits hard to read
your rhymes have too many weeds
get on ur fucking knees
creed till u have only what u need
get out of our face
ur not in the race
for first place
i just dont like you
ur just a dumb tool
this rap isnt about being good
its about getting you
to stop posting tempest winds
no direction while ur head spins
u dont kno who ur messin with
all your shit is a stupid myth
these judges should be postin fines
of all kinds for ur lil mind
now u've got plenty of signs
and we should break ur spine
dont try to rhyme
sorry fruity, ur never gonna shine.

Raze • November 25, 2002 10:47 PM

dood the only 1 whos bitin lines from 8 MILE is dndsnf. he knows his role not 2 cum back here, bettathenzee, raze and tonetoka are the only real rappers, you doods should collaborate to destroy shit heads like dndsnf!!

JUDGE 4 • November 25, 2002 10:48 PM

DNDSNF - your ass just got toasted AGAIN. judge 4 might be true, raze and tone - get at me with that boys

betterthanZEEWALK • November 25, 2002 10:50 PM

so what if my rhymes r whack

da nex tym i rap i'll attack

bustin out my knive gifin u a lil zig zag

whatz dat shiet on ur head, datz my clan tag

at least judge 3 agrees wid me on one thing

do wut u guyz do tha best, suck a dick lyk it aint no thang

i acutally git shiet to do beside stayin online

u guyz need to git a job n stay off da lunch line

ding ding ding, herez comes da ice cream truck

bling bling bling stop child molestin u sick fuckz

better den zee, a lil less on da cut n paste

internet is a cyber space, don b a fuckin waste

judge howeva da fuck u want it

u still wont b gitin dat biscuit

the terminology of freestyle

is to b free n haf a style

wut u faggotz got beside copyin n b stale

Anonymous • November 25, 2002 10:58 PM

dndsnf - dude, just stop, you suck

DieDNDSNF • November 25, 2002 11:01 PM

lolz i agree

Raze • November 25, 2002 11:04 PM

hahahah das me above danx fo all da hate in here, its ok to b ugly lookin guyz , das y u guyz stay online n bullshiet u got high
none of u even puffed on lye, sick of diz false pretense n lies , lookey here , oopz u got an black eye, wut u gona do beside pussy out n cry

DNDSNF • November 25, 2002 11:04 PM

yo DNDSNF, i think everyones against you here you little bitch, you think i copy and paste? go spend ur time that ur wastin tryin to pretend you have a cock and kill yourself. anyone could pick out at least 5 lines you stole from 8 mile faggot my shits for real ill fuck you up, dont come back into the forum faggot youre wasting room

betterthanZEEWALK • November 25, 2002 11:04 PM

woot, kick his ass zebass

Raze • November 25, 2002 11:08 PM

wut up with diz hatred betta den zee, or hitler is ur real name? hahahaha
its ok guyz u guyz thnk u r da shiet,
y don u guyz go freestyle in da real streetz where u kant thnk lyk u r rite now gay ass fuckz
u act lyk u don steal ur liens from emz rap omfg, dont b so fuckin gay plz

DNDSNF • November 25, 2002 11:09 PM

hey- ill admyt that im gay,

no1 lyks me but what ken i say,

my dad fyngerz my ass,

sells me grass,

and stykz his dick in my ass

and luvz it when i pass gas.

betterthanZEEWALK - sry, ure betta then me,

im only a fckin homo, with no wee-wee

my mom's makyn a noose, so ill let loose,

break my neck hardy, so yall ken throw a pardy.

bye 4 good gyz, all i have left to tell,

is that i have no sack, and ill see u in hell

betterthanZEEWALK .. i mean DNDSNF • November 25, 2002 11:16 PM

wowowow so wat if u beat me?
ask yoself 3 question
am i a fuckin pro?
are u a fuckin underground mc?
do u even haf a life ?
n i m done

dndsnf • November 25, 2002 11:17 PM

betterthanzeeway u dumbass online shit talker
why dont u go onto the fukin street and rap instead of doin this kinda gay shit here in this forum.
Its just like rappin at ur mom and too pussy to rap in real world
One suggestion for ur gay ass face, u fuk face, get a grip u dick sucker and burry urself wit ur gayass wanna be rhymes. You dumb fuk! Lil Shit! wut huh u fukin pussy?

FUCKYOU • November 25, 2002 11:22 PM

obviously cuz im smarter than ur dumb fukin ass

Raze • November 25, 2002 11:22 PM

good bye
good luck
get high
get fucked

battle tmrw :-P

Raze • November 25, 2002 11:24 PM

i see how u juss luvin stealin pplz name

wutz da matter ? u kant git enuff of fame

yea all da ppl on dis forum callz me a noob

at least i got a dick n 2ballz unlike ur pussy

danx fo all da hate on diz forum

i'll kill u all with a case of rum

i already passed u a dime dawg,git away u fuckin bum

so wut if my shiet aint ill, at least i m tryin to keep it real

wut kan u do beside rappin online?

sick of u bullshiet dun start ur rhyme

how old are u guyz? shameed aba ur ages?

u guyz kant rap fo shiet better take up sign languages

dndsnf • November 25, 2002 11:27 PM

good bye
good luck
get high
get fucked

battle tmrw :-P

shut the fuk up you homo, "battle tmrw," do i give a shit? why tomorrow cuz ur mom is bitchin at u fo stayin up so late? u fukin low life white trash!

Anonymous • November 25, 2002 11:41 PM

I am gay
I cant rhyme
Think its time for me
to shut the fuk UP!!!

betterthanZEEWALK • November 25, 2002 11:44 PM

i aint tryin to git in diz race

i dun deal with guyz who need a can of mace

raze u b rappin a storm with dat ugly face

i gif u propz, no offense dog, it is gay to wear lace

better den zee walk, i see u juss recruited another dicklin

brin it , i b eatin u lyk a plate of dumplin

i juss hollaed bak cuz i m still a youn'in

u guyz were still hot maybe 30 yearz ago

since u guyz got yo coffinz y not dig a hole

kan u even git a ho? seemz lyk u kant is dat y u haf a dildo

u guyz got a lota hate toward a guy

hez name is dndsnf, hez real he doesnt bs n lie

das rite my lines r filled wid weed

but u r da one whoz gona git down n knee

beggin me for a quarter cuz u fuckin need

dndsnf • November 26, 2002 12:14 AM

yo , whoeverz stealin ur name aint me, fo realz i m not down with dat shiet better den zee

dndsnf • November 26, 2002 12:21 AM

wow ANONYMOUS ur tough... afraid to say a name? i live in NY, making it 1:32am here DAWG.. no my mommy aint tellin me to go to bed and i DEf. aint no white trash.. i gurantee i got more class than you butt fuck. i got a composition to write, fuck off puzz... and u obviously give a shit.. who the fuck says i was tlaking to you.. stupid mother fucker. "ur a piece of fucking white trash, u say it proudly"


Raze • November 26, 2002 12:37 AM

yall know i'm the shiznitto bam sip sap snap!

rubin • November 26, 2002 12:15 PM

lol, I am glad that I started a trend with this whole judging thing.
BetterthanZEEWALK is still in first place
dndsnf is outta the race
ZeeWalk is still close behind cause he sets a slow pace
lol thats all the rhymin you'll get outta me DNDSNF; I'm not here to battle, I'm here to judge. I think you need to rethink what you do to b/c girl rappin is just not for you. the more you write then more you look like an idiot. you talk about freestylin on the street!? wtf man, if u said ur lame crap on the street then you would get shot. Just leave this forum, your takin up space; no one wants to read your stuff. go watch 8 mile a couple more times so u can get some ideas for your rhymes. your pitiful man...oh yeah wtf is a "thanxgifin", u illiterate piece of trash.


Judge • November 26, 2002 02:25 PM

Oh yeah, everyone plays c-s?!
man that game is the best!
all this talk of n00bs makes me feel like I am in a c-s forum
last week i busted a LAN in the auditorium
this is the only game to play
its where ppl like dndsnf gets pwned all day
with a k:d ratio thats 1-98
and that one kill was from an afk
i'm not too great at bustin freestyle
thats why i stick to the judgin
but i know some like dndsnf is gonna post back buggin
actin like hes better than me
just cause i cant rap to a beat
but know one thing dndsnf
i thought of all this in like a minute or less
while u take hours workin on ur battlin
prolly cause ur watchin 8 mile over and over again
this is all i got to say
i am out to play
a lil c-s today

Judge • November 26, 2002 02:41 PM

judges dont rap faggot

Anonymous • November 26, 2002 03:19 PM

for all you fuckers who think they box
should know they life will be on rocks
if they try to top me
at they top speed
it aint quick enough to fuck with mine
no matter what you do u cant beat my rhyme
notice how people who see my shit
get the adrenaline rush to spark they shit
but they shits shit, its never a hit
no matter what the fuckin words are that they spit
when it comes to win and lose
listen to the bombs i spew
cuz aint none of you
whos better, not even a few
so sit back relax and take off ya shoes
as i tell ya what i wants ta do.
this forum is gettin borin
mc's battle with they key boards and
no one real to decide the best
every fuckin rap is a motherfuckin test
so say your shit and get knocked
sittin in you chair listenin for the tock
to refresh your web page
to see if theres a new age
someone to battle back
their words that rattle whack
for you to try to diss
tell em to slit they wrist
to come up with new shit
and they ass is gon get lit
by the words that you spit
for they eyes to run wit
so for yours and my shit
this is gonna be it
come up with a new name
figure out a new game
for the fuckers to keep on playin
to sit here and just keep sayin
what mind do please
to keep them at ease
its just what we do
to always stay true
rappin is a habbit a form of release
that will thrill other and leave some deceased

BetterthanZEEWALK • November 26, 2002 04:50 PM

Wheres did ZEE go? Man his lines were tuff, all of y'all just suck, including his buddies.

If you can read this, my crew at Battle Lounge wanted you to join and I hope you post again bro

Anonymous • November 26, 2002 05:34 PM

zee just did post you fool

8mile • November 26, 2002 05:39 PM

No punk that was betterthanZEEWALK if you read close, this mans rhymes aint even worth my time, he keeps saying the same shit, any man who knows freestyle would have sided with the original zee for a while. DND is just the shittiest typer ive ever seen and I can see betterthanZEE being some skinny white kid from Australia typing on his computer after visiting the 8 mile forum because he snuck into it with his friends after being carded at a pg-13 movie and liked it. I wouldn't be surprised if all the judges were being typed in by betterthanZEEWALK or Rubin cause they got killed. I'm not sayin' that the ZEE will run shit around my crew but we wanna see if he wants to tryout at least so get his inactive ass to post again soon

Anonymous • November 26, 2002 05:53 PM

yo, what's all this fuckin battle rap for?
when all you computer nerds ain't doing shit
except for typing and checkin who respondin to your post?
fuckin destitute muthafuckas.. yo destiny awaits you..
and i'm the one whose gonna put yo face to the floor
make you kiss the ground i walk on
talkin all this nonsense about whose the best MC
when all along i've been missed from this cypher
take all you chumps and dump you in my waste basket
in case you bastards missed this, i'll repeat my shit in a different linguistic
rip off yo throat until you no more speak shit
leak this shit on the internet and i bet all you nerds be downloadin this ill shit
face me and i'll be sure to give you a face lift
disfigure your face until yo own momma thinks you a waste bitch
racist, yea i am one..
least i admit my prejudice while y'all hide behind a front..
fuck.. i'm outz

NATS • November 26, 2002 06:49 PM

its just fun,man

rubin • November 26, 2002 06:59 PM

i'm just posten my stuff again, cuz it was off the hook:

emenim says fuck cranbrook, isnt he funny, but dont be hate'in me cuz i got a little money, but i still am from detroit, u better not forget that, u wanna talk shit, me and my dogs will have to bust a cap.u make fun of my name, think that wil get u fame, u better think twise, cuz i'm bout to rool my dice, i'll kick your ass so bad, i'lll make your mama sad, u see i am from detroit, i hang wit them thugs, dont u dare accuse me of bein affraid to shed blood,
u think your all that, give me a breake, u sound like a motherfuckin garden tool, perhaps a rake?, dont mess with me, u dont know my game, so think next time u wanna screw around wit my name.hey white boy, time to listen up, u probly still live with your mama, in a ford or chevy truck, that shit is wack, i'll stab u in the heart, youll feel it strait down your back, u wish u could know, u wish u could go, but u cant hang wit me, and not your mamma that dirty ho, my rhyms are emense, but yours they make no sense, u aint gotta pretend, that u r somethin, but by now u should know, i just put u down to nothin.c'mon zee, time to bring it on, u cant mess wit me, i could smoke u with a bong.o listen up/ u think ur the man/ but sit down and shut up/ sounds like a plan/ it would be so nice just to hear some silence/ if u dont shut the fuck up theres gonna be some violence/ ill hit u once/ ill hit u twice/ i wont hit u again if im feelin nice/ u think u talk cool/ but everyone knows ur a fuckin fool/ u try to act like uve beat me/ but im not down/ ill never be/u take twenty minutes just to think up a rhyme/ but bitch its over uve ran outta time. ooo shit zee/ u got fucked up/ u got nothin to say/ if ud excuse me please get the fuck outta my way. / im just quick with the words/ and that is it/ i live in detroit/ born and raised/ everyday i rap / its a special phase/ull never understand ur a northern hick/ either that or a southern spick/ either way u got no dick/ u think ur good/ but ur really shitty/ i kicked ur ass in this battle/ and i got no pitty

rubin • November 26, 2002 07:04 PM

rubin email me a picture of your vagina


your boyfriend

Anonymous • November 26, 2002 09:13 PM

Holla back, the original judge is here.
Dude "Anonymous", who you callin a faggot you petty-ass queer?
you don't know me so stfu.
your too freakin scared to sign your own name, oh your tough.
Yo "BetterthanZEEWALK" that was some ill rap you be pouring
but I hear ya, this forum is gettin boring
cause none of y'all besides a few
can rap a beat thats worth listenin to
i know I'm about as good as "Sick-Witted" and "u nv me"
I'm not even worth the time you give me
but at least I aint as sad as "DNDSNF", that poser
and whats with this "NATS" character
dude get off this forum
I'm the main judge here and I say your a moron
the one dude was right though
judges dont rap, they got no flow
so i'm gonna end this crap
please someone teach me to rap!
thats the difference between you punks and me
I know when I've been beat

526(if that). NATS
Somewhere way behind him. DNDSNF

Oh and this isn't "BetterthanZEEWALK" or any other of you guys. The only name I use on here is "Judge".


Judge • November 26, 2002 09:25 PM

wud up wud up.whoeva wants to battle tell me n theyll get sh*t on

whowants2battle • November 26, 2002 09:56 PM

yo betterthenzeewalk i want u

whowants2battle • November 26, 2002 09:59 PM

yo yo better then zee walk,
stop tryin to be pac,
ur moms on my mc jock,
she been beggin me 4 sum free cok,
i saids no bich its tgonna cost u,
but kid did if eva cross you,
thats the best was yet to come,
so step up n dont play dumb,
so kid dont be,
shy i hope u wont be,
bak to ur mom i rode dat bitch like a pony,
ate her box like it was macaroni,
tasted more like old rotten bologna!!
ill take all ur drugs n all ur clothes,
take ur money then ur hoes,
nutin but the best flows ,
comin out this mouth,
cuz i spit it like i spit my game,
ur girl gives me pleasure wen she gives me brain,
ill take ur kicks like ill take ur chain,
its gonna hurt wen i bring u pain,
i herd u b4 but whea was u prior?
i herd u tried ta,
audition for the gay mans quior,
u fukin fruitcake liar,
tryin to make ur tight ass wider,
ur a flamer lets face it,
ur ass is on fire!

ps:judge dont buge to put me in the numba 1 place,cuz i deserve to take that place.

whowants2battle • November 26, 2002 10:24 PM

fuck anonynous
u bout ta be rushed
like u the only dutch
in a room full of weed heads that smoke way too much
but ima have ta do mine the way i godda do mine
and im takin my time as im droppin these rhymes
i look around but i dont spot no mc's
ill put u'z in ure place cuz u all wanabees
tryin ta make that paper tryin ta do ure thing
but ima suprise u wit the flows that i bring
from the n y c i ship trees
120 killa lbs, multiplied by g's
ull be gunned by sparks
from the enemies marks
from day light
till reach dark
ill stab um in they hearts
makin examples of wat they said
up in there head
spray the wall with graffiti
of the names of all my lost dawgs
never to be seen
till i see the blue sky
when i die
all i ever want is to be left alone
me myself, me my dope, me and my chrome
been payed by cops and judges
dont budge when i bust
i got the city of buffalo goin crazy for drugs
from the knives ta guns from the rich to the slum u think i ran outta dope i dont think so son
but for now ill be done
ill hit ya back lata this shits just begun

tonetoka • November 26, 2002 11:02 PM

"whowants2battle" and "tonetoka", get the hell outta here. hey DNDSNF, it looks like you got some more company in the "I suck, someone kill me" section.


Judge • November 26, 2002 11:42 PM

first off, the lyrics to the beaver rap start off with 'ward', not warn. ward is the father's name, ward cleaver. second:

wow, i see a bunch of you
got nothing better to do than
spend a day pretending you're stan
faking freestyle on the internet
don't you know the difference yet, gary?
an emcee is on a mic but you're just a secretary
nothing any of you type comes off even sorta scary
your rhymes flow slow like molasses
as you stare at your monitor behind thick glasses
be careful, i'm warning you asses:
don't rap too hard or you'll get carpal tunnel syndrome
and that means limp wrists where i come from
so sit back and read while i lead you to slaughter
caz rhymes should be instant just add water
but all i hear from you is
tappity tap tap tap a tap tap
fuck, how long does it take you all to crap?
wake me up when ya done, i'm gonna take a nap
(and yea, maybe i'm a hypocrite
but at least i know when i bullshit)

- ward cleaver

wardcleaver • November 27, 2002 02:50 AM

I was wondering if anyone knows the name of the 3 songs that eminem and free world freestyled to in the end. I know the last song is mobb deep-shook ones, I need the other 2 songs.

KJ • November 27, 2002 03:11 AM

Ward, thanks for clearing up the Leave it beaver thing, but stop rappin; ur not that good. theres no place for u on this forum.


Judge • November 27, 2002 10:15 AM

Judge u da man ! I love your judgin and ur ill rhymes yo!

ILuvJudge • November 27, 2002 11:07 AM

shut da fuk up judge lets hea u spit 1

judgeisapuss • November 27, 2002 12:00 PM

ya ok my lil ryme was betta then better then zeewalks so i dont wanna hear it i tore him n ill tear u 2 son

whowants2battle • November 27, 2002 12:22 PM

"judgeisapuss" where have you been you 8 year old homo. I spit a couple already. They aint no good but if you would actually read the forum before posting your 2 cents worth (that no one cares about) then you would have seen "I'm not here to battle, I'm here to judge" Go eat a dick and get back to your porn sites, no one wants you here.

