Madonna – Hey You (Live Earth)

For seven days, you can download a free zipped up MP3 of Madonna’s contribution to Live Earth: The Concerts For A Climate In Crisis.

For each of the first million downloads, MSN will donate 25 cents to the Alliance for Climate Protection. More PR.

Update: Don’t bother downloading unless you want MSN to contribute 25 cents to charity. The song’s a lame ballad with trite lyrics and a silly war-call drum rolls.

One thought on “Madonna – Hey You (Live Earth)”

  1. What, like you mean don’t bother reading your review unless you are a person who is easily pitched crap and willingly accepts it?

    If any of you have a sane cell still left in your brains, make up your own minds and download this…it’s for a worthy cause and who knows, in the process you just might shock Jakey boy here by reaching your own impression of the song which for what it’s worth is pretty good!

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