Courtney Love Is Fucking Insane

Courtney Love has been a busy bee lately. She posted a (now dramatically edited) entry on her MySpace blog claiming that Ryan Adams stole $850,000 from Frances Bean‘s trust fund to finance and record Rock N Roll. Guess someone is trying to matter again. CONFIDENTIAL TO COURTNEY LOVE: You, um, sort of don’t.

“yeah you listen to this shit im listening to my i tunes on right now who names a record “Rock n Roll” what assholes do that?”

The full entry, in all its unedited and un-adhering to the rules of the English language glory, has been preserved at Stereogum. More.

MP3: Ryan Adams – “Note To Self: Don’t Die” (live on July 22, 2006, courtesy of the Live Music Archive)

6 thoughts on “Courtney Love Is Fucking Insane”

  1. I think she is saying she had sex with him at one point. What an unholy scene. he must’ve been into it just to check it off the list, just for the record. You’d have to to be insane to get with her. Imagine the drama…

  2. Mr. Adams has always been about the drama though so I can see how he’d gravitate towards her. Both lives never left the middle school lunch table. I’m kind of taking Courtney’s side here. I wouldn’t put it past Ryan to make a record on some “borrowed” cash but if Ms. Love can’t keep an eye on her cash then sucks to be her. More people should speak out about the Rock N Roll album. What a steaming turd.

  3. You know I’ve never been one to defend Ms. Love, but here’s something that she wrote in a follow-up post that I think is worth noting:

    One thing