"whowantstobattle", you didn't tear anything you idiot. You rhyme wasn't half as good as "BetterthanZEEWALKS" or "ZeeWalk" or "Raze"
Like I said before, your done there with "DNDSNF"


Judge • November 27, 2002 12:38 PM

In my last post: done = down


Judge • November 27, 2002 12:40 PM

Yo these battle things u guy's got oin on are f-in sweet man u guy's shoul record this shit it's good


J • November 27, 2002 01:12 PM

wheres the love?

rubin • November 27, 2002 05:07 PM

At first I wanted to do battle
on this forum, but most u cant handle
the rap game, more brains in a heard of cattle
better chance of hittin a homer with a ping pong paddle
for a few days I read several lines, on this forum
lookin for rhymes, but it just helped me get to snorin
everyone but the 2 "zeewalks" makes me wonder.. WHY?
do these bustas realize, that their lies
bring water to our eyes, naw, no one cries
they bring tears of laughter
these punks claimin to have game, but they aint a factor
they brain operates at the speed of a tractor
everyone knows these fakers are really hackers
before they dropped one verse, me, and the walks of zee, could drop like 6 chapters
chapters? fuck it, make it a novel
my brain just keeps flowin, no one knows how to turn off the nozel
but luckily, my brutal spree
of showin whos the real emcees
is put on hault, but it aint my fault
i gotta roll to my brothas game
someone respond back, and dont put yoself to shame

NotYetWorthy • November 27, 2002 06:53 PM

what the hell u gonna do
u gonna lose
swifty had his name before mcveigh
no 200lb chicks getting in his way
accuse him again and fade away
come back some other day
ull never be good enough to play
whose line is it anyway?
not yours
out my mouth these words pour
slidding glass doors shut in yo face
Scooch from Syracuse owns the this place
i spit better than all you queenz
i sting harder than any of you beez
none of you have a style
your all in vivid denial
ill slap u with these slippery paws
so hard it'll break ur jittery jaws
take the focus off ur zittery flaws
who cares about the littery laws
stop screaming ur chittery naws
thats a hat trick plus two
what u gonna do now, ur screwed
u cant come up with nothing new
u keep spitting up ur nasty spew
cuz u too scared of the security krew
swifty and raze
watch our rhymes
chop off ur jaw
it drop to the floor

Raze • November 27, 2002 06:55 PM

"NotYetWorthy" I like your style
"Raze" Ya know I hold you in high accord but I wasn't too satisfied with that rap man


Not even in the race. DNDSNF (u suk, kill urself)


Judge • November 27, 2002 09:08 PM

lol sry man ill think before i type next time

Raze • November 27, 2002 09:12 PM

Raze this aint meant to diss you
its just me bein real wit chu
you gotta think before you type
cmon now, aint you at least that bright
to get you lyrics from behind your eye whites
or you gotta look up a lyric web site
do you now see the light?
I'm not tryna be the center of despite
but honestly you know im right
and if you battle back be prepared for a fight
and make sure your barks not bigga than your bite
whyd i even spend time on someone this trite
truthfully u just one big psych
some of these cats expection too much
they wantin the main course 'fore they ate noon lunch
like who's this "whowants2battle"
it seems to me his brains been rattled
says "i fucked your mom" in a few creative ways
but never moves on, just says the same thing for days
except to pause and say "kid" a few times
but back to "i fucked your mom" the very next line
i cant see your faces, but look at you
your all fire up now, chill out dudes
i already know that u both need a clue
and here comes some cuts right back at me
probably tonight, you'll attack me
but what you fail to realize
is that what i criticize
is simply truth, never lies
more painful that mase filled eyes
is the fact the youll soon die
check that, its confirmed, victim dead
two bullets shot, straight to the head
one to the chest, left the floor red
my warning should be, carefully read
but you ignorant, and i know instead
you will deny, the fact that you've bled
thinkin you dreamin, safely in your bed
and then you'll bring that whack nonsense
before you battle back, you already tense
u know im comin for the kill, you dont stand a chance
but for now i'll keep you in suspense
ill let you live a little longer
dunno why, your rhymes wont get stronger
but ull fire back ur best disses
much weaker than cracked glass dishes
then ill crack ur skull with killin ass fistss

NotYetWorthy • November 27, 2002 10:03 PM

no debris can stay with me
i speed till the needle cant be seen
this is now a rap city
the mayor that is me
im postin the new ordinance
no more lyrics that dont make sense
post your same lame lines in defense
act like u worth more than fifty cents
but u misrepresent when u say u the best
although u may disagree
ill burn any of you to the 3rd degree
ill lacerate u across your knee
fuk it ill go on a killing spree
point ur middle finger right at me
nobody can seem to beat zee
but i know how to make him bleed
zee doesnt have any creativity
walk the walk talk the talk
ill be the cause of u lined in chalk
you all have to admit
everone of u just talk shit
you lack the wit
while i emit showers of pain
on your name.

to be continued...

notyetworthy.. ur pretty creative..

by not thinking, i was just typing rhymes.. not battle lines

Raze • November 27, 2002 11:06 PM

lol wtf.. an even better post
notyetworthy.. impressive
that wasnt a comeback.. ill try to devise one

Raze • November 27, 2002 11:08 PM

wut up ppl, ur rhymes are mad good....expecially not yet worthy!!! neways i wanna read more battles so lets goo.....

.ME. • November 27, 2002 11:43 PM

yo i'm diabolically sceamin
havin you screamin
wishin you was dreamin
yall a disgrace
movin at a slow pace
wont even talk shit face to face
cuz my shit only gets better
you aint even a competitor
i put holes in ya cuz i'm motivated
just accept it dont hate it
my shits solid yours is plated and played out
while im cummin in yo girls mouth
your cryin beggin me to get out
fuck you i'm the untouchable most quotable
me and tonetoka gonna blow a hole in you
now remember what i said ya you better write it down
i feel like this is a circus readin this shit from you fuckin clowns
fuck you pussies, wanna push me, yo shit is mushy
like the ground i step on, i'm tougher than teflon
fuckin faggots, you see my cock you wanna grab it,
silly rabbits
my dicks for your bitch.

diabolic • November 28, 2002 12:11 AM

judge how can you be a judge when you don't know the first thing about rhymes, you suck, your rhyme is worse than that sdkafjsa guy

passing by • November 28, 2002 02:15 AM

my shit flows genetically
if u think not just let it be
Its not a game
Don't be in it for life
my shit is hot son
Surrender ya ice
u need some advice
ure shit is whack
my shit is definetly ill
and im trained ta kill
anyone who questions my skill
my shits for real
like socratees philosophys
your bitch is on her knees
screamin please
and guess wat she sux my dick for free
unlike u payin 50 bucks a bust faggot
u c i pop this shit like when i stuck my dick and my fist up to the wrist in ure girls clit and
busted her cherry
u fucken fairys
yall think you cool
its sounds like 1st grade in here
u should be back in school
but neways
i got one more thing ta say
this shoutouts to betterthanzeewalk whos better than 90 % of the people on this forum
most of this shit is borin
just kiddie shit
that u probly thought up this mornin
so thats the end of this rap
but this wont be the last
styles of tonetoka gonna bring a hurtin on ure ass
like it has in the past

Anonymous • November 28, 2002 02:32 AM

my shit flows genetically
if u think not just let it be
Its not a game
Don't be in it for life
my shit is hot son
Surrender ya ice
u need some advice
ure shit is whack
my shit is definetly ill
and im trained ta kill
anyone who questions my skill
my shits for real
like socratees philosophys
your bitch is on her knees
screamin please
and guess wat she sux my dick for free
unlike u payin 50 bucks a bust faggot
u c i pop this shit like when i stuck my dick and my fist up to the wrist in ure girls clit and
busted her cherry
u fucken fairys
yall think you cool
its sounds like 1st grade in here
u should be back in school
but neways
i got one more thing ta say
this shoutouts to betterthanzeewalk whos better than 90 % of the people on this forum
most of this shit is borin
just kiddie shit
that u probly thought up this mornin
so thats the end of this rap
but this wont be the last
styles of tonetoka gonna bring a hurtin on ure ass
like it has in the past

tonetoka • November 28, 2002 02:34 AM

its way hilarious to look bak at this situation

judge lookin hideous , are you even in this competition

tell you what tho, if u r askin for pity i would b the first one to sign your petition

judge be thinkin hez runnin da show lyk future

my freestlye got u hurting, and nasty rupture

motherfuckers b thinin im outa diz race

props to judge, danx fo takin the last place

go back to judging , do u even kno u r losing your face?

when u started rapping
i'll b the first one that start laughing

if u think i m tripping, ask yourself did you get any clapping?

are u expectin me to put up with your gay lord comments?

boy, u b booing yourself off das a hip hop statement.

your gay rhymes should b label as illegal

go bak to your cs , i b findin u and pop u with deagle

look, herez a finger, i m stealin zeewalkz logo

........('(...'...'.... '~/'....')
..........'\'...\.......... _.''

n i am declaring judge as my bitch n a slut whore

stop ur flows, its worse than The Ring its a horror

u got a problem with my illict rhyme visions?

u dono jack aba freestyle n rap u need a lesson

n don come bak till u cured ur hiv legions

da reason why i stopped talking in codes

is cuz i receive too many requests from u fat loads

DNDSNF • November 28, 2002 03:09 AM

If anyone could get me the Freestyle or whatever it's called of Eminem's re-do to Sweet Home Alabama (Jimmy lives in a Trailor) e-mail me as to where I can find the lyrics, or how to download it from Kazaa- that'd be great. Thanks for any help you can give me. Oh yea- 8 Mile's a good flick, you should check it out- you get to see his ass and his abs:)

Becky • November 28, 2002 09:19 AM

i love u rubin!!!!!!, u are a genious, i wish i could meet you because you are so smart, i dont know why people dont rank u first!!!!!

rubin is the bomb • November 28, 2002 11:01 AM

dsdnf-you pussy your rhymes are whack
i'll hit you from the back with a bat that'll make your head crack and your brain splat
you think you a murderer i never hearda ya
but i'll put a hurtin on ya
thats my word
yo rhymes are absurd
i'm bringin it to ya like afghanistan
i'll kill a man in the sand
you dont wanna know my plans
cuz i'm ill and i'm gonna kill
make your brains spill this game is real
you playin with death
i got grimey niggas that'll lay where you rest and lay you to rest
cuz i'm crazy, cajun, blazin bullets for days and days 'n, amazin, i'm the glasin, asian-purple-hazin, lord with all this hell that i'm razin
and thats the life that i lead
niggaz walk around town like they cant bleed
now what bitches?

diabolic • November 28, 2002 12:01 PM

This movie was kick ass man.
when he raps against xzibit that the funnyes shit ever

cody smith • November 28, 2002 12:07 PM

Where do I start...
"NotYetWorthy" That was some killer stuff man and guess what, that puts you in first place.
"Raze" good job on the next rhyme man; you made up for the one before.
It looks like BetterthanZEEWALK and ZeeWalk have better stuff to do with their time so they are losin their spots
haha what about this "passing by" faggot; I do know the first thing about rhyming. I just don't
freestyle; Btw wheres your battle? yeah gj nub
Now on to DNDSNF, I'm not gonna lie, I liked that freestyle, I still hate you and that wasnt enough to get you outta last place but I'll give ya a good job you pussy qwea. I'll play ya anytime in c-s; I'll pwn ya. OH yeah, when I start rappin, you'll be the first one laughin eh?! Well faggot, you wont cause I will be the first one laughin cause i laugh while I write that b-s
just give up dick-eater
"diabolic" I like how you are smart and bag on dndsnf but your rhymes arent good enough to be up in the polls with "NotYetWorthy" "BetterthanZEEWALK" "ZeeWalk" or "Raze" but dawg you take 5th place.
"Rubin" get in the game and write some stuff



Judge • November 28, 2002 02:31 PM

One more thing to say:
"Tonetoka" You are making yourself look worse and worse with everything you say. Its a wonder how you haven't killed yourself yet.


Judge • November 28, 2002 02:34 PM

this is called, "zimbo, i hate u":

zimbo god dam it i hate u so much/u steel all my shit thinkin i wont hold a grudge/the truth is i hate u,u stupid ass fuck/its time to shut your mouth/u just ran out of luck/i'll rip your big ass dumbo ears/ off your filthy head/stab you in the heart/but dont worry, u wont be dead/i ain finnished yet bitch/u deserve worse than that/ i'll bash your fuckin face in/with a wood, or metal bat/y cant u get original/try thinking for once/u stupid ass poser/u ugly rotten cunt/dont tell me u made it up/i can see right through u/the only difference between u and van. ice/u aint got no one to sue u/so instead i'll cut u/make u feel pain/maby by then youl know/not to steel my shit again.

i had some anger built up. but believe me this punk should die.

rubin • November 28, 2002 06:19 PM

u wanted new stuff from me, judge that shit

rubin • November 28, 2002 06:21 PM

hey wuts up guys, all of ur rhymes r mad good! i like dat 1 tonetoka....n notyetworthy! neways keep up da rhymes i like readin it!

.LovEya. • November 28, 2002 06:44 PM

And "Rubin" takes 5th place away from "diabolic"


Judge • November 28, 2002 07:06 PM

I got a new idea guys. battle the guy that is right above you in polls and try to take his spot. Lay off the faggots like DNDSNF who aren't worth your time, unless they say sumtin against you, then by all means own them with real rhymes.


Judge • November 28, 2002 07:08 PM

ayo Worthy's back, and i got a new victim
oh shit jaw smacked, hopin that it aint him
he know he whack, hes guilty of the sin
the one who titled the track, lame attempt to win
dam he just realized it, now he tryna deny it
now its time i let yall in, his name rubin
ya know im not jokin, is the dude cuban?
he cant be american, he speaks a different language
hes sprayin words, but fuck its like he stanglin
he barely makes sense, and half his lines
are whack attempts to rhyme, nuthin but a disgrace
hes tryin so hard to be in the race, for #1 but but ill put him in his place
cmon now son, you must not be serious
cat got your tongue? you soundin delerious
hopefully for you sake, you high on some shit
heres some notes to take, its garbage that you spit
its obvious you fake, now its time for you to get
the fuck out my face, you went and let me out my cage
forcin me to release my rage, u been booted off stage,
mission accomplished, hopefully u had no accomplice
itll be tragic, if i gotta use the magic-
al gift givin to me, yall best be listenin to me
im over here grinnin see, while ur head spinnin uncontrollably
desperately tryna figure out, what makes me pull the trigger now
and murder a man so brutally, like mortal combat fatality
but yo head my warnin, like bees im swarmin
just waitin for you to set me off, like sex it gets me off
to see your face of pain, when i expose the grain
of talent u though was great, but i set the record straight
you just a whack emcee, leave the rap game to me
the rest of you, sleep with one eye open
or else ur family will try holdin
your dead-weight corpse, after i beat it like a dead horse
i will rapidly, emphatically, systemically
imrpove the rap game radically
u can try to tackle me
but youll unsuccesfully
bring me down, its my time to sing now
fuckin clowns, my lyrics drown
out your shit, venomous spit
pussy lick, thats ur trip
i just get my dick sucked
steppin to me? good luck
yall witness victim number 2
best hope the symptons escape you
or else youll unfortunately be the third
but step up, dont be scurred

NotYetWorthy • November 28, 2002 07:09 PM

whats up worthy/i just read your rap/ and its givin yo mama scurvy, it is so bad/i hope that u realize u typeing out your ass/callin me cuban/sounds like someone's had a little too much grass/your just maken up stuff now/u should hear how u sound/"your cuban mr.rubin"/ooooo, ouch, BURN/u hurt me so bad!/yea right, u smelly turd/u probly use a dictionary to find your words/and seccond: is your name zimbo/ i think not/so why u taken offense/r u affraid to loose your spot?/ eitherway it dont matter/cuz i could rap all day/while u stumble around/ maken up shit to fill the blaanks/now lets see/what else did u try slam on me/that i'm runnin in a race/and enden up in last place/it aint the race that counts/its the words of the typer/yours sound like a winey baby that needs a changed dyper/well i'm the man/my raps r the shiznitto bam/so just give up fool/i'm settin down the rule/enough worthless rhymes/from your worthless mind/shit, i'm done with u/its just to easy/just look at your name/u cant beat me

rubin • November 28, 2002 08:21 PM

ay yo ill shoot u dead in the head
make u fall onto the pavement
come back for u lata
and take u down ta my basement
rip u open and take out all of ure insides
put u back tagether and make u a monster like frankenstein
but still there would be no way u could kill me
cuz im the incredible, unforgettiful mc
gold chains around my neck like mr t
greatest of all time like 2pac or B.I.G
almost like big pun
i came up makin it happen
from rappin on the corner of blocks tryn ta go platinum
My serious synopsis will drop kick,
my topicsrun the gauntlets
and galvanize the audience
What you expect, that shit's hollerin
Cuz i developin the followin
makin hits from early mornin
to the brake of dawn and
in the afternoon try ta make all the money i can
ta buy a pad of paper and a pen
then the next day do the same shit over again

great1 • November 28, 2002 09:07 PM

yo u cant rap u need to shut ur mouth cuz ur rhymes r mad whack. u dont even no how 2 mack, u dont got a sack y u stare ders nuttin der u dont even play fair da only way u could get a kiss iz by truth or dare.i rap betta den u n im a grl all ya raps make me hurl u need to stop bein sum1 ur not cuz its not hot, if u think im whack den u must b smokin crack, u aint off da heezy for sheezy u must b rolled up in 1 tweezy, wut really comes to ma mind iz wer u find ur gay rhymes i read dem all da time, wer u get dem off ebay or u copy dem off wut he say, alwys lyin about how u get 3 way so stop frontin u no der gay dats all i gottn say

.LoveYa. • November 28, 2002 09:31 PM

yo fuck NotYetWorthy, fuck tonetoka they gay
them pussies aint got shit to say
u only need to listen to me
cauz im da real mothafuckin M.C.
u bitches in here cant flow
ill hit all yall wit a low blow
ur shit is wack
u bess step back
befo u get jacked
yall sound like u on drugz
ur so poor ur house aint got rugz
i spit some phsyco shit
im so raw my best boy had to split
my girl got some big titz
she sucks my dick wit her nice lips
im white and i got a killa mic
i rap like Em and vanilla ice
aint none of yall dudes got nutin on me
yall like the lil boyz
lil wayne, lil zane, lil rome
ya bitches dicks so small u cant get dome
well yall im out
get ur poor azz to a water spout
so u aint dehidrate readin my rhyme
ur gurlz at my house just on time
peace yall

Z-Nasty • November 28, 2002 09:41 PM

yo .loveya. who was that supposed ta b 2

great 1 • November 28, 2002 09:46 PM

dis is some good shit, this aint mine, i just thought ya'll might wanna c this....

Why everybody wanna be tough, you wanna be a gansta?/
Now 50 cent is fabricating words... what the fuck is a wanksta?/
i'm peepin other rhymes on this site, but they all the same/
wannabe thugs flashin wannabe chains sportin wannabe slang/
with their wannabe gangs, wannabe cars and fame/
let me ask you somethang... do you wannabe lame?/
i mean... it's like you are programmed by what you see on TV./
when will reality set in? (Earth to a wannabe MC)/
but it's ok, at least you invest your feelings into music./
but it's still ignorant, and 50 cent is just plain stupid!!!/
whateva it's late, my eyelids are getting heavy/
till next time i rhyme, signed malicious M to the cizzy.

fo shizzle • November 28, 2002 10:25 PM

~Everyone b'sides notyetworthy

any of you foolz heard of freestyle
none of yous make it worthwhile
i dont feel no shame
when i cut ur jugular vein
watch ur blood spray its way to my fame
when u crash and ur lines burst to flame
u set off the alarm
you try to speak with harm
favor us n cut off ur arm
but i have a lucky charm
and it aint no sacred key
cuz it cant unlock u from the wrath of me
ur locked up in the county pound
you are the fox and i am the hound
u fuckin guys use the same lines ya see
go back and read about the birds and bees
where's ur god damn vocabulary
these fuckers keep rapping about gynecology
notyetworthy ur so blameworthy
for all the controversy
they get smiley and think they badass
well this is now a class
and ur raps have no atomic mass
u will be forever harassed
i feel ya concern
cuz now u got an iceburn
of which u cannot return
so u will swing the gallows
as i watch from the shadows
ur a worthless piece of trash
in a flash u turned to ash
back to play with ur rattle
cuz u were no good to battle.

