Best Buy Gets Chinese Democracy

Ho ho ho. Billboard reports that Best Buy will be the exclusive retailer for Chinese Democracy, and it’ll be out “before year’s end.” Merry Christmas, baby. You’re gonna die!

Now Guns N’ Roses has fooled us before with release dates coming and going, but this time Irving Azoff is managing the b(r)and. And I can’t imagine a high-power legend like that would take any bullshit from a pretentious hick like Axl Rose. So I’m inclined to believe that this time it might just happen. In which case, Dr. Pepper is going to have to hook me up with my free can.

The first official taste of Chinese Democracy was released a couple weeks ago when “Shackler’s Revenge” was included in Rock Band 2.

Video: Rock Band 2 Xbox 360 Gameplay – GNR: Shackler’s Revenge

One thought on “Best Buy Gets Chinese Democracy”

  1. The pomposity with which one Axl Rose conducts his duties as hard rock’s imminent frontman is dubious indeed. At what price are the fans expected to flock like sheep to a conglomerate and purchase an album that is long overdue in nihilstic fashion as was previously discussed in many forums. The debate rages as to wther the final product will be a bombastic explosion of powert rock,,or just a meandering of social nothingness. I’ve worked with Axl types on a less grand scale. Admittedly most of them were followers of Anton Levay…quite ironic since I was raised strict presbyterian and to this day claim Jesus as my Lord and savior. But their were mouths to feed–twins born of a one night stand from which I accepted full fiscal responsibility.To those who have to work with the megalomania that is Axl, my condolences. But servitude is not always contigent on one’s own egotistical need to feel as one with the project itself.

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