Raze • November 28, 2002 10:31 PM

that was pretty raw raze

great1 • November 28, 2002 10:39 PM

10 bucks says the raze, up above me is really 'notyetworthy'

rubin • November 28, 2002 10:44 PM

u lost 10 bucks pal.. that was me

Raze • November 28, 2002 10:46 PM

ur rhymes r so phony, ppl r like a cloneme jealous bitch cuz im da 1 n only ur rhymes r delirious ur voice is like dat grl mysterious wen u see my ill rhymes u get furious u wait till saturday like ludacris den u make ur rhyme takes such a long time make raps for dimes rhymin bout how u comitted a crime thinkin how u fine but ur not u lookin like shit suddenly ur gonna throw a fit save it bitch u jump on ur ladys dik dont test me wit ma gangsta spit im da best different from all da rest ill stab u in da chest make u bleed red ill take a picture n put it on ma wall cuz i made ya fall yo ders ur ball haha made ya look get off ma hook cuz u a ho mad cuz u cant get layed all u can get is played but neva payed u culd battle back but it dont metta rememba dat, im da 1 only

1nONLY • November 28, 2002 10:48 PM

u rhymed. but ur shit sux. its just random lines

Raze • November 28, 2002 10:52 PM

courts in session/where the fuck is the judge?

rubin • November 28, 2002 11:07 PM

You takin' a RIDE, in da ambulance
You catch mad damages, cock the hammer shit
Leave you Los like Angeles
you fearin' from the fearious, delerious, dead serious,
high styrior
Feelin' ya, interior,
wait nervousness for ya services
im cuttin off ure circulation
and deadin ure purposes
Assassinate ya charachter, slaughter ya
Twenty more holes in ya orica
bring order to ya
fuck all of ya
im come bringin true style i put ya ta shame
they call me great 1 how u think i got my name
this is not a game
u dont know who u dealin wit
u coward ass raps dont compare to my hit shit

great1 • November 28, 2002 11:10 PM

i mite luv ya i mite hate ya u neva no i mite evn play ya. im a down as chic like ashanti wit ja rule if u dont think dat u must b a fool cuz u no wen u see me ur gonna drool, wen u see me u b sweatin thinkin u in heaven remeba im all about da benjamins, baby ill make ur mind go crazy ill make ur rhymes become even more lazy its a faze see!!!

.LoveYa. • November 28, 2002 11:18 PM

what is this shit.. more and more noobs keep trying to post.. yah where are u judge?
we might have to settle with a district attorney

Raze • November 28, 2002 11:21 PM

hahaha dats cute

.LoveYa. • November 28, 2002 11:23 PM

wat raze are u worried bout bein in last place

great1 • November 28, 2002 11:24 PM

yes im so worried about rankings?

ur not even placing

no, cuz rubin was sayin that notyetworthy posted as me... i got respect for notyetworthy

Raze • November 28, 2002 11:26 PM

yea wer iz da judge dat b kool if i beat all yaz

.LoveYa. • November 28, 2002 11:28 PM

yo raze im not placing beacause i just wrote my 1st one at like 9 and the judge hasnt been in yet

great1 • November 28, 2002 11:32 PM

yo great1.
without wasting my time battling, you suck

Raze • November 28, 2002 11:34 PM

doubt that

great1 • November 28, 2002 11:36 PM

i think great1 iz bout i b da judge tonite hehe

.LoveYa. • November 28, 2002 11:36 PM

well JUDGE
you think Great1 has skillz like he says?

is he even better than dndsnf or whatever his name was? i dont think so.

Raze • November 28, 2002 11:37 PM

arite imma b da judge 2dai....ok
1st place:notyetworthy
2nd place:DNDSNF
3rd:raze n great1
4th:anonymous n 1nonly

dats wut i think....dats my ratin!!!!! lol i didnt put my slef on but if i did oviously id b numba 1 hahah yea rite

.LoveYa. • November 28, 2002 11:51 PM

yo check it
i spit this shit hard core
ill beat ur ass
then u'll feel sore
raze ur shit is raw i cant compare
give me some tips pleez share
ur shit is gay
i dont know what u got to say
were freestylin dog not writin a book
we aint got to use big words like a rook
rook-ie u sound like a pussy
fuckin bitch u sound like a faggot
get out of here wit ur maggots
i spit lines like a killa
u sound like fuckin drugy on dem pillas
pillas pleez dog u cant afford em
tylonal gots a little board dum
dum dumm ass
ill somke u like
i smoked ur girls little ass
yo ima continue
even know u got nutin left in u
fuckin piece of trash
my fist ill give u a gash
ill steal ur hash
ill take u by ur head and theres a brick wall *smash*
u aint no mutha fuckin M.C.
u only a pussy
wait u got a pussy
close ur legs i can smell ur breath
ur gonna stink me to death
o no look out here comes rave
everybody hide in ur cave
u aint got nutin on me so go back to ur books
y'all i got this mutha fucka shook
hes gonna change is name
cauze he is so fuckin lame
im out yall peace
u can catch me on 49th street

Z-Nasty • November 28, 2002 11:53 PM

tell me bout all a yaz....age/boy or girl/location/skool if ya want???? im 14/girl/newyork

.LoveYa. • November 28, 2002 11:53 PM

sup love ya 14/m/ny

great 1 • November 28, 2002 11:58 PM

ooo really great1....wha skool u go 2...i mean if ya wanna tell me

.LoveYa. • November 29, 2002 12:02 AM


great 1 • November 29, 2002 12:05 AM

o kool....wer iz dat???? i go 2 cardozo

.LoveYa. • November 29, 2002 12:07 AM

im a central new yorker.. by syraucse

Raze • November 29, 2002 12:11 AM

dats kool...arite well imma go...bye ppl....good nite n happy thanxgivin btw!!! mwahs xoxo

.LoveYa. • November 29, 2002 12:14 AM

Rave how u comin
im the Mav boys I'm runnin n gunnin
so u want it 2
iight i got enough room n my shoe
so now we at it what u gonna do
rave u got some fags n ya crew
claiming they hard
they ass as hell like retards
nigga this aint a game this aint Pokemon cards
nigga im damn near close to "da truth"
thats my man and I brought "evidence" and Proof
and nigga don't back down now
u 2 close of trying 2 dethrone our crown
sike just playing so put back on the frown
nigga us a bitch a broadway crown
raze u a lil nigga
my flow all up in ur figure
my style so serious
got u delerious
cuz i'm the crsader
take your life like i was the terminator
cuz i'm all up in yo chest
you think you safe with that bullet proof vest
my rhymes bring ur life stress
give you no time to rest
and u said u wanna battle the best
when can't even pass my test

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 12:14 AM

can someone get rave a dictionary,
i think i'm to complex for his ass to comperhence
lets rhyme like pre-school, sad bad glad fad!
u's a fag o! lemmie guess!
am i supposed to say i'll put u in a body bag?
i think its evident u got a 6th grade inteligece
u only repersent ur crew when there behind u
i'm large like monumental
u were a mistake, accidental,
i'm parental ur just experimental
ur mental if u think u can last with me
ur just temperamental
this is all fundamentally easy
when reviewing ur sick shit it made me queasy
kill u throw u in the river, Zombi
u can't see me
don't try to rock a white wife beater under the white tee and be me

i'm holding any rapper hostage
i can sabotage any rhyme
u can't comouflage my shine,
u's sendin out espionages
can u please hop off mine,
my shit so hot it gives mirages
i should be the boss, when i spit i stay burnin my tounge like hot sauces
u better make the sign of the cross
and hope u don't get caught in the cross(fire).
its like memory loss when i stangle ur ass with minty dental floss.
hey swifty, mess with 16 bars, u can catch a buck 50.
this is brick city
u can't compete with the heat from concrete streets
this is a transcript yall stay nondescripted
still tight lipped i'm equipped with guns to pistol whip swifty
u've just felt the consequence of independence

i'm workin my way up from the bottem
soon, my auidence is gonna scream "got em!"

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 12:17 AM

Rave u cant touch me ur rhymes suck
dont try and battle me

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 12:25 AM

Rave is shook, Rave is a lil bitch

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 12:27 AM

i go online, and check my hotmail
he go on the internet lookin for hot males
you aint a hustler

mike • November 29, 2002 12:32 AM

the talented skillz of a killa at will
warrior mindstate on pillz and rhymez on the side for thrillz
slice you so fast you stay still
i don't battle i execute
mothafucka bring your troopz when i shoot
i don't rob for lute
i thieve for food
only got greed to lose
where my next M.C. bruise
i guzzle moonshine
u can't hang on booze
i'm a bomb that ran up time so call your truce
i got's a mac while you strapp a duce
i'm a lost cause who can't avoid a parked car
so don't be scared to drive be scared to park
i was taught to drop jawz of M.C.s who need to be stopped
i'm my own type
freestlye better then u write
this is not a rap
it's a promise to attack
battlin me is puttin your self in a trap
Raze i'll use you as a rag
to whipe crap
from my ass crack
choose to either get shot or stabbed
i'm not nothin to laugh at
lock you in a room with tear gas
till your mind goes black form the long last without air to your long sacz
battle in sea i'll tear down your shipz mast
bring it in air i'll shoot down your aircraft
go to war on land all forms of solidz will collapse
and dust will leave you underground for years if that
plan to retaliate back
destroy the world mothafucka i'm off the map

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 12:34 AM

nasty z
u cant conceal ur envy
of style developed by me
so u run like a banshee
looking back for my 9 mili
then ur body wrapped around a tree
i stick a bow on yo ass
and a free pass to rapping class
how about u say delerious again
im serious it hasnt yet been said
its on every post here
thats just a property of a queer
say im gay
so i got nuttin to say?
u win cheech
the bullet's in the breech
whoopz, a hollow point
just blew out ur neck joint
thats good enough
to make it on snuff
scruff mcgruff will bust u up
drink form the death cup
skillz killz
chillz spillz
from now on
when u make me yawn
battle and bring a spare
cuz unlike u my shits rare.

Raze • November 29, 2002 12:35 AM

im so glorious/ not as good as notouris, rapping is my game, from dat i get all da fame, 1nONLY is my name, u still ahamed? please of course u r, probably get high like escobar,u go 1 puff/ dats as far, probably u work at a gay bar, u want to battle? nah if i curse ull probably tattle, cuz u a rattle, a snake, who tells on every1 and still stays awake, u try to do da shake, but u get ur self faked

1nONLY • November 29, 2002 12:44 AM

yo raze
Stop actin like a bitch already, be a visionary
And maybe you can see your name in the column of obituary
Consider me the entity within the industry without a history
of spittin the epitome, of stupidity
Son I'm way past the minimum, it's a verb millenium
My rap's the holy gas in your bag, like Palestinians
Ancient now descend the year, try to whole the Gideon
Official gangsta gentlemen won't turn off at the interim
Revive or ruin, my theories of mics
Sony or Aiwa,
black or white,
I fit in all stereotypes
Search for a cast to plot,
I make you a laughin' stock
So shook, I could walk a half a block and feel the aftershocks
Rain of acid drops, seek some help
Now don't rewind, get it the first time,
Shouldn't have to repeat myself

great 1 • November 29, 2002 12:47 AM

my names z nasty
all i say is MC
i rap about killin
i dont kno what else to be spillin
my boy friend is jerkin
my lines are a hurtin
while raze is smirkin
i cant compete
my shits so beat
what the fuck am i gonna do
im am so fucking screwed
my face is turning blue
no oxygen, its only n2
and raze said, FUCK YOU.

Raze • November 29, 2002 12:47 AM

Rave u bitch
u jus jelous
u cant affored mustard or relish
i am original fo real
u jus gonna choke on a banana peal
what that shit u said
those gay remarks
like ur gonna stick a bow up my ass
i aint Bubba Sparks
ill forget u
i spit i chew and ill kill u
my raps beta den any shit dat u said
forget u dog im tired im going to bed

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 12:48 AM

raze is a bitch

great1 • November 29, 2002 12:55 AM

the only reason i aint ranked at number one, is cuz the squeekey wheel gets the greese, so read my shit

rubin • November 29, 2002 12:59 AM

guess wha im diggin ur grave
is that the best u got
u corny
ur girl came to me cause she is horny
u aint got hot rhymes
like me and minez
so back up
ur moms tits so big they a DD cup
ur so gay
like ur messed up braids
so whada u say FUCK YOU!
have a nice day

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 01:00 AM


Great 1
hes the predictable son
of a skank nun
his shit is done
thinking of lines takes too much time
so u sit ur ass down and go online
dont stress your mind
ill find hot shit to combine
you'll want to call it a crime
read me my rights
ill flick off your lights
taking fights to new heights
im one of ur bitches?
u need the few hundred stitches
but it aint worth the twitches
tragically your deceased
you were severely greased
i just got pay increase
oh great 1
the almighty jealous one
you still a noob, its okay sapling
while im passed guru, still snapping
call me master
cuz i am the lyric blaster

Raze • November 29, 2002 01:07 AM

rave sad cause every1 rippin on his gay azz

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 01:07 AM

i guess first off, i'd like to say sorry to all these fagots;
they think their all winners, but there's one trophy and they can't have it.
cuz only i got the kinda rhymes that'll leave you packin;
you guys got the kinda rhymes that say you're laggin.
you better think quick and get high speed internet;
cuz a better bet is that you'll never get the winner's set.
of lyrics to pop into your head and out your mouth;
in fact, if you had dope shit, you probably dropped it off down south;
cuz i ain't liking none the shit you're poppin out now.
i'm not sorry for any of the shit i said now or down the road;
so i better tell you now quickly before we get old.
that the shit you say only makes you sound like you're in de-nial;
8 mile?
shit, the shit you say sounds better off on Green Mile!
to get toasted like all your rhymes just did;
don't just sit there, cuz i'm just a kid.
i'm a seventeen-year-old that should be gettin to bed;
but instead, i got your mother over to give me some head.
oops, i meant a boost and a bed time story;
nah, fuck it, i meant sex, cuz stories are boring.
and so are all the fake ass stories you're tellin;
fuck music, cuz mine's all that you'll be sellin.
as soon as i get big and you find me on Kazaa;
and download my shit with lots of...
pride, cuz you saw my rear end;
but now it's the end, adios, goodbye friends.

Drastic G • November 29, 2002 01:07 AM

im too tired, someone own drastic G real quick..

Raze • November 29, 2002 01:10 AM

goodnight everyone, hope you had a good thankgiving feast and got wasted off your asses.

Drastic G • November 29, 2002 01:27 AM

The most important time in history is, NOW, the present
So count your blessings cause time can't define the essence
Now y'all bloomin like a flower with the power of the evident
Voices and drums original instruments
So much on my mind that it can't recline
Blastin holes in the night til she bled sunshine
Breathe in, inhale vapors from bright stars that shine
Breathe out, weed smoke retrace the skyline
Heard the bass ride out like an ancient mating call
I can't take it y'all, I can feel the city breathin
Chest heavin, against the flesh of the evening
Sigh before we die like the last train leaving
o raze i just read ure reply
i seriously dont know wether ta laugh cry or sigh
it wasnt even worthy of the site
it was fucken horrible it was sum real bad shyte it bites,
i dunno about all this battle shit
but i know how ta spit sum raw ass rhymes like this
im more of a guy who writes metaphoric rhymes and
talks about the times of historical lines of r time that shynes

great1 • November 29, 2002 01:31 AM

theres this guy whos got a lota hatred toward me let his name b judge

even after admittin my flow is tite, he still holds a grudge

my ill flow stingz lyk thousand of needles

judgez still thnkin ways to bring me down to the puddle

try again dawg, b/c i m back in this freestyle huddle

judge , was that shiet u wrote a rhyme or a riddle?

leaving up comments on this forum doesnt make u an idol

i m not gona hate on everyone thats joining this hip hop trend

so dont disappoint me by being judgez bitch or his friend

but o well don't let this shiet between me and judge become a dilemma

the question is, whens the last time judge went out without his mama

sick of judge trying to measure everyone on his hip hop gauge

i already declared judge as my hoe, bitch go back to your cage

flow with creativity and complexity, that's the key

20 years later, judge would still b snooping around writing critiques

lungs popping, face jerking, lookey, judgez pissed beacuase he got mad dissed

rookie, why are you putting up with comments from a newbie

i m elevating back up with extremity

stop judging , git rhyming, judge dont be a pussy

my bad, judge is actually smart, he had enough with being the laughing stock

looking like a retard, cant rhyme for shit, u need to put your mouth on lock

it seems like he enjoys being a dumb fuck

heres a tip judge, rhyming aint about luck

DNDSNF • November 29, 2002 01:32 AM

just to let everybody know now, my shit ain't pasted;
the only reason you would say some shit like that is cuz you just got wasted.
and "what's your face," if your lizard is 20 inches long;
then consider me Godzilla, PLUS King Kong.
this Glorious Noise site just went broke;
cuz it's got wack rappers like that "Great1" bro.
and "DNDSNF;"
what's that stand for... "Don't No Da Stinkin Nalfa Fet!"
ya, that's right, i just dissed ya;
and if ya didn't get it, i guess it just missed ya, and hit your sista.
i'm an asshole, i know;
please don't remind me, cuz i stuck it in ya mom bro.
and so did Z-Nasty and Raze;
right after i did, ain't that great?
i bet it was cuz we just got laid;
the bitch got paid and still had the nerve to say she got raped.
fuck that slut like i say fuck "Mike;"
while he was checkin his hotmail, i stole his bike.
this man "BetterThanZeeWalk" just walked;
cuz he didn't have enough balls to back his cheap talk.
the man couldn't even get his own name, let alone his lyrics;
if he even tried, even a gay motherfucker wouldn't hear it.
ain't that right "Nalfa Fet," you wouldn't read that shit would ya;
shit, even if you would, you're so illiterate, could ya?
you probably got your mama there readin my lyrics, do ya?
boo ya, "right" not "back" but "to ya"!
while you homosexual "Rubins" and "Great1s" are alone at your house;
with nothin but your right hand as your spouse.
you dumb fucks are probably gonna jack off after you dis me back;
and then dis me back again and jack off right after that.
i'm gonna leave you with this last line for your gay asses;
before you battle rap me back, you better take some classes!!!

Drastic G • November 29, 2002 02:31 AM

heres a message to drastic G, who sounds more like a wanabe mc

messing with D n D, S N F for your life it stands for suckie fuckie

telling us to consider u as GOdzila, your titty sagging dood lay off on that godiva

face looking more like the legendary King Kong

u rap worse than those fob guys from hong kong

seems like you got a lota shiet to say to everyone on this forum

reminds me of how you love having intercourse with every urban street bums

still stealing bike, knoe you are scared with that fike

wuts the matter dawg? everyonez laughing cuz your dick wont spike

do you even know how to drive, dumb fuck jogged through the turnpike

individualism in the ryhme, is wut u lack

you are still doing time, for all the rhymes you jacked

hoesntly, stop that wana be thug shiet

havent sign up for that rap lesson yet?

looking at your crap rap gives me a gibe

what i'm giting from you is a homosexual vibe

take it slowly, calm ur shiet n b less drastic

coming onto my case you just gona git ur ass kiked

listen up dawg, you dont lead in this freestyle drama

its your death row, i burned ya n leave you in trauma

still beliving in god allah? git your terrorist shiet outa america

everytym you rap, u r juss walking down the slope

my rhyme is like a rope, strangling you till u have no hope

still telling your mom to hand you the soap
is that why you n ur mom eloped

tryin to match the flow in my vein, and the dope in my brain

killing you softly with my slang

its time to send u back to asylum, cuz my dope shit knocked u insane

DNDSNF • November 29, 2002 03:39 AM

im racing my way up motherfuckaz better recognize

its still not too late for y'all to realize

rippin off my fanatic styles , go on and fantasize

tryin to flow, heres the way i'll illustrate

don gimme dat newbie shiet since i wont tollerate

my ill rhyme killed u, better again measure ur heart rate

gettin beat down is not mine but your unfortunate fate

i m the shark with killa fin eat u lyk hooked bait

want more of my flow u better take ur tym n wait

show sum more of that luv shiet n i wont hate

my sadistic flow , beating you with a blow b4 its too late

don talk back or i'll chase you down all fifty state

when i started my rap, ur headz are on the plate

do wut u gota do because tomorrow is your death date

Anonymous • November 29, 2002 05:16 AM

that shiet above is mine forgot to put my name

dndsnf • November 29, 2002 05:27 AM

First off, learn how to spell, and then let’s have a look see;
“suckie fuckie?”
does that mean you’re gonna suck me little pussy!
And “fike,” what the fuck does that mean;
I guess I’m not trailer trash enough for “fike att-ack-ing.”
Maybe If I was on welfare I would understand the damn word;
Until then, unlike YOU, I’m livin it up in the suburbs.
What was that, be less drastic and get my ass licked;
You damn bastard, you can’t hack shit.
And the only shit in your veins, is that needle from your damn crack;
So stand back, ‘fore I put you through a wall when I hit you with this crank shaft.
i've been rappin since the sixth grade, now i'm a senoir;
i'm not black, or white, ya, i'm a beaner.
and no matter how ignorant you think this spic is;
i'm still man enough, to stand tough with these big kids.
Your just dissin on me cuz I’m a crazy hot creature;
You’re pissed off cuz I just smoke some pot with your preacher.
He’s teaching you about God and your religion;
But he can’t think, cuz ganja fogged up his vision.
Now you’re stickin money in a tray; buying us an eighth;
He’s lying, he’s a fake, but damn he’s so great.
With the money, we just didn’t buy weed, we bought your mom dude;
Sorry for that last remark, it’s the truth, don’t mean to be rude.
Remember for the next time, the name’s Drastic G;
You gonna remember me;
I know you will G;
Cuz I’m that motherfucker who sold your little brother weed.

Drastic G • November 29, 2002 09:20 AM

c'mon, it's all good;
i know my phat rhymes give YOU wood.
i know you wish you could be me;
but in THIS world, there's ONE Drastic G.
maybe if you had phat rhymes like these;
you could stand up and get off your kness.
until then dogg, homie G, you're nothin;
leave me alone, i'm not fuckin around cuz i'm buzzin.

Drastic G • November 29, 2002 10:26 AM

Yo Drastic G watch what u say
Battlin my nigga Great 1
He'll knock out till may
What u think u are a thug
You be freestylin all slow like bizzy From bone thugs
You got that girly voice
Im the #1 choice
Kill you in a battle have you like shaggy sayin zoinks

You say u got other niggaz to battle
It doesnt matter
Youll loose anyway

Im your worst enemy
Have you dead like john F Kennedy

Be thankful You dont get your neck strangled
fuck wit him
Ill fuck with you from every angle
Im keepin it raw
I dont beleave in the law
Hook you in the jaw
Commin at u wit a saw
Na fuck that im commin at you wit fists
sharp enough to cut your rists
Freestylin on my man you got me pissed
And your about to get dissed
I think u just got ripped
say somtin now bitch
ill knock u out wit a hickory stick
yo G for girl right
ur a pussy u cant battle or fight
so step ur ass back
cause im pickin up da slack
im a tie u to my car
drive around and have u lookin at stars
ima kick out the door
u might win a battle but ill win da war

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 11:24 AM

yo drastic g
Y u tryin to freestyle ur shit crazy
you aint slimshady
when im done with this freestyle you gunna be cryin like baby

you always got to start shit
all you are is a stupid ass nit wit
you better move out the way befor I bust my gun in your clit

yo I got 1 question
are you proud
you always talkin about great 1 cant rap
when I had u the ground upside down after that
I dont know how
It must be because you freestylin to vanilla ice's sound

yo A bitch like you is bound to die
A bitch like you probably never got high
you be listening to music wit lyrics like
I feel so alive
when people see you their like is that a girl or a guy
yo I told you after this freestyle you gunna cry

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 11:33 AM

Z Nasty u fucken wack you cant flow fo shit
U a poor ass trik who try to steal from the rich
U think u got rhymes u just a poser bitch
Why dont u drop this front take a trip 2 abercrombie and fitch...
Lets be serious Z
You aint got shit on me
Why dont u go talk about how u smoke yo tree
U toke yo tree, motherfucka say he moke his tree
But you a lil bitch who sux dick fo coke
Gives head fo dope
Mothafucka rhymes he choke
U think u worthy of the fucken title Mc
Only way u got da title was on yo mothafucken knees
You a fucken faggat go do ya harlem shake
Ur gangsta crypt walk u just a fucken fake
Whos the biggest bitch who should be shot
Z Nasty Tonite on Ripleys Believe It or Not

Corrupt • November 29, 2002 11:39 AM

yo drastic g ur gay
whats wrong u aint got shit to say?
well i do
im white and i rap betta den u
talkin bout crayola
bitch ill give u ebola
ur a fuckin bitch
all this dude rocs is Abercrombie and fitch
i come wit da real shit
listen to me when i spit
i make big hits

Drastic "G" if u in my way u gonna die
knife to your face 44 to your eye
Im the nigga on this board
im gonna cut ya shit like the abilical cord
ur the devil and im Z-Nasty the Lord
and "G"-unit please leave this murder crime
before your soul,spirit,and body become mine
you a faggot, a bitch, and fuckin wannabe rapper
sittin here gettin ripped by this white cracka
ya flow just went dead and I took ya adapter
u kno a honda can't beat a 18 wheel tracter
see i told u i own this town
been on this website 4 two days n I turned this shit around

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 11:42 AM

yo corrupt
who u think u talking to
i aint like u
smoke some hash
but ill take a knife cut and gash
yo crrupt ill use 16 bars
I got 16 cars
It take 16 bullets to get rid of all yall
nigga I aint come on this board to battle
I came to milk this shit like a cattle
corrupt tell ya man but don't tattle
nigga I'm playing u like scrabble
Spit crazy u kno me as the brick city scrambler
I roll 4 5 6 call me the gambler
nigga this my neck of the woods ur just a camper
u a baby go get pampered

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 11:49 AM

yo Z-Nasty... i dissed your boy...
oh sorry, not. cuz i don't give a fuck.

the only way you'll win this war is if i quit cuz i'm tired of dissin on ya;
are you a girl or a boy... it don't, i'm still pissin on ya.
and how do you know about my girlish voice, who told ya;
oh my God, it must've been that Belgium boy from Austrialla.
my fault, shit, you was fuckin him too;
you Z-Nasty ass bitch, i'll still kill ya boo.
called me a gansta, now when'd i say that;
you're just assuming shit, you're just a fake cat.
i maybe not thuggy, but i'm a dogg;
and i'll chase you up a tree like you was my bong.
battle won, on this battle rap, this battle cat wanna battle crap, you can't straddle that.
say i rhyme slow, maybe it's the way you're readin;
cuz you're too stupid to see my letters here steamin.
maybe ~you're~ these hidden ~a~ messages got ~fagot~ you blinded;
fuckin idiot, got side swiped, on my line dead.
and that's all i gotta say to catch a groupie;
your damn rhymes make you sound like a newbie;
make you sound like you're still on that boobie;
suckin that milk from your mom must've made you too loopey.
fuck off, you ain't got shit to say;
it's what i said it is, "shit," cuz your rhymes is gay.
so you better off fuckin your home boy "Great None;"
cuz "Z" is the last letter in the alphabet, meaning you're done.
step up again and say shit if your a homo;
cuz this right here is the closest you'll get to your promo.

Drastic G • November 29, 2002 11:50 AM

The rhymes I spit aren't for free
So that means none of this is for Nasty
U talk about bling this bling that
But ur a motherfucker livin like a rat
And how the fuck u think u compare 2 shady
Ive heard better fucken rhymes come from my old lady
Z u really gotta think about this
How badly do u wanna collide wit my fist
But ill help ur bitchass and tell u ur first flaw
Ur first fucken flaw was thinking ur raw
And hopefully my shits contagious
Cuz u know that my motherfucken rhymes outrageous
So Z how bout u just calm down
And listen to how shitty u sound
And maybe ur stupidass while figure out
Ur fucken horrible witout a doubt

Corrupt • November 29, 2002 11:57 AM

The world is run by men who use laws for tools
I come thru war tactics like Shaka Zulu
Mcs is soft like play-doh
I shape 'em
smash em to pieces
u no i dont play tho
Yo we send this bullet straight towards your brain
We taking over like Moors in Spain there's more to gain
Runaways get aboard the train
You can't ignore the pain
When it come down like the pouring rain
Kill all the yappin lets make it happen
You cats ain't real, you just a re-enactment
Better yet, dramatization
Soon as the director say action you start fakin
I start breakin
The whole joint start shakin
bring mad audience wit the shit im makin
Step in the high reppin the spot called flatbush
Whether rappers or actors you still feel the gat bust
The abstract then becomes the reality
Alcoholics like to call it the moment of clarity
Niggaz get caught up in the struggle
End up in court in trouble, sportin a bubble
Ford azure bubble, importer smuggle, forcin a rumble
Hit the blocks with a portion to double
Flip and get tossed in the huddle
Police with one piece short of the puzzle
It's a hustle, peep the street life, they movin muscle
and im about ta make your fucken knees buckle
reel subtle

great1 • November 29, 2002 11:59 AM

oops, Corrupt's flow caught on to me;
cuz he's thinking the same shit i am, "Fuck Z-Class B!!!"
cuz i'm class A freestyle TYPER;
i bet in real life "Z" wishes to be hyper.
cuz he ain't nada in this damn forum;
white boy wrote rhymes, people read them, and they bored 'em.

Drastic G • November 29, 2002 12:03 PM

Drastic G's caught the flow
Z Nastys a bitch
The problem rite here is that we gotta read his shit
So a good suggestion from me 2 z
Is find a new website where praise is free

Corrupt • November 29, 2002 12:10 PM

Yo Drastic how you gunna come wit some wack ass lines like that
Take it easy dogstep it back
think befo u write cause u dont make sense
ill hit u so hard out come ur contact lens

How u gunna come wit some old shit tryin to write a psalm
when your bitch looks like my best friend tom
You cant rap for shit and im about to drop a bomb
Im not even gunna try on you im goin to remain calm
His bitch ass be talkin about hittin the bong
while your at victorias secret tryin on thongs

Im talkin about droppin u of a roof
While I b eatin your freestyles and scoopin them up toO
Yo you dont deserve to b called white or black your blu
You should of knew

That I was commin at you
I only need 1 punch line you need 2
If you guna battle against me you must be a fool
If you gunna answer back to me leave my friends out of this duel
All i need is my fist
You gunna be commin at me wit tools
And to match up to my level
your gunna need a stool
u sound like a fool
u lips dropped look at all that drool
u dont rhyme so go back to school
u fuckin faggot ima win
ima kill u wile i smile and grin
fuck u bitch ur a fuckin sin

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 12:13 PM

why u tryna drop shit on G
u get recognized cuz ur rhymes below me
if it wasnt for great1 the tonetoka
ud be at ur fucken boyfriends playin strip poka
great1 is an influence on all ur rhymes
prolly cuz great1 be droppin bombs all the time
so i suggest that u pull out your pocket book
and u n great1 take a little look
and maybe great1 will help u find
a number that'll help u get a decent rhyme in mind

Corrupt • November 29, 2002 12:24 PM

you fantasizing to Jay's-poster,
the name is Z your best works a grade-lower,
giving you punishments to invade-corners.....
how can you compete with your verse-acquired from your church's-quire,
as stress'-best-is-hired,
to have you dressed-in-death's-attire,
produce-pain and burst-empires,
the work you-display is nerf-inspired (soft),
who doesn't consummate my thirst-desires,
blackness is your obverse's-dire...
reason why this battle took-place,
is because your verses seduce-pain,
and corrupt has punchlines to produce tooth-aches,
and my presence maintains your Hanes and Fruit of the Loom-stained,
while you couldn't post a hot line if you hosted a Mexican buffet,
or top-this with a toupee,
or come-sick with AIDS as your room-mate......
as you up against the founder of chaos,
strapped with the assassins of the twin towers to face-off,
as you counter with a coffin and a space in the grave-yard,
death is my display my inner-feelings,
in which triggers-beatings,
to sever your neck just to hinder-breathing,
I chose the best morgues so you can pick-your-seating,
to have maggots unable to resist-the-feeding,
your companion now are slivering-species,
misery's-teachings.....will finish your Lyric Olympic insufficient-prevalence,
diminish you diminutive-intelligence,
and use Heaven's Demond's remaining as an example of ill nik-A's initiative's-malevolence!!!!!

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 12:28 PM


rubin • November 29, 2002 12:37 PM

My lines are supposed toothaches i guess i need a dentist
But nasty dont understand im a rhymin menace
How many times have u used the dictio nary
Ur new nickname is dictionary fairy
Cuz corrupt knows ur story and knows ur past
And anyone wit a brain knows u wont last
In a battle wit ne1 in this forum
like Drastic said ur just gonna bore em
Im startin think that u mite have potential
As a number 1 faggat ur signs are sequential
First u come out wit ur wack ass rhymes
Second ur named biggest fag in the new york times
And last of all u think that u can compete
But znasty will soon meet his defeat

Corrupt • November 29, 2002 12:39 PM

Your rhymes are horrible like Satan's civil rights record
I'll stab you in the eye with my mic and give his sight checkers
There's no words to describe anyone this weak ...
I need a mime to translate
and Stand straight!
you write bars so slow if a clock was on fastforward there would be time for handshakes
Uppercuts I send will rattle your whole skeleton like a Madden tackle and leave your chin so broken it'll sag pass your Adams Apple
Like Oscar the Grouch you stay down in the dumps because people throw your lyrics away and shove'em to the bottom of the barrel
They have no dignity ...dressed in rags,
lacking proper apparel
After popping this arrow through your chess your heart'll follow
You swear to the townsfolk your no vampire ...their convinced ...till I slit your neck and you to start to swallow
Ill knock you out the box like a moving company with senior citizens ...oops! your spleen is hit again gets in the way of your vital organs
you'll provide the morgsmen
with the challenge of a human puzzle
left to rest in a tomb of rumble
your like a magnet charged with salvation and harmony attracted to doom and trouble
ill drag you across the Equator till you bust into flames
make your body encircle the earth with a ring of dust from remains
it's false that your greater I'm gonna floss with your brain after eating you alive
with no sauce you com-plain
shut up! ...get lessons in originality
you don't live off emcees missing teeth tell how you get your calories
Drastic G What? Corrupt who? your a nobody
the title of your life story's "Secret Journey of the Unknown"
anorexic teen could blow your house down with a trombone
it's made of wet sticks
and animal skins see this net trick
will hand me this win
threre's no need to get pushy

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 12:39 PM

z-nasty iz mad good....yall should open ur eyes n realize whos da bomb!!

.LoveYa. • November 29, 2002 12:40 PM

ight ya'll, beat this.............


shiznizz • November 29, 2002 12:53 PM

i hear u corrupt
but u got to shut the fuck up
u talkin all reckless
bitch go buy ur ass another neckles
bling bling
money aint a thing
to u it everything
u cant buy shit wit the 50 cents u wanksta
wait go buy ur ass a paper
u cant compare or compete
prepare to meat ur defeat
ima end ur career befo it started
in my vision u saw me and darted
u got lame raps
c'mon cut the crap
kick it up a knotch
like rasberry snopps
i beat u defeat u and eat u
like a motha fuckin cashsew
luda said use a hoe
told me to drop dem bows
climb in the ring wit me ur ass ill get towed

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 12:55 PM

The illest Mc is the motherfucker Z
Than he realizes he been smokin 2 much tree
Cuz Z nasty as known got nuthin on no1
He be doin this shit "just for fun"
I dont think he realizes wat i can do
2 faggats who fuck around wit the wrong fucken crew
I will not cease rhymes till the end comes to
And Z Nasty realizes that i already knew
That I would dominate over all his rhymes
And Id do mulitiple fucken times
See Z I got more fucken flow than niagra falls
And the difference between me n u is i got balls
To speak out wit crazy rhythm and flow
I got the rap precision of robin hoods bow
And i steal from the rich and give 2 the poor
im the one who provided ur family wit an actual door
So next time u are sittin in school
Remember Corrupt will always dominate a deul

Corrupt • November 29, 2002 12:55 PM

c'mon shiznizz be original
jugular vien is visual
my moms spits beta shit den that
u cant jus climb in the ring and rap
u no mutha fuckin mc
soon u will see
go home dog
u a rookie
and ur ass got 2 pussies

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 12:58 PM

shiznizz dat was hot....not...sum of yall need 2 shut ur mouth cuz ur rhymes r gay...dats all i gotta say!

.LoveYa. • November 29, 2002 12:59 PM

corrupt im sick of u
ima kill spit and chew
u aint got good flows
im gonna dropp some bows
so fuck u i said everthing bout u already
i aint got to go and pay a fee
cause i got the money
i aint getting evicted dog
like u and ur man playing leap frog
faggot ass bitch

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 01:04 PM

Hey Shithead!
u spell schnops like this
u almost spelled snoop boy thats a fucken diss
being put in a z nasty rhyme
omg its about that time
when z nasty thinks about all the greats in rap
tupac biggie fat joe n em
he just wishes he was worth an eighth of them
speakin of eighth its time 2 smoke
wait this is a 5 znastys a joke
his weed aint even good wats wrong with this kid
this devil in his soul we need a preacher 2 rid
(preacher)"this boy is worthless there is no hope
The lil motherfucker doesnt even have good dope
I have one suggestion which u all should hear...
Corrupts back in the game so just lend him ur ear!"
Fuck Z Nasty just get a running start
and try and jump of the dick that u constantly lick
Maybe soon ull stumble on a flow
Than u can join corrupt in the big show

Corrupt • November 29, 2002 01:08 PM

Yo, I'm sure that everbody out in this forum agree
That everything you see ain't really how it be
A lot of jokers out runnin in place, chasin the style
Be a lot goin on beneath the empty smile
Most cats in my area be lovin the hysteria
Synthesized surface conceals the interior
America, land of opportunity, mirages and camoflauges
More than usually speakin loudly, sayin nothin
Strangeness, you don't control this, you barely hold this
Screamin brand new, when they just sanitized the old shit
Suppose it's, just another clever Jedi mind trick
That they been runnin across stars through all the time with
I find it's distressin, there's never no in-between
We either catz or Kings
We either bitches or Queens
The deadly ritual seems immersed, in the perverse
Full of short attention spans, short tempers, and short skirts
Long barrel automatics released in short bursts
The length of my life is treated with short worth
Hip Hop is prosecution evidence
The out of court settlement
Ad space for liquor Sick without benefits
Move like an apparition
Float to the ground with ammunition (chi-chi-chi-POW)
Move from the gate,
voice cued on your tape
Putting food on your plate
Many crews can relate
im choosing your fate
cuz im the great who dont hessitate
im out

great 1 • November 29, 2002 01:09 PM

Yeah you dont fuckin know me you just not on my level
ya shits not even spicy while Im givin dap to the devil
You a girl and im fed up wit ya whack shit
What i have u lack it u stepped up and got ya ass kicked
An when you try to hard your brain gets mixed up you trying to talk to yo girl she mumbling cause im getting my dick sucked
you between blowin and flowin ya career just stopped going you hard but its just not showing
you suck just like monica ya real name is veronica stop acting hard and go back to playing ya hermonica
But you was the brave heart to step to me first
so i had to slaughter you before ya first verse
it gets worse i'll hit you wit a word curse
"slim slim shala bim" now ya rhyms you cant rehearse
Its a freestyle come off the top bitch if you hot spit
This is Shizzi Ni im # 1 ya lil soft bitch

shiznizz • November 29, 2002 01:12 PM

U cant confine me
Cant define me
Cant find ways to bind me
Cant use ur rhymes to find me
Cuz I cant be found im the illusion of the hottest lines
Seen in the hottest rhymes
Seen so many times
Try and read the signs
Its been foretold that i would rise from hell
The stories id tell
How MCs repediatly fell
Scream by yell
and next is Z
Why cant u see
Its gonna be
Death by me

Corrupt • November 29, 2002 01:28 PM

soon all u wannabes will be dead, and then ur wack rhymes still wont be read

.LoveYa. • November 29, 2002 01:37 PM

ya rite .love ya. u no im good

great1 • November 29, 2002 01:39 PM

yo dogg, im curious, is anyone in here obsessed w/ men, like i am ? i really need a guy in my life, please be serious w/ me, dont make fun of me, but just simply tell me ur gay, if u r! Thanks a lot ya'll, it feels great to get that out

Corrupt • November 29, 2002 01:40 PM

When hell hit earth the world of mc
Changed from lockdown to finally free
The hidden turmoils of life in its own
Are seen through the eyes of a dead zone
Screams and yells cant penetrate his being
To concentrated on the horrors hes seeing
The life and death of the greatest two mcs
The life of tupacs and the life of biggies
The legend lives on through the eyes of today
Todays MCs are tomrrows legends at bay

anonymous • November 29, 2002 01:42 PM

Hey im a ninth grade faggat who likes 2 suck dick so if anyone wants some great dome, ya know just feel free to ask. I havent done it in about a week so im a little rusty. I'd like to apologize for being such a bitch lately and i'd appreciate a little negative criticism from everyone. THANK YOU!

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 01:46 PM

yo shiznizz your a gay
all of us know it so thats all i gotta say
now lets talk bout ur name
now thats fuckin lame
cant you get.....
your rhymes are like shit
shiznizz, no shitjizz
your so young u cant even come
so get off this site
yeh thats right
cuz ur fuckin white
stupid cracker.
hi i'm im the cracker wack rapper
can't even come
im off this site
and yes, white

newguy • November 29, 2002 01:49 PM

yo newguy, that was ight playa... keep it up, keep puttin some more shit in her

Corrupt • November 29, 2002 01:58 PM

Yo NewGuy you gotta catch some fucking flow!

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 02:04 PM

yo z-nasty.... u like suckin dick, holla at me then, mann im sooo exited, please like call me or somethin, i love u dogg, we gota hook up, forget the past yo. .... ... 109-845-3346

Corrupt • November 29, 2002 02:05 PM

Hey Corruptyour sweet dogg your frigin amazin. And that aint your phone number buddy...

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 02:09 PM

wha mutha fuka using my name in here

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 02:50 PM

this newbie's first sought-lesson,
could've ended with just one-sentence,
but I commit to abuse as destruction's-my-relish,
due to my pettish aggression,
my exposed merits end the era of newbie contentions,
who-he to lesson????
schoolings lead to perished relinquished-edits,
passed off by my past battling extinguished-genetics,
due to my bestial exhibited-relics,
to subscribe you with intricate-headaches,
to lead you to infinite-phrenetics,
to keep you as the grave's intimate-tenant.....
you up against scuffle's-own rumble-host,
while my throttled-bone is what your tonsils-hold,
having my fist cuddle-nose,
your troubled-woes thought-of-votes against my muscled-post?
have you fumble-hopes and watch your sorrow-grow,
view my verse's power-show and take more then just a couple-notes,
have you fondle-blows from my striking knuckle-folds,
this match to me is chuckle-prone,
while your puddled-mopes are greeted by six feet shoveled-holes,
and you expected your troubled-flows to coming close to touch-the-throne??
Corrupt, Drastic G get toghether and give each other dome

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 03:16 PM

No one can compare so recognize god at his best

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 03:22 PM

is any1 gonna try to battle me

Z-Nasty • November 29, 2002 03:29 PM

All u wannabes think u so cool, motha fuckas cuz of dat u a fool, and all u do is look at men and drool, see i grew up flushing, she i aint blushing, u just be crushing, and dumping, on ur girls, making their pussy hairs in curls, cuz it so long, but it aint like ur slong, proove to me im wrong

1nONLY • November 29, 2002 04:23 PM

wow 1nonly that was good
naw j/p u suck

great1 • November 29, 2002 04:46 PM da greatest, cant shake dis, wish u could fake dis, but u wont, u hesitate and choke, u think u in da gang,folk, but ur life is wat i broke, ur girl is on my lap, u scared and runnin cuz bout to get clapped, and then rapped, in a blunt, u betta stop front, o theres ur girl...........bitch im like NaS, just made u look, u a slave in ur grave, of my rhymes book, there u go, u mad cuz u so white like snow, so? im white too, get mad, nah glad, too sad, u just lost ur bitch, now she suckin my dick, too rich, cant touch dis, im too ill like dat, fucked da 1 dat gave birth to you, dont dat hurt 4 u, fuck dat shit u buy clothes like ur pa, matter ur ma, i killed her wit da saw.............dats all.......nah?

1nONLY • November 29, 2002 04:54 PM

y0 great1 im arite

1nONLY • November 29, 2002 04:55 PM

how old r u "great1?"

1nONLY • November 29, 2002 04:56 PM

Rappin is wat i like 2 do, cuz it nice, wit it i buy gold ice, u be blind cuz of da light, so please go back and drink some sprite, damn im so fuckin right, i am so white, fuck u goin get sliced, better win by rolling da dice, 1,2,3, its all over, u dont gotta pee, now u can see, when u best, u goin 2 get killed in da chest.......

1nONLY • November 29, 2002 04:58 PM

Yo it's beatdowns anonymous, I spits like a shiny silver nine'll bust
catz's fine to bust, im the kind that rush
Those that, hold back, taking your whole stack
great1's comin back
Go gat for gat,
quote that, in fact, you can smoke that
Uncut mad dust,
making your whole fucking skull crack
watch ure back so u dont get smacked
or ure girl get macked
Better know me, great1,
1nonly is phony in any ceremony
I'll tear you homey
great1 taking my time, making my mind
Baddest cat on the low defecatin with rhymes
its the enebidable heavily betta than wat u say or do
stayin tru ta the game
the exzact opposite of u

Anonymous • November 29, 2002 05:03 PM

that last one was by me

great 1 • November 29, 2002 05:05 PM

ayo Worthy's back for round 3
and from what i can see
most of yall paid head
to my warnin earlierly
but someone wants to test me
who's this z-nasty bitch
cmon u a z-classy snitch
tryna run with me'll get ya mouth split
u best think again before u talk shit
or at least grow balls and lose the clit
you talk a lot of nonsense for all those lines u spit
you made too many mistakes for this slide
you were better off committin suicide
bitin down on cap of sianide
and preventin me from this lyrical homocide
you other cats better start choosin sides
bitches don't bother, its a strictly g-ride
its crazy dawg, im still on the rise
but im already voted first place
then z-nasty wanna get up in face
forcin me to slap him back in place
u gunna rhyme against me u best keep pace
these lines flow rapidly from my brain
u can't cut it dawg, u not in my range
my rhymes worth millions, urs aint worth change
u got less lines than tires on a car
u aint ready to bang with the stars
i aint even wastin time droppin more bars
shit's over, you couldnt even pass the test
i own this game, u just a guest
talkin shit on the best
fuckin pest, i suggest, that u invest,
in bullet proof vest, to protect your chest
catch one in the neck, get laid to rest

NotYetWorthy • November 29, 2002 05:11 PM

drastic G is juss a nerd trying to sound tough

on his laptop, he be acting he's down to play it rough

sick of his bluff , whens the last time u see taco bell worker that is buff

no wonder you can only afford an eighth of weed

when you see me busting out my bong better cross your feet

so you wont pee, down your legs from your pussy

wana be mc, but really you juss a mamaboy whoz sissy

dawg when i flow my shiet you better listen up

whos the real taco bell worker you be the first one to stand up

full servicing at a station, theres a pump, heres a squeezie wut u waiting for? pump my car up

sick witted, too much weed is gona git ur lungs popped

manager screaming at you, you holler back, saying the floor is mopped

at least you got a fucking job, minimum wage makes you a mob?

where's your gun dawg? dont be telling me its in your computer game just like judge

who is also the biggest faggot , throwing bullets he kant dodge

drastic fake G and judge got together for thanksgiving, two little midgets sexing in their lodge

their honeymoon suite was in a garage, next to taco bell

real mc is your worst dream, u r entering to the door to my hell

everyones against you, theres no need to repel

you are a little bitch not a witch , enough of that harry potter shiet, trying to cast a spell

this aint 1st grade dawg, don b cryin when u trip n fell

your rhyme is mediocre, trying to call yourself a mexican nigger

you are worst than whiggers, Z nasty is white and he's a better rapper

than you, count your cash, dont doubt its a two

rhyming like a foo, acting like you had something in you

shorter than tyrone lue, freestyling aint for prudes

rolling up with my lude, shouting out my illict ryhme that is rude

dndsnf • November 29, 2002 05:24 PM

what the hell jiggas
always trying to pull triggas
but when u pointed the heat
you got your dumbass beat
did u forget about the safety
and how u left the clip empty
one more thing rum sling
the bolt needs to be cocked
dumb fuck u just got rocked
take that towel off your head
cuz i kill arabs out in the shed
get ur fuckin asses outa bed
u all need jobs nuff said
cuz nothing can stop a mob
provided by the head throb
u get when u read the score
you cant win a battle
let alone a war
i seen you in the hall
stiff shoulder,
you eating the wall
hit ya like a boulder,
watch ya fall
pussies n thugs
talk about dope n drugs
is it not crystal clear?
only thing good is foreign beer
everytime i seee the same endings
how u gonna advance the standings
everyline ends with an E
includes the word me
refer to u mc as she
look at a fukin dictionary
to easy to rhyme very darey gangsta prarie rookie
princess nasty z
give us something we havnt seen
you all bitchin ebonic
my shit bounces super sonic
lethal rhymes are plutonic
radiate ur brain waves
as u drink gin and tonic
not enough graves
for the people not saved.

Raze • November 29, 2002 05:39 PM

where the judge at

great1 • November 29, 2002 05:43 PM

notyetworthy.. good rap

just the end sounds like dre saying:
"u headed west, talk shit about dre u better get a vest and invest in something to protect ur head and neck"

Raze • November 29, 2002 05:44 PM

z nasty those aint ure rhymes u stole um

real O G • November 29, 2002 05:46 PM

alright, he's white, he can stop using it as an excuse;
just because he fuckin sucks while i'm blowin the fuse.
and "Nalfa Fet" has to use "Drastic" to begin every rhyme;
cuz without it, people are gonna skip over him everytime.
he ain't shit, he thinks he's rude;
thinking 'where the fuck's Drastic, that dude is cute!'
what you should do is learn how to sound out rhymes;
cuz you think you're smart, but you can't read lines.
tryin to call myself a mexican nigger?!
shit, i maybe black, and man enough to pull the trigger.
but i ain't never said no thuggish nigger shmugish;
and how the hell is "Taco Bell" an insult... it's blumish.
you were blushin when you said that, remember, Rubin said it first;
next thing you know, you'll copy him verse for verse.
why don't you try to make up your own wack insults;
and leave Rubin's stupid insults alone to be just shot.
Rubin, ain't you a Mexican too;
or you pretending to be white, stuck in this Mexican stew?
go ahead and make fun of Mexicans again;
and don't act like i won't break your fuckin legs and grin.
i ain't a pussy;
i ain't like "Nalfa Fet" screamin push me!
and you don't smoke weed, you're just a fagot;
you got the wack lyrics, and personality "Can't Hack It!"

Drastic G • November 29, 2002 07:38 PM

Look at Drastic G he thinks hes tough but hes gonna get snuffed. And hes the one smokin weed, when the cops find out hes gonna get cuffed. When he starts runnin ill start the gunnin. For im black night and ill start the fight. I might just spare your life cuz i want you to see me fuck ur wife.

Black Night • November 29, 2002 09:28 PM

yo check it
Currupts fucked
all he does is say shit to get his dick sucked,
motha fuckin stupid asty,
hes doggs name is cassie,
he do her up the' assie,
stupid homo,
u do know so,
dis faggit named noyetworthy,
hes a god damn smurphie,
his pa's names murphy,
and his ma's somewhat perky,
whos a motha fuckin genius...
and sucks worthys penis,
by the way is a milimeter,
he gets it sucked on mondays by a 11 year old boy named peter,
he puts him in a pink beter,
smokin w/ mr teter,
motha fuckin MC,
quit sayin shit like dat to use against me,
yo newguy,
so what im white,
ya wanna fight,
u thinks u soo tight,
but use a dumb ass cracker urself,
and i know ur dogs names melf,
and he sucks himself

shizznizz • November 29, 2002 09:29 PM

"black night", i maybe smokin, but i won't get busted;
unless you the DEA, but i won't fuss it.
and what's up with this "shizznizz" callin me "newbey;"
i maybe new to the forum, but i've been ill since before these people knew me.
and back to "night" who wants to fight;
bring it, day or night;
dark or light;
and what the hell makes you think i'm crazy enough to just might;
stop thinking for a second, and elope with a wife.
are you crazy, you must be to think that i'll be tied down;
fuck you, the law, and shizznizz, i don't give a shit now.

Drastic G • November 29, 2002 09:41 PM

Look at shizznizz he thinks hes the king of dissnizs. He prolly smokes the blunt but its not as bad as Z-Nasty's cunt. Hey im not done i have just begun. Z-Nasty thinks he has money but that sounds funny. hes so poor he cant even afford his mother as a hoar. His dog kicked him out the door cuz he wasnt fuckin. Cuz hes a dick lick and hes real name is rick and he cant get sucked by a chick. So dont be a lackin or youll be a packin cuz after this rhyme it will be ur last time rappin. So what r u gonna do nigger for you are a ass hole digger.

Black Night • November 29, 2002 09:42 PM

Im the most demented mind since John Wayne Gacey
ruff, and rugged, like Space Spacely
wit that i dont give a fuk attitude
i'm like a million minds traped in solitude
with no air, windows or doors
choped up bodies, severed bodies beneath floor boards
soul traped in carbonite like star wars
i,m like Boba Fett, jedi bounty hunter
fuk that rather Heather Hunter
leave ya full of holes like accupuncture
pins and needles, needles in skin
187 murder its all kin
evrytime a spit a track it comes off a sin
the seven deadly lust, greed, envy
paralize the whole perimiter like a centry
body buckle and break during bullets entry
tempature increase
as the tally of defeats repeat
just another victim
as i spilt there respitory system
lay em to bed eternallly kiss em
for the love of spite
net battle aint shiyt
take it to the street
my style starts of mystique, kinda discreet
til i bubble up and burn harder
ask anyone who the fukin firestarter

smacktac • November 29, 2002 09:48 PM

Hey im gay and its been like that every day. I cant get my moms pussy but i fucked her up her ass. And the only thing that can suck my dick is a bass. Hey raze hows my cunt. Do you wanna pass the blunt. Cuz you oh me a fuck when i cooked you a duck. but i cant ryhme so why am i wastin my time.

Drastic G • November 29, 2002 09:50 PM

shizzniz, cut the names. doesnt make u sound good, ur rhymes are sad attempts to sound the same.

Raze • November 29, 2002 09:51 PM

Raze cut the gay raps their not even the craze

black night • November 29, 2002 09:52 PM

okay black night
lets see ur lines?

Raze • November 29, 2002 09:56 PM

you damn right i'm a fuckin fagot;
but you can't hack it;
cuz this homosexual bitch can beat you in a rap spit.
pretending to be me?
i'm DG;
that's the only way you could think to beat me.
why don't you try to get some new lyrics;
cuz what you're sprayin now is like "nalfa fet," i can't hear it;
it ain't shit, but don't lose your spirit;
just cuz i'm better than you don't mean you hafta fear it.
it's just words, cuz in real life you'd be dead;
cuz you're too pussy to battle me "meathead."

Drastic G • November 29, 2002 10:02 PM

this newguy is bout to die
"hes so gay thats all i have to say"
What the fuck is that ill beat him with a bat.
Hell prolly try and bust a cap, well not with his head in my lap
Speakin bout head he gave it to me, guess what hes dead
for my come is a lot more from what he normally gets from his mum
Hey ill get him to crack and hell shut his mouth cuz ill be back

black night • November 29, 2002 10:13 PM

Black night
you gotta write shit tight
come on lets do this right
a midevil outlet is not too bright
theres the gauntlet its time to fight
your gonna get hit
but not much pain
you cant rap for shit
ur hacks hit by this freight train
all the momentum of this game
takes ur name and leaves it plain
u got made to slave by force
i did it without remorse
ur slow rhymes rusted ur steel
of ur armor ur not for real
ill knock you on your ass
killin u is like breaking glass
lil tap and ur nast is smashed
take you to the house
watch n learn how to joust
you lil squeeky mouse
and ur missing all the right tools
to be dissing all of these fools
in my concession rhyme i will concede
that none of u crimes are better than me
but since i always show class
ill get for ur fatass
a gallon of chocolate slimfast
cuz ur time has passed.

Raze • November 29, 2002 10:13 PM

yo some people think they iight,
but way the fuck better than black night,
sayin he'll put up a fight,
but i know some shit bout this bean,
hes damn well thirteen,
stupid ass young'n,
go get ur mamma so u can cum in,
also u so called "black" night,
what kinda names that for a white
u say u can put up a fight,
u best not be right,
and no u aint tight,
and dis flamer named drastic g,
i really dont know what the fucks up in ur headie,
use a gay?
then hook up wit corruptay,
so u can smack thay,
do him in the' ass, eh,
ighty im gone,
like sein raze's momma in a thong,
ya stupid ass,
he plays wit himself in his grass,
and he goes to ten-o'clock mass,
peace out ya'll bitches !!

shiznizz • November 29, 2002 10:13 PM

this shiznizz as i said before cant do no dizzniz
he aint shit he learned his raps from a starter kit
for hes a trippin and hes mom will give him a whippin
so dont give me lip u dip shit
this shizzniz has givin head to his mom in bed
his mom wanted to do the same but he has no dick to lick
so shut the fuck up or fuck up
cuz u aint got shit cuz u about to get lit
i know stuff about u to, u a motha fuckin white boy that cant rap so shut your trap
u havent gone out wit anybody thats not a family member
so dont ever try to dis another member

black night • November 29, 2002 10:27 PM

Standings for November 29th

1. Notyetworthy .. yo dogg, u da bomb
2. Corrupt .. r u really gay ? HAHAHA
3. Shiznizz .. use aight !
4. Raze ..
5. Drastic G .. i know u can do better !
6. Newguy.. not bad not bad

oh oh and black night, u got some patential, keep this up, if ur truely 13, u madd good !

iholdthestandings • November 29, 2002 10:29 PM

ya'll bitches?
shit, you don't know my switches;
and even if you did, that's a kid diss.
wanna tell me to suck corrupt;
and fuck corrupt.
you must be beggin for a grave;
cuz we'll triple team ya, me him, and Raze.
and "knight," cum is C-U-M;
i guess you'd understand if you weren't a B-U-M;
so D-U-M, wish-in to be Em.
you're rhymes though dogg, i like them;
but it's a damn shame you don't know how to write them.
too bad you have no flow to go;
this is freestyle RAP, not GO GO GO.
you have no sense of rhythym;
your gay ass rhymes, i did 'em;
back in sixth grade, i writ 'em;
but now at my age, i shit 'em.

Drastic G • November 29, 2002 10:34 PM

it's nice to know i hold somewhere within the top 10 on my first full day of writing on this site... even though i've been doin my comunity service hours all day.
so i've only been able to write for about half a day. but i'd like to thank "i hold these standings" for the hard work and dedication he/she has put in to make this record possible.

Drastic G • November 29, 2002 10:44 PM

i'd also like to thank:
"Z-class B" (Z-Nasty)
"Great None" (Great1)
"Wack Knight" (Black Knight)
"DickLess" (Shizznizz)
for giving me someone to rap against...
and the personal favors provided by them last night when they came over and sucked me off...

Drastic G • November 29, 2002 10:50 PM

oops, almost forgot my old pal...
"Nalfa Fet" (DNDSNF)

Drastic G • November 29, 2002 10:55 PM

so far, the people on my good side:
"Raze" and "Corrupt"

Drastic G • November 29, 2002 11:04 PM

You guys are so fucking weak get a fucking life already, you aren't battling cuz this shit right here is a fucking forum, you can take all day to say something you want but still your letting basic rhyme schemes enter your disses which are always the same shit. You don't use any rap devices and its a bunch of fucking amateurs talking about whos dick is bigger. You guys should consider two things....first off, join a REAL battling site or go to fucking corner or cypher and get your shit together, fuck. I look for lyrics to the movie i see and i have to go throught all this shit to see if anyone added the one fucking lyric i wanted. Fuck you all

Anonymous • November 29, 2002 11:51 PM

fuck u bitch

great1 • November 30, 2002 12:04 AM

you anonymous pussy. quit fuckin' bitch man. i don't give a shit about your life story. so people here don't gotta life, and we're bored and havin fun. shit man, you fuckin' sat your ass here and read this damn shit. HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Drastic G • November 30, 2002 12:05 AM

look at this shit. Great1's thinking the same shit i am. fuck you "Anonymous" pussy!!!!!

Drastic G • November 30, 2002 12:07 AM

Anonymous is right about all of u
except the placing, select few

Raze • November 30, 2002 12:09 AM

o word raze

great1 • November 30, 2002 12:21 AM

shizzniz u fucking spaz
u rap like u from alcatraz
a whipped bitch
protect the soap
can u cut the pathetic shit
and create a real rap quote
u gotta show flow
cuz as u can see ur rhymes blow
my moms thong?
did u really have to sit down
and think that long
about that badass diss
ur just taking a piss
up a tree
look at that pee
all over urslef, now ya see
how are are non elite
i dont have to prove that ur shits beat
its a pretty braggable feat
that ur close to hittin puberty
according to ur grandma kinky
i chose rock over rap
so later get my autograph.
this gogged up shizz
cant claim that any words are his
what the fuck jizz fizz
this is not ur biz.

Anonymous • November 30, 2002 12:22 AM

whoops that last one was by RAZE

Raze • November 30, 2002 12:22 AM

fuck, supposed to be

*how you are non elite*

Raze • November 30, 2002 12:24 AM

sorry 4 chokin on my jiz
dis niz
is gonna slaughter you
like loraina did to johns dick
after black night masterbates you
yeh aint that sick
your a wack MC
with a tac from me
in your eye
so you can't see
as black night goes by
and proceeds to slide his cock inside
of your ass.....
yeh aint that funny
when you say we are fags
and it turns out ur the 1 keepin it in tha bag

newguy • November 30, 2002 12:27 AM

yah guys. im done trying to think of lines im getting worse n worse i think my mind is fried from thinkiing of rhymes.. so piece ya'll maybe ill stop in now n then and give ya a judging.

all the fierce competitors have moved on.

Raze • November 30, 2002 12:28 AM

fuck one last post


STOP rapping about:

gay dicks pussies moms and mc's
and how u gonna kill everyone for free
u think if u talk trash it make u badass?
fuck the noobs along with THE FREEWORLD
this being an 8 mile forum n all :-)

Raze • November 30, 2002 12:30 AM

i keep my rhymes short and simple
and spit 1 out out
eveytime shiznizz gets a new ass pimple

Anonymous • November 30, 2002 12:31 AM

Raze-u rap mad gooooooodd
n great 1 so do u! old iz evrybody n seriously r those 2 ppl actually gay?????

.LoveYa. • November 30, 2002 12:33 AM

raze thats wat u rap about

great 1 • November 30, 2002 12:33 AM

hey shiznizz
quit copy n pastin
and rhyme on ur own

Anonymous • November 30, 2002 12:37 AM

no they aint gay corrupts my boy

great 1 • November 30, 2002 12:42 AM

ol great 1 i only rapped about that stuff when mockin others in my early shit i didnt say the same stuff that everyone else said but in a different phrase

Raze • November 30, 2002 12:49 AM

Im da 1nONLY, all u otha rappers cant hold me, try to roll me, but then u just want to fold me, 4real u otha rappers, aint da deal, ur rhymes wat people dont feal, u cant compete wit my skillz, they just too great, 8 years from now just wait, ill have a record jack, this rap, would be my first track, it aint da aftermath, its just da beginnig of my wrath so now u want to battle dat greatest? read dis rhyme its my latest, just face it, ima unlash it..............

1nONLY • November 30, 2002 12:56 AM

i dont understand why yall try da diss me
i neva say shit to u's so i dont c
y u's try make me out ta look like a fucken fag
but still have u ever heard me fuckin brag
how real i keep it (no)
cuz its the best secret
the must c shit
the place ta b shit
Matain and keep silence make note and observation
This confrontation
This is the daily operation
A concentration
Stay focused on my recitation
'Bout to reach my destination with the balls of hesitation
Baby make the preperation 'cuz this ain't no recreation
this ill show yall
later ill let u know yall
got ta go yall
been a pleasure ta know yall

great 1 • November 30, 2002 01:10 AM

the raps were fun while they lasted. i was only plannin on rappin for one day and seeing how far it would go. i made plenty of people want to go against me. i just started dissin people so i could get that kind of reaction. all i wanted to do was practice my rhyming skills so i could get better. and by golly, i think it worked.

some of my favorite people are the ones i went up against. i figured that it would work me harder if i went against the people who i saw as most challenging. so that's who i dissed.


these four people got some real good skills, and i wish you guys luck in the long road somewhere. you four were pretty much my main challenge. see you guys later.

thanx for all those lyrics from the movie too, they're great.

Drastic G • November 30, 2002 01:44 AM

thats pretty damn tite, props to drastic G people need to start showing more love than this wana be hatred gangster shit

MMM • November 30, 2002 07:15 AM

this newguy talks shit acting like he is shit
he talks about jiz when he really did a guy named liz
he talks like he has jizzed but all he is really pizzed
cuz his girl dumped him for me and said it was meant to be
sorry but i fucked her last night and i assume you want to fight
well bring it if you are shit
so fuck you because i fucked your mom too
so are you ready to go or are you still tryin to get a hoe
well you cant cuz you to poor cuz alraedy kicked you out the door
she said she was a hoar and she didnt want you any more

black night • November 30, 2002 10:08 AM

hoar is spelled "W-H-O-R-E"
jst thawt eye wood lett yoo no "blaak nite"

Anonymous • November 30, 2002 10:34 AM

ight homie,
u think ur tough shit but u dont even know me,
i aint no homo,
if anything its that wack night ass who can't even spell cum, oh ,
drastic g's not no fuckin freestyle genuis,
u make raps not including ur tini wini penis,
u might wanna hook up wit z-class b,
which really, thats a gay nameie,
but he's ur typie,
u both got the same size pinie,
use stupid ass re re's,
even the beanie,
dats thirteenie,
prolly got a bigger wee wee weenie,
which no, i havent seen, so he he he,
but really drastic g,
quick pickin up shit i hear on MTV,
go to some godamn battles and listen to notyetworthy,
maybe he can teach u shit that could get u in the top 3,
instead of top 3 on stillin shit from MTV,
yea yeadats right go home u lil DG,
u know it, that u can't even get to beat me,
cuz use a fuckin re-re,
u do doggs wit z-nasty up the assie,
damn son, thats what i call class c,
if u like to go up assies,
dats just wrong,
u also prolly do this shit wit pink thongs,
u prolly steal that shit from ur momma while shes cookin shit usin her mother fuckin tongs,
well im sick u, DG, and z-nasty,
go do some puddles up the' assies !

shiznizz • November 30, 2002 11:14 AM

that shit sucked shiznizz

assies, re re's, nameie, typie, weenie, what the fuck go get a dictionary and find words that rhyme dumbass

Anonymous • November 30, 2002 11:30 AM

well i know it sucked penis, im outa this sight, i placed third, lata

shiznizz • November 30, 2002 11:51 AM

yo newguy try to spit another after my last rap
stupid assie

shizznizz • November 30, 2002 11:52 AM

like i said before
i keep it short n' simple
but now i gotta spit cuz
shizznizz just popped an ass pimple
"ight homie"
new guy's back again
so you better go runnin
and tell ur friend...
that's also white
I was created
to rip you to shreds
and I'll make sure not to mention
that you pissed your bed...
til u were 9
at least my lines rhyme
"stupid assie who's dog's name is cassie"
why dont you get some new words
like me
i splurge on virgins
and gots pussies clean as laundry detergent
should call u the word surgeon
cuz u cut n paste too much
now hang up ur mic
cuz u know u can't touch

newguy • November 30, 2002 12:00 PM

y0,y0,y0, here i go, fuckin ur mom on da show, while she givin me a blow, suckin it like it snow, boy u my foe, u say u smoke dro........but u just smoke shit like dough, u look like a crow, wit braids, every body hatin u so they givin u so raids, im 12 and i get more money than u and i get paid! all u do is get played, and 1nce by ur mom u got layed, dats just so weird since u in sp, fuck off bitch u aint havin sex wit me, still u tryin to rape a baby year old 3, dats just sick man i hope u can see..............

1nONLY • November 30, 2002 12:10 PM


Anonymous • November 30, 2002 12:30 PM

1nOnly, ur the 1nONly dumbass on this who cant spit u stupid shit. Well and shiznizz and blacknight 2

Anonymous • November 30, 2002 12:33 PM

YO NEWGUy...u think u fly
while ur really fuckin ya moms up the behind
SHit thats off the wall
u nuttin but JIZZ
SO LICK ya BF's nine
cuz it was just sliddin up ya Moms behind
OH WAIT... u dont give a shit u faggot
u nuttin but a maggot
u mother fuckin faggot
i ain't tryin to be RUDE DUDE
i understand u have issues
but i really dont care
u just BORE ME
GO play hide and seek by ya Self ya faggot
walkin around FRusterATED
no longer can u tolerATE IT
you pull up in the TRUCK..
U SEE gurls...u screamin "Heyy YO"
u aint got a chance son
Son, u are speakin a language i dont understand
Put tha mic down ya faggot
YOu cant RAP, OR SINg...but u want to do BOTh (HAHA)
No one's trying to hear
Some fuckin faggot
YO better shut ur fuckin mouth while you Oh-FOr-two
YA thats it... walk away from this bitch

Big Dee • November 30, 2002 01:11 PM

"yo yo yo here i go"
but this guy can flow
i gots a new opponent
whos name is big dee
but i already know
thats shes a she
tryin to be me
with my 120 milimeter peter
divide that by ten
and yes you will get
the "big guy's" foot long
in ya hand.
too much hair on ya cha cha
now you understand
why u can't get a man
you can't fuck with this clan
scat and get miracle grow
and try to become a man
did i mention shiznizz is a homo?
come on now
cant i get competion
i need some real poets
not another pigeon

newguy • November 30, 2002 01:46 PM

I think shiznizz i done hahaha look for him on another name

newguy • November 30, 2002 01:50 PM

i meant i think shiznizz is done

newguy • November 30, 2002 02:24 PM

yo your rhymes are illnasty

jo • November 30, 2002 03:49 PM

you think you're hot
but you're really not
you're friend looks hotter
so don't even bother
big dee u aint shit son
go suck on yo lollipop
while his name is bob
you think you're cool
but really, you're a plain ass fool
who don't know how to spell yo name
even tho you're the same
peace out motha fucker

jo • November 30, 2002 03:57 PM


u just a boy with a little stick for a dick
the "big guy's" foot long
in ya hand
TOO BAD ya can't see it cuz its
so change the TOPic
you cant fuck with this clan
I can fuck with whoever i want man
Shizznizz where u at dogg?
u hidin cuz u know we're all betta than dat
Jo..who the fuck are u ya ho-MO
u just another Bitch on my shit list
so u'll get dissed
Lets come up with sum better rhymes bitch
Bob, cool, son, bother, hotter....
u just a mother fuckin COward
keep talkin bitch cuz u aint got shit on me

Anonymous • November 30, 2002 04:06 PM

i wrote the last one

dee • November 30, 2002 04:07 PM

yo what up homies, i thought this was a site about 8 mile, so lets make it worth-while, im just lettin u all im a rookie, so go-ahead and have fun makin fun of me, im white, whoopadi doo !
i bet i can battle just as good as some of u, so let me go over all ur battles, and c what i can get to flow, ight playas, peace out, i will be back ! u can count on it

white folk • November 30, 2002 07:24 PM

ayo fellas whys everyone afraid
to battle me on the big stage
been ranked number one for days
i mean fuck we all know u lame
but at least have faith to spill ur brain
see the trouble is yalls rap to plain
you stay focused on the dick-pussy thang
talkin bout faggots and ridin the train
spittin rhymes like yalls brings shame
to everyone involved in the rap game
we out here tryna maintain
the flow and lyrics that brough it fame
MC's? cmon dawgs u destroyin the name
shit you say makes me wanna take aim
and im not talkin bout the firin range
im talkin at your head lettin the blood drain
leavin the floor forever stained
if thats what it takes to make gain
then so be it, but shit i aint insane
just never been fully tamed
waitin for victim 4, to come get mamed

NotYetWorthy • November 30, 2002 07:32 PM

iight ya'll, who wans to battle, but expect to get fucked up,
its really not easy, so just step up,
ima white folk,
dont matter, u can count on it that ill make u choke,
cuz im best of all white folks...

yo, check it,
first id like to fuck up black night,
u sure u wanna fight,
cuz what ive seen,
ur fuckin thirteen,
u motha fuckin bean,
u dumb ass teen,
kid u should try to be a lil quicker,
we should hit u wit some liquor,
make u look better in ur lil 7th grade school picture,
go hit it up wit nigh,
get her in her thigh,
get ur mili so high,
ya stupid ass cracker,
u can't mac her,
so get outa this site,
go get a 7th grader to fight,
u dumbass night !

white folk • November 30, 2002 07:54 PM

dat was hott notyetworthy, u got madd skill ! ill get blown to bit battlein u

white folk • November 30, 2002 07:59 PM

white folk you suck ass

betterthanZEEWALK • November 30, 2002 09:26 PM

well this white folk all he does is choke
he thinks hes cool but all he is is a fool
hes so gay at the sight of me hed drool
he licked his moms pussy but not his sisters cuz he is a woussy
motha fucka you just ran out of lucka
dont be trippin or in this case cum from your bros dick drippin
id bust his ass just like c bass
you stupid ass nigger all you are is a ass digger

black night • November 30, 2002 09:37 PM

yo negro night dont think you dont suck ass either
in fact you got shit on ur lip

white night • November 30, 2002 09:49 PM

hey yo now listen up
cuz i am dishin up
the unwritten stuff
you havent witnessed enough
of my let-loose shit
that produces a hit
for these god damn kids
with scars on they wrists
so they listen to this
and give they keyboard a kiss
to try to out rhyme me
as they sit there grindin
their mind and wastin their time
and they tryin so hard to out rhyme me or die
cant you see the facts, how its true
whoevers the best its not you
youll never be able to be
anyone better than me
or ever out battle me
its plain simple, cant you see
its an on goin wheel
its only me that is real
me and tonetoka gonna blow up the scene
well rip out your heart and then fuck up your spleen
in the cars we careen
on the mic we are mean
get ready to get fucked up
so check if your lucks up

betterthanZEEWALK • November 30, 2002 10:14 PM

yo betterthanZEEWALK...
u can't walk the walk,
and talk the talk,
what r u thinkin ... Marshall faulk

corrupt • November 30, 2002 10:24 PM

okay NOTYETWORTHY, i wanna battle, i wanna c u in ur best too, cuz im comin victim 4 for ya. ill wait for ya to get ur ugly ass on ! till then ill be hittin up lines.

lets do this u fuckin cock sucka... ur the only one i wanna get ! NOBODY ELSE

white folk • November 30, 2002 10:31 PM

ight worthy, get outa my face,
white folks in town and sayin you's a discrace,
go write some fresh freestyles while drinkin a smoothie,
cuz hypothetically, ur shits rough as sand paper and u might wanna take a break and watch a movie,
so faggot,
u soon will see,
life aint no motha fuckin freebie,
so quit tryin to beat me,
and thinkin u can defeat me,
your prolly a jew named Bobby,
who wears wacked shit like ambercombie,
so quit tryin to fry me,
cuz i dont see u flyin by me,
u prolly think u Charles Barkley,
but ur gettin it mixed wit Elizabeth Berkley,
showin her tities on SHOWGIRLS, ya think u an MC,
but u dont got shit against me,
go fuck Berkley,
shes so fucked up,
she'll get u mixed with a turkey,
so all this shit,
u spit,
got me stressed,
but I'll keep on my vest,
cuz i know ur gonna test,
but i got no time for u,
cuz ill be on top,
ya wanna laugh?
but that's okay cuz now ur gettin shot,
Not Yet Worthy,
y don't u get on and spit 1 bout me,
then after it's over,
you'll wanna be me,
u say u aint insane,
but i think ur fucked in the head,
u played it too sweet so now ya niggas dead,
yea, dats right, u heard what i said !

white folk • November 30, 2002 11:25 PM

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. dat was definatly the illest one yet ! cmon notyetowrthy, get ur ass in this battle

beanie • November 30, 2002 11:37 PM

u guys say da same rhymes like evryday n dis iz sum things i have 2 say....u no zeewalk n notyetworthy r da best betta den all u rest. all u need iz a dictionary like white night n black night wen der fightin bout dese racial comments like u white u cant rap....or u black night u got shyt on ur lip....soon dey both gonna start a fit...u both need to shut ur mouth cuz whocares u white or black as long as u can rap!!

.LoveYa. • November 30, 2002 11:49 PM

i'm gonna make history
cuz every1 is in misery
after i spit em out
my lines are so sick
they go in one ear
and never come out
wu's gonna sew ur asses shut
and keep feedin and feedin u
cuz we don't give a fuck
and then theyll let it out
the fury of that shit
is how i start to spit
but im fortunate
that i can spit
and i dont get caught in this shit
and im not a dud with tits
with rhymes that dont make sense
yall brains are dense
that need to be cleansed
yall think ur gonna drive a mercedes benz
then yall gonna put it on tens
instead of twenties
cuz yall wont be makin any kind of money
to afford the biggers
and yes im white so dont call me
a nigger

newguy • November 30, 2002 11:50 PM

ight playas... heres the november 30th standings

1. newguy (u fucked up shiznizz, we sick of that fucker)
2. white folk (finally some1 faces worthy)
3. notyetworthy (ur worthy but some1 fucked u up)
4. betterthanzeewalk (that 1 was nice but u input more)
5. raze (keep it up)
6. 1nOnly (get some new shit 12 yr old young'n)
7. loveya
8. drastic g
9. shiznizz (ur ass is done)
10. black night (somehow ur on here)

iholdthestandings • December 1, 2002 12:12 AM

that last 1 i did sucked ass, now can some1 spit against me so i got somethin to talk about now, damn. i did have shiznizz but now hes gone

newguy • December 1, 2002 12:37 AM

All ya gayass motherfuckers need to sit your asses down,
its all about this bitch who be takin the crown
Y'all be sittin here 4 hours tryin to think up some rhymes
I be doin it naturally and it aint for the dimes
Ya think your hot shit sayin pussy this and pussy that,
thinkin u be pimpin with ur red furry hat
Heh, look at all u lameass motherfuckin wannabes,
sittin on ur asses with one hand on ur dick and the other scratchin fleas
Listen 2 this- and I ain't tryin 2 be funny,
ya'll will be eatin shit when I'm makin the money

LiLTuli • December 1, 2002 12:59 AM

u think ur hot shit newguy well ur not i ratha call u da gayguy ur rhymes r full of shyt talkin bout how ur gonna make history cuz every1s in misery... all i no iz im sick of all u wannabees thinkin u an mc tryin to b like jay z, i aint sayin im da best mc here but im a girl n like i said ur rhymes make me hurl, ur rhymes dont make sense its like ur brain iz stuck in a fence all of a sudden ur tence...n wuts dis lil tuli sounds like ur a lil fooli thinkin ur so cooli im da 1 wit da crown so put on ur frown

.LoveYa. • December 1, 2002 01:05 AM

hey love ya
i hate ya
no 1s gonna rate ya or date ya
and im sure as hell no 1s ate ya
sayin "cooli, fooli" those arent fuckin words
those are noises you make
when u drop ur terds
and a bitch aint gonna take
anything i did make
so i'm turnin "my frown" upside down
cuz ull be shutdown
as i parade ur crown 'round town
then ill turn it around
and put threw ur body
cuz u aint gonna stop me
ahhh...what a tragedy
i know guys wit bigger titties
and make more fitties a chick with a dick
hi my name is love ya
i pretend to have a pussy
but instead paint on my taint
a vagina

now thats a "rhyme that will make me hurl"

newguy • December 1, 2002 02:23 AM

all i see is buncha newbies fighting for the crown

this shiet aint offical, its been how many rounds?

statistically your rhymes made yall look more like clowns

still trying to follow em's beat, dont be too found

of yourselves, we dont need shiet that's random and out of bound

rapping like fools, useless like that stained stocked away stool

you all recieve big fat boos, my flows are tite y'all start saying OHHhhhs

guess again, this aint aint 8 mile the movie

all you whiggers and bitches still acting like em, isnt that spooky?

in this rhyme there aint no dicks n pussys

since i don like fucking other peoples mommys

unlike everyone else still commiting incestry

sick to tha dome, you guys need more luv at home

i wana bitchslapp all of you till i see foam

after all this shiet, some1 is gona try to git on my case

but im done with the newbie phase, better catch up whoever leads the chase

juss dont be like judge who lost his face

with that cs flow , sounding whacked,judge ran into a pole

built by me, becase i cant wait for him to explode

and when i look down and below, i see all of you paying attention to my solo

all of you being rated by a scale

ima stop my rhyme here so you guys can be bailed

out of jail, listen to your teacher your freetyle grades be FAILS

DNDSNF • December 1, 2002 03:29 AM

the dogg came in to play,
cuz lil bow wows in here and hes gonna take u away,
cuz im in the dirty dirty wit my nephu J,
bizi, frizi, shits alll of the hizzy,
wit lil bow wizzi the shits a frisbie,
comes back like a boomarang,
dog pund gang,
wit them 1000 dolla chains,
wut u say JD,
bling bling, money aint a thing,
u ask me again ima tell the same,
girl im trippin on these N*g*a*,
buc 1, buc 2, buc 3, buc 4,
u standing on the floor,
but i gotta run,
and go have fun,
get liltui in the bum,
im not too young to cum,
so lets to this tui,
maybe we can get some fui ?

10yroldyoung'n • December 1, 2002 07:16 AM

10yroldyoung'n you sucked so much cock in that last "rap". wow youre gay

betterthanZEEWALK • December 1, 2002 11:02 AM

ok, ok, everyone stand the fuck back
worthy's heard enough, its time for knuckle jacks
taken no prisoners just leavin skulls cracked
whos this wannabe talkin smack
fuckin dissin me and rhymin whack
you don't think i see through your schemin
you can't keep flows, u add words with no meanin
and then u can't get a new word so u start repeatin
go ahead, talk shit, see if u dont start bleedin
wont think im playin when your brain's seepin
out your head, the throne im keepin
i got this game on lock down
everyone's on my cock now
u must be smokin rock clown
c'mon, are you kiddin me, white folk
u cant be spittin wit worthy, slow poke
you got the killin emcee, dont choke
you aint even a reality, justa hoax
u tryna keep up with the best of rap
your rhymes aint serious, just a jest of crap
im known world wide playa, all across the map
i call your bitch and get sex, just like that
these people kill me, claimin you had the best diss yet
i aint respond cuz i was gettin my dick wet
but i guess you placed first by default
now u gettin lyrically smacked to the asphault
are you ready to surrender
this aint no fuckin fender-bender
and i aint no message sender
maybe u just the wrong gender
at least you were a worthy opponent
its unfortunate that this game i own it
hurts to know u cant compete dont it
white flok have u learned your lesson?
you cant compete with me and my assistant
you already met my partner, smith & wesson
when will i strike next? ill keep you guessin
if u steppin to me dont get a boner
thinkin you can beat me and be the de-throner
hopefully you already lined up a blood doner
the kings back, trophy's taken by its rightful owner

NotYetWorthy • December 1, 2002 11:13 AM

yo wut the fuck kids i'll have all of ya on ma hit list ya can't spit shit so shut the fuck up and tape it shut ya'll fagz have a prob or suttin i cuttin all u up wit my rhymes hell they turn into the knives and remove lives from this world and if anyone wants to step up to me you'll see yourself humilated and have your life discarded so stop actin retarded cuz if you do you'll be bombarded wit my words ya heard or do i have to go slower wit my vocabulary is it that u can't look it up fast enough in the dictionary damn dawgs this story about to get gory and i'm gonna steal this mutha fuckin glory while all you die before me and if you got a prob wit this shit spit it but don't complain if you feel a lotta pain up in ya head cuz i got da rhymes dat great mcs can't compete wit shit i got more skill than everyone here combined


da sickis • December 1, 2002 11:16 AM

yo i gotta give mad props to notyetworthy this dude killin this fuckin fourm but be warned i got ur back and if you wanna talk smack to white kids be sure as i sed before you'll definitely be on my hit list and clean up your business this a real game where kats die jus for speakin up so stop actin tough cuz this shit is about to get rough this ain even me spittin fo real i jus shittin on ya ta see ya skill cuz i ill i'll shoot u wit a snipa fo jus lookin below ya window sill so stand still dawg talkin about gay guyz ur a dude that'd drink cup of cum if i filled it up so shut up cuz ur about to get cut up

da sickis • December 1, 2002 11:37 AM

Anonomus, aint hot in dis, he is so fuckin wack, tryin be gangsta by smokin crack, its a heshe, he fuckin eats pe-pe, u probably have a baby dick, wat u mean about shit like spit, ur ass is about to be lit, by fire, u cant get any higher, cuz ur rhymes are gay, u eat food from a tray,u act like u aint a quitter so u stay, in dis sight, cuz dats as far as u goin to get in dis rap life

1nONLY • December 1, 2002 11:44 AM

holy shit 1nONLY ur the gayest shit i've eva seen

1nONLYisgay • December 1, 2002 12:01 PM

holy shit 1nONLY ur the gayest shit i've eva seen

1nONLYisgay • December 1, 2002 12:01 PM

holy shit 1nONLY ur the gayest shit i've eva seen

1nONLYisgay • December 1, 2002 12:01 PM

ayo dasickis i wasnt cuttin on white folks for being white, im white too, i was gettin on his name not race

NotYetWorthy • December 1, 2002 12:07 PM

wow 1nONLYis fuckin amazin......not. how old r u 3?, im waitin til later til people r on 2 spit. please talk some shit 1nONLY hahaha

newguy • December 1, 2002 01:19 PM

o aight its not that i white it was that i took u tha wrong way ma bad come on later and spit or jus holla at me on aim at dasickis

da sickis • December 1, 2002 02:43 PM

1nonly .... u are gay .. u eat off a tray.. ??
thats very sad, please get off of this god damn site, ur no doubt the worst in here !!!

white folk • December 1, 2002 05:52 PM

ight newguy, quit tellin us to spit, its gettin old, whut uve said that like 2-3 times in the past day ??? go get some new shit ! i guess this is what u might call spittin, so lets c u "spit" at me, dogg ?? and i better not c that fuckin word in what ur gonna spit !!!!

white folk • December 1, 2002 06:03 PM

ight newguy, quit tellin us to spit, its gettin old, whut uve said that like 2-3 times in the past day ??? go get some new shit ! i guess this is what u might call spittin, so lets c u "spit" at me, dogg ?? and i better not c that fuckin word in what ur gonna spit !!!!

white folk • December 1, 2002 06:03 PM

ight newguy, quit tellin us to spit, its gettin old, whut uve said that like 2-3 times in the past day ??? go get some new shit ! i guess this is what u might call spittin, so lets c u "spit" at me, dogg ?? and i better not c that fuckin word in what ur gonna spit !!!!

white folk • December 1, 2002 06:03 PM

1nonly is the 1nonly trik
His god damn rhymes just make me sick
His motherfucken flow is like a lonely river
The way that bitch spits just makes me quiver
And i think i speak for everyone when i say u suck
And wherever u go knowbody gives a fuck
So get the fuck out so we dont gotta read ur shit
Hopefully now ur fucken dumbass realizes this

corrupt • December 1, 2002 06:06 PM

'ok, ok everyone stand the fuck back'
we've heard enough of worthy and his 'knuckle jacks'
its time to attack
yo worthy u better clear ur earwax
you better call for help wit ur Indian smokestacks
lets see how worthy reacts
when I do some ransacks
wit ur stupid ass wisecracks
I put insults to a max
Ill get ur address and send u anthrax
Yeh this is the climax
Ur rhymes will be put on soundtracks'
Not, ur rhymes r pretty hot, but ur gonna get urself shot
I enjoyed ur gay comments so thanks a lot
'everyone's on ur cock', somehow
I agree wit half of that
Cuz half the world is men
And u prolly have ten
of em on ya right now
'u call white folk's bitch and you get sex'
well guess what 'folk is gay
that bitch you fuck is a man
does everyone understand?
Yo worthy that's sick
But I guess its normal
For a guy who enjoys
To fill his asshole with a dick
Im quittin man, this is gonna make me hurl
Just promise to stay away from men's assholes
And try fuckin a girl

newguy • December 1, 2002 06:42 PM

newguy u aint da shit so stop actin like u were, ur tha type of bitch to stick a dick in ur pops then have the cops come at ur house wit ur dick in ya dad's hole yo this story is bein retold by me and dawg lemme ask u a question are those your worthless words you use in a freestyle battle damn if you spit like that i could have your whole spine rattle matta fact you'd prolly lose in a battle wit a herd of cattle and anthrax yo this shit is worse cuz it leaves no tracks and this that stats i numba one worthy is 2 and you could be 3 nah lemme take 1 2 n 3 worthy's at 4 and you're tha dumb whore that'll be at numba 5 see if you can stay alive and thrive past these rhymes yo these lines are here to scare with a deathly stare and i no this ain't fair cuz i killed half tha kids i free against not wit weapons but wit words cuz they turn into swords that slash vocal chords and choke a dude so he can't speak now you've faced your defeat take a seat and don't type frees afta this cuz u some hopeless kid

da sickis

da sickis • December 1, 2002 06:55 PM

this board is gettin mad overflowed imma bout ta make ma own i'll holla at cha lata wen i got it 1

da sickis • December 1, 2002 07:16 PM

WOW has this board gone done hill

shut the fuck up about dicks.
u all suck b'sides notyetworthy
hes the ONLY one who doesnt totally rap about insult and actualy has
GOOD lines
not just gay rhymes

Raze • December 1, 2002 08:24 PM

duh RAZE .... the fuckin best way to spit up a freestyle, is if u got someone to diss, so shut ur fuckin mouth, cuz ur my next motha fuckin opponet............. get ready to get fucked up !

white folk • December 1, 2002 08:40 PM

da sickis
half the the time
ur lines dont rhyme
you talk no shit
soon your name will be mine
it aint playtime
its wartime.
do you hate when i'm on top
cuz u know ur not
u too will be shot
you've got to stop
the reason im #1
cuz i removed someone
never hated on u son
so go after someone that hated
and not me
the 1 loveya wish she dated

newguy • December 1, 2002 09:10 PM

if i was da worst in here how come i was rated 6th out of every1 here 1. newguy (u fucked up shiznizz, we sick of that fucker)
2. white folk (finally some1 faces worthy)
3. notyetworthy (ur worthy but some1 fucked u up)
4. betterthanzeewalk (that 1 was nice but u input more)
5. raze (keep it up)
6. 1nOnly (get some new shit 12 yr old young'n)
7. loveya
8. drastic g
9. shiznizz (ur ass is done)
10. black night (somehow ur on here)
well i guess u can see dat im 6th, u are #2 but how old r u? im only 12, dont dat ring a bell?

1nONLY • December 1, 2002 09:22 PM

hey lil 1, if ur not in the top five ur shit, just like the lines u spit

newguy • December 1, 2002 09:34 PM

most the people on that list r gone

Anonymous • December 1, 2002 09:35 PM

y0 afta all dis shit, im still rhymin, i still hear u mothafuckas cryin, like anonumos, gettin so mad cuz i spit, he just mad cuz he be suckin my dick, afta i dissed him he changed his name, it was 1nonly is gay, wow wat a shame, how da fuck would he eva get some fhame, he probably 16 and he still dont got a job, he got a gay name like rob, he cant get a girl so he be jerkin, such a geek so he never be flirtin, he go to a private school, where all geeks go therre, uniforms and gay clothes is wat they fuckin wear, they fuck there mamas, now they go to pay a fare, he crys everyday cuz he got no friends, who da fuck cares? da only game he plays wit his mama is truth or dare, his mama in special ed and now learning how to share, im speakin da truth to all u motha fuckas who think he cool, damn u fools!
His names anonumus, and he still cant top dis................

1nONLY • December 1, 2002 09:49 PM

y0 all of us aint even true rappers, so stop da bull shit u fuckin cracker

1nONLY • December 1, 2002 09:55 PM

hey buddy anonymous aint a person, its some1 who doesnt fill in the name section. wow ur a fuckin dumbass! "fhame" check that spelling too.

Anonymous • December 1, 2002 10:05 PM

dude... get outa this fuckin site, u dont even know how to spell, how to rhyme, please just shut ur trap cuz ur wastin r time !!!! the reason u were in 6th is prolly cuz the person who did the standings prolly only cared about the top 3 !! the others r just shit... even shiznizz could kick ur ass-hole

Anonymous • December 1, 2002 10:07 PM

anyone that wants to put some last minute lines in better do it quick cuz im callin it a night early. u got til 11

iholdthestandings • December 1, 2002 10:21 PM

December 1st standings
1. newguy (still here but watch ur ass)
2. notyetworthy (ur sick but where's ur diss)
3. da sickis (last 1 wasn't much of a diss)
4. dndsnf
5. corrupt

all I gotta say is some1 please finish off 1nONLY
-I rate on dissin now how u talk about nuthin

iholdthestandings • December 1, 2002 10:58 PM

-i rate on dissing not how people talk about nothing

Anonymous • December 1, 2002 10:59 PM


CRACKEDOUTNIGA • December 1, 2002 11:19 PM

yo, yo,
son u better stop and recognize
im talkin to you, bitch ass newguy
you just be tellin madd lies
in a weak attempt to disguise
the pain u in when no one hears ur cries
cuz u the best in no one's eyes
pointin fingers bout fuckin guys
is that cuz its what u fantasize?
i see why im the that one u despise
but first you need to realize
that first place is my prize
u can't even use your own rhymes
u be quotin my wicked lines
its not my fault you a get nine
out of ten, while i be gettin dime
but what's very scary
ya aint heard half my vocabulary
u be lookin in the dictionary
best on the mic like harry carrey
you ain't a rap missionary
kid, you belong in the seminary
cuz you girless now, u never gettin married
your last girl gave me her cherry
bled like her name was bloody mary
what was u thinkin gettin in this battle pairing
i slice u up without even caring
come at me again bitch, u be in the cemetary
unfortunately for you my mind's quicker
my styles original, none slicker
your a better emcee, how you figure
cuz u fuckin white and say n---er
round here thats a mistake, none bigger
best watch ya mouth boy, we pull triggers
go ahead bitch, fuckin snicker
ya homies gon' be pourin out liquor

NotYetWorthy • December 2, 2002 01:29 PM

a new forum is gonna be made for the orginal rappers, and others that prove themselves worthy. you dumbass fuck faces came in and ruined this one. all you faggots who posted in the last couple of days can die, except DA SICKIS, yo, youre rappin in my shit no doubt. ill post it when its made. different style than this, kind of a tourney-mode and shit and it will be judged by me and TONETOKA and DA SICKIS. you others can post your name and say FOR ZEE next to your name if you wanna be in it, your shit better be good and ill email you.

betterthanZEEWALK • December 2, 2002 02:20 PM

yall niggaz suck fuck this site
all the real mc's left and went somewhere else to fight
none of yall bitches can battle me
cause im the real muthafuckin mc
yo corrupt should be on top
the rst of yall suck so just stop
i hate wannabe bitches
who think there hard because they got two or three stiches
im one white spitter that with nock yall out
dont dehidrate readin this so go get a drink from the public water spout
yall r young'ns thats why u cant rap
lil romeo, lil wayne, lil zayne all hair in nap
yall think ur da hot shit
until u hear me spit
so stay on this site
try to battle or take a bite
but yall neva beat out Z-nasty the great
yall kno im better than u so dont hate

Z-Nasty • December 2, 2002 02:31 PM

yo newguy who the hell u tryna fool wit them rhymes get out of this rap game wen u got time i mean u still liven i've given a chance nd if you don't leave u best no u'll be facin grief i have a belief in jihad and i ain't muslim but now u got a slim chance of stayin alive yo u don't have the talent for rappin cuz wen u get up everyone starts laffin its like how they sed it in 8 mile they don't laff cuz u white they laff cuz u white wit a mic nd all of that is right yo this'll turn into a hardcore war cuz if you no wuts in store for your ass you'da left a long time ago but now u my foe but ur nuttin but a homo and these are jus half my rhymes dude ur like 18 so don't try to fake me dawg i fourteen nd i beat u wanna court me and my name neva be yours cuz dawg u ain't got skill

1 dasickis that was a gay rap i'll be back on later to free for real i did that cuz i have to go to track practice

da sickis • December 2, 2002 03:16 PM

yo no diss to white people i was jus sayin much respect goes to NotWorthyYet

da sickis • December 2, 2002 03:18 PM

yo ZEE juge min ill spit sicker when i come back on

Z-Nasty • December 2, 2002 04:16 PM

still thinking y'all are olympian hopefulls

im sick of this bullshiet fed up and full

is crackedoutnigga a real black guy or a whigger

z nasty still talking about how he'll pull the trigga

all of you should be locked up in zoo like tigers

toursits be saying look at those kant rap for shiet flunked out niggaz

still twitching like tweakers, don get too close with this twister

or u be growing yourselves some nasty blister

and for all those ppl kant even spit out a verse yet wearing fake fubus

stop giving gay comments n advices,wut made you guys hip hop gurus

there's something wrong with your whinings, stop trying to rap and get rehearse

its not a genetic thing, sneaking up on you like a bad curse

look at Zit Nasty, his pimples are about to burst

crackedoutnigga or the tunnel digger

vote for the best cant rap for shiet award winner

my lines penetrates your heart like poisonus gas in the chamber

you are harmless even after i hand you a dagger

you cant paint this picture , faint with a stagger

i can see your bright future, being a crackedoutmugger

robbing by standers, on the streets till you feel a thirst

then u found out its your grandmaz purse thatz not a first

still talking about how you and your gorilla had a lust

dawg, "your nuts had been bust"

i juss smoked ya, eat my dust

dont make a fuss, put your shiet into use

time is ticking , this is one bomb u cant defuse

dndsnf • December 2, 2002 04:42 PM


Dj Suess

Dj Suess • December 2, 2002 05:26 PM

1andonly wut the fuck is up wit that shit damn if you got ta spit say some stuff that makes sense at least more than that whack crack yo u on drugs wen u spittin cuz u like slurr all ur words ya heard or is it that u dont get the message nobody likes ur dumb shit u spit like a bitch that got fucked up the wrong spots these rhymes will clot ur blood and leave u lyin in the mud to die this ain't suppoused to diss you that bad i mean i jus did this to give u a reminda find ya way outta this board and fast and u can't last the humiliation u'll face in tha futa i wuld go further but i want a clean record i don't wanna commit murder especially to a gay dude u'd fuck me and giveme HIV u ain't worth my real words that really diss this was just to let you know that u suck and i did it in a rap so it get to u but i no u'll come back wit ur whack nd i'm 1andonly yea the only one that likes ur raps cuz ur nuttin but crap so pleaz stay off and stop buggin

damn that rap sucked o well its only to 1andonly the gay fag if it was some1 worthier like newguy or NOTYETWORTHY i spit betta but its to some trailer park trash that thinks he'z all that cuz he saw 8 mile and'll be jus like EM yo stop wit the movie image its not workin dawg and this is from an indian kid i ain't white or black dude u got dissed by a hindu thas pretty sad and this rappin nuttin i shuld be in but i am

da sickis • December 2, 2002 07:01 PM

Crackedoutnigga thats exactley wat he is
he so cracked out he dont recognize his kids
u think ur rhymes are close to urban culture
ill eat that shit up like a prowilin vulture
cuz im a veteran of a war thats already won
and im a superstar of a song thats already sung
nigga wateva u spit at me ill spit rite back
cuz u a fool ass nigga that be smokin the crack
like em ill be ur motherfucken superman
ill take ur crack ass to a fantasy land
others may know this place as rehab
but u mite think its a crack lab
they gotta whole lotta crack fenes up in the bitch
but aint no crack for u cuz u gotta be rich
so just get the fuck out and go deal the deal
and get the point this shits fo real

corrupt • December 2, 2002 07:03 PM


post that shit up soon

betterthanZEEWALK • December 2, 2002 07:05 PM

nasty aint online

corrupt • December 2, 2002 07:07 PM

yo betterthanzeewalk, how you gunna say only a few people on this forum for real and leave me off.. did you read my shit?

NotYetWorthy • December 2, 2002 07:30 PM

y0 i didnt know anonumus was unnamed.......hey wat da hell im only 12 so i didnt know dat shit

1nONLY • December 2, 2002 07:32 PM

y0 da sickis u have no bitches, yo maybe u can rap and battle better than me but shut da fuck up dat dont mean u can dis out ne1 else im just 12 and u wat da fuck about u, im da 1nonly da only person dat u can dis 1 else except yo mama

1nONLY • December 2, 2002 07:37 PM

1andonly i'm sorry i made u cry ok don't close yourself in the closet and try to shoot urself please don't become a suicide victim cuz my rhymes stick themselves in yo brain ta drive u insane i sayin this plain ure about to be slain and taken alive to be buried in the cemetary where u will survive fo five minutes then die ok its death scarin u take ur covers and keep ur head under em and don't come back until these nightmares go away fuck that ur mad gay if u can't get past obstacles u get agitated and plus i 14 2 years ago i had betta rhymes than yo momma shut up wit ur drama but i'll cut u slack u ain't black so that accounts for that gay ass rap

da sickis • December 2, 2002 07:53 PM

yo check it

this Z-Nasty coming wit the nasty flows
u'll see em and get hit in da nose
ill pick ur gurl up at 7 and give her a rose
take her to the spot wit the rest of my hoez
NotYetWorthy thats right ur not yet worthy
ur rhymes sound like ur in a hurry
ur moma kickin u offlin dogg
go hit up ur man and play leap frog
anal darts wit ur dude
i'll kill u and ur whole crew
by myself ull all get jacked
ur moms got a fettish she likes her ass smacked
just like u like a man duck ur dick
ya im killing u cuz ur da lucky pick
iight dogg im felling bad so ill stop
just relize im always gonna be on top

Z-Nasty • December 2, 2002 08:15 PM

Shut da fuck up da sickis, u fuckin hindu, u fuckin usama, ur mama, u fuckin bin laden, u live in fuckin pakistan, and u's a rapping man, u fuckin taliban, u look like gay sadam, why u start shit what u cant finish, 1 dick in ur hand, and 1 in ur spinash, u talk a lot of shit for some1 who wears tights, sayin how u rap and u aint black or white, u even callin ur own religion a shame to be dissed out by it, but no body gives a shit, nobody care if ur mom got dick, u just anotha rappa like every1 else, people tellin me to get out of dis loosin my breath, yea i rap about drugs, and bugs, but at least i dont pray on a rug, so peace out u fuckin hindu slug

1nONLY • December 2, 2002 08:40 PM

why yall tryin to beat
spittin words ya never heard
why u think u can defeat
got the numba 1 seat and knckon u down
dont care what u people say cuz i still got my crown
i can't take this shit cuz theres no sound
i'm not no rapper i've just been fuckin around
wit u stupid ass clowns, cuz i got a life
ill have a wife
unlike yall
ull be spending ur life
tryin to sell rhymes at a mall
none of u can make it
so white, can't see u when ur naked
why yall think ur black
besides eminem
only them
know how to rap
you wanna be em's lines r wack
you'll be overwhelmed in this game
wont be able to make you way to fame
possibly u can, if you suck some more dick
i'm gettin off this site, yall make me sick
you know ur moms? yeh i tapped her
goodbye to all
you stupid cracker wack rappers

dont be writin no comebacks on this
cuz all i need to hear is u agreein wit dis
ill come back and make fun of yall someday
but until then
have fun bein gay

also 1nONLY please shut the fuck up. ur rhymes suck. u can't spell. they dont make sense. it looks like u put all ur shit from ur ass and put it on a blender and put it on paper.

newguy • December 2, 2002 09:55 PM

and please, nobody even listen or acknoweledge 1nONLY and get him off this site

newguy • December 2, 2002 09:59 PM

yo zit nasty, are you gona be on top or drop lines on your laptop

aww a can juss popped, clean up on aisle four, there's a mop

my flow murdered your shiet its ripped and torn

at least you are not dasickis, whoz now downolading kiddy porns

is that why hez messing with 1nonly, yo ghandi hez only 12 yrz old

i dono wutz da policy in india or what you've been told

there's a thing in U-S of fucking A, its call child molesting , and curry is, but kids aint for sale

wut's the matter dawg? your face is getting a little pale

you are beginning to stutter and writing flows thats stale

its ok, juss tell us your imaginary hindu dream tale

check dis out , theres dasickis, working at the kiwikis

with apu and other indies, eating and drnking curry flavored smoothies

chilling with bin and aladin, is that why you gota get rhymes from your magic genie?

this aint the 8 mile the movie, is that shiet on ur head a bandana or a beanie?

when homer sees this ryhme he be saying d-oh-pe

my "d-oh-pe" lines runs around like a rope

this is one twisted snake you cant tame with ur flute

i spit more game than all the ryhmes you wrote, cuz you are juss a fluke

i already smelled the fuck you gona cook

not another curry flow from some hindu site that you took

dndsnf • December 2, 2002 10:07 PM


LOL • December 2, 2002 10:14 PM

AHhaHAhHAhaHhA, disickies or wutevr ur curry name is, YOU JUST GOT DISSED!!! wut u gon do now hUH? stink dnd to death with ur curry and poopoo head? or ur twistin dick that follows orders of ur flute? HeHEh... LoL

AHAH • December 2, 2002 11:20 PM

Anybody else think Lotto's rap kicked more ass than B. Rabbit/Eminem's?

whouain't • December 3, 2002 01:16 AM

You say he can't hang? I can hang,
my dick in the frame
of your mouth and shoot 20 shots of cum on your brain
that makes you insane
the same I did to your mother when she wouldn't stop screamin my name.

Now stop talkin about lame,
when yer the one to blame
all your shits the same, cuz you lose your train
of thought
your caught
how much did them lyrics cost when you bought em
or did you go in the stall of a bathroom
and use your mouth like a vacuum
for the chance to be cool on a website forum?

Now all this shit yer spittin is shit
like you been dippin your tongue in asshole instead of clit
Now use your own lyrics, don't abuse
the shit eminem wrote and used
on the movie that we're discussin',
Why are you bustin'? why are you cussin?
are you mad cuz it's been a while since you got cock from your husband?
or your big dicked cousin who cries without your lovin?
dnfdns just died from an overdose of childrens robitussin

If yer lookin to fuck with me and betterthanZ,
your barkin yer bitch ass up the wrong fuckin tree.
don't fuck with me,
you better pack yer shit in yer bags, and move away from me.
don't you see? yer not shit to me.
yer not a "G",
yer a little kid who learned the wrong things
on his way to 8th grade history.

Stay away from the jokes on the gay, you might be gettin fucked in the ass in prison some day.


Kaail • December 3, 2002 01:37 AM

Now look
All of you motherfuckers need to back off of raze.
Z-nasty, you talk too much, I been readin your shit for days.
now why you all feel the need to jump on one man, I can't understand
But I'm sure it has somethin to do with great1's dick and a minivan.
Are you mad again?
are you pissed that you missed the thought that I would fuck your plans
by bringing up how you suck dick anytime your dad commands?!

I know you motherfuckers don' wanna fuck with me, it will get ugly.
if you try to reply, you'll find yerself tryin to pry the bullet from your thigh.
now wipe that tear from your eye, don't cry.. yer sposed to be a guy.

why don't you learn?
when you fuck with me, you'll get fucked till your asshole burns.
now don't return, to this forum,
or I'll take your ashes from your urn,
and burn em till thier blacker than the blackest dick you ever sucked for sperm.

Now me, raze and betterthanZ,
We're teachin you motherfuckers to rap, so please
get on your knee's and listen to these rhymes
and don't chyme in till you've learned a thing or two about battlin this time.
Now im sure yer knee's feel weak,
so I will release you to suck some cock till you can get back on your feet.

Kaail • December 3, 2002 01:38 AM

not another gangster wana be ,or should i say kaali?

or is it kelly? sounding like a chubby, guy who only got his belly

invested it as its his bank , and even if i run him over with a tank

he'll die infamously and still kant git his name on the rank

i juss hollered back , wut you gona do after i gave you the shank?

are you gona bark more on this forum and become everyonez bitch?

ima pass you a "fuck you, and you aint all that" with 15 stitch

well, your girl is really a witch, who cast a spell,you'll be screaming bloody hell

becase ur dick juss shrinked till its not even an inch

how sad, is that why i bust out dis shiet u start to flinch?

too bad you are on my trial now, and i say get this fucker lynched

wow look at that shiet,most likely dasickis is gona join up with kelly

a hindu chef and a fake G, this aint becoming wanabees on MTV

u guys watched too much BET. i've seen enough of your obsecenity

without it, i cant even recognize your entity

your goblin noise made this site tideous

read the sign, its suppose to b glorious

do i kare if you gona holler back?

i don gif a shiet about you or whos gona pick up yo sack

saying you are large with betterthanzee or RAze doesnt give your perks

so what if you guys rap better than most people , 5 years later y'all still be my clerks

"Stay away from the jokes on the gay, you might be gettin fucked in the ass in prison some day"

it seems to me your a gay guy who cant git laid

dndsnf • December 3, 2002 02:35 AM

dndsnf,I don't know how to respond to that
it's like you never broke the bond between your head and your mothers twat.
this is stupid, your rhymes are all typical, im bored.
I'm tired if hearin you talk this shit hangin from your fuckin ambilical cord.

now look
if you get off the dick, and listen for one minute
you might understand it, and you're rhymes wouldn't deminish.
but you didn't, and now im gonna finish you off
listen to the sound as dndsnf licks on the cock.

Theres nothin much I can do for you, you suck you bitch, I'm through with you.
you need to read and learn shit from this thread
don't get any ideas flippin away in your head, that you can come back and say what someone else said.

Man, hows alittle boy talkin about shanks and tanks.
bitch I'll kill your ass, and keep laughing if you think I aint.

I won't finish this shit, it's late... yer not worthy of a diss from me. you need to go back to school and play with your gay friend ray ok?

now I'm gonna sleep, I shouldn't throw flows when im tired, im wired, but it's not much competition anyway. late-


Kaail • December 3, 2002 04:23 AM

Some of you motherfuckers gotta stop tryin' to rhyme
Some of you are flowin' well
But the rest gotta get shot wit' a nine
Your just too weak,
My shit would blow your ceiling fan through the roof
while you're hanging by two boot laces duct-taped to your tooth.
But it's okay, cuz if you think you're typin' your shit faster than I while you're tryin' to freestyle and spit
I'mma think whatever comes up off the tip of my tounge cuz the tip of my dick erected might get stuck to your gums.
And the trick to my game involves no marshmallow stick cuz your mouth is too big to shove it in, twig and all
And while you're runnin' outta time and the second hand has hit vertical I have already finished fukin' your mom in a circle
See you came to the wrong place at the wrong time
And got shot with the right nine in time to find right rhymes in line for five hours at a time, inane, shit, fuck, damn, Initial S.M., maybe you can try to tell be I suck!!

IN.S.M. • December 3, 2002 09:03 AM

Yo Yo check it out
IN.S.M. up in this bitch now, now and for good.
If you know the deal you know what parts are under the hood.
If I could I would like to 'xplain myself just a bit
Befo' I say too much and someone simply starts snatchin' my shit.
I have nothin' to do with any of you tryin' to rap.
I'm not black, I own two cats and don't own a gat.
I bairly even ever listen to 2pac and Biggie
I'm too busy listenin' to my shit, rippin' n gettin' dizzy.
And lately I have been listnin' to aftermath
Yeah the 8 Mile soundtrack is off the tracks
But that shit is almost everything I always hear
I'm're right...I might...just bite.
But I'mma do whatever I can to stand my ground.
And I'mma do whatever I can to land my sound.
And my sound is influential all in itself.
And I don't think my belt would hold up my pants if they fell.
Shit! Now this shit is gettin' corny
I'm sorry, I apologize.
I'm sorry if I've offended any one of you black guys.
But you have got to stop acting in the way that you do!
Cuz you destroy this generation and make you look like a fool.
Yeah I don't believe that you deserve to be as rich as you are.
To be blingin' around mansions and owning five hundred cars
that can shine bright enough to blow off the tires of my van and I can't understand what woman would marry this man!
And my dad is doin' everything he can to provide for his kids
To provide for us is, harder than it is for you dicks.
And you run around and complain you aint got nothin'
Well you aint got nothin' till your broke and aint got nothin in your stomach.
And aint got much more to say I'm outta time
I'll have to wait 'till next time to bust out shit rhymes.

IN.S.M • December 3, 2002 10:11 AM

Yo third time's a charm
Yet three in a row is better
It's better than tic-tac-toe and I flow better than cheddar.
See cheddar doesn't flow at all, cuz it's simply a cheese
And it seems to get stuck inside a vendin' machine and teeters and leans
Before I punch out the glass and the tiny fibers cause my sneeze
Rips out my lungs before my esophagus starts to wheeze.
Then I try to spit, I tried that shit but shit it just bleeds

My life is at stake, for God sakes gimme a break
Gimme a break, break off a piece-a-that 10-pound steak
And let me break it over the head of some bitch who hates
Who hates to fake sickness cuz he's 2 hours late.
To work, I work a daily shift and get shit in the mail
Bustin' ass and bustin' flows alongside my big nigga kaail
And kaail don't even know who I am
I don't know him either
I'll just him know that he's the student and I am the teacher

Dndsnf sucks his own nuts
He sucks off his little brother while he gets fucked in the butt!
He's gotten fucked
By so many diffent guys in his life that his wife can't tell the difference if he's a whore or a dike
Cuz his hole is so big that you could fit in a fist
You could fit in the fist of his bitch who has no limbs.
And I'm outta time again. So for now just keep it real
Yo, kaail tell these muthafucka's which one u think is real!

IN S.M. • December 3, 2002 01:18 PM

dndsnf i think u were a lil hard wit the zit
thats what ur girl said when i sucked on her tit
u cant get wit me when i spit
pickin ur ass off the ground like dog shit
this is Z-Nasty talkin to u
listen up while i screw sue
she said ur her brother
but from a different mother
thats ok im still fuckin ur sister
while u get a dick up ur ass by a priest or a minister
ur mom make u be little altar boy
now explain to her y ur the priest's toy
never mind ur gay ass is like that
thats y i saw u try to fit a bat
up ur ass
shit ill pass
i dont wanna see that dirty crap
thats almost as dirty as ur faggot rap
dont get dissed u bitch
im out ima go eat a sandwich

Z-Nasty • December 3, 2002 02:54 PM

kaail how u pronounce ur name
no one knows what it is and ur raps is lame
i picked u to get dissed aint it a shame
u may think i talk to much because i can
i rap so serious like my nigga dan
i saw u and ur mom in her 1920 van
it was wierd u look like a girl and her a man
u fuck wit Z ur gonna feel a hit or slam
face it dude u jus cant rap, damn
i hate it when i read all the raps that dont rhyme
its cause these niggaz dont pay attention and take time
im takin over online
so whatch out befo ur gurl becomes mine
u been readin my shit
listening to how i spit
saying i talk too much
u cant rap u jus say such and such
like "if you try to reply
you'll find yerself tryin to pry
the bullet from your thigh."
its just gay
what u got to say
jus leave dog cuz u cant rap
someone like me isnt gonna put up wit ur wack crap
yo i cant express i fuckin shitty u are
im gonna burn u then feather and tar
cuz u suck
jus like hockey wit a stick and a puck
i hate u cuz ur rhymes are some horible shit
this is Z-Nasty taken over wit da real shit

Z-Nasty • December 3, 2002 03:18 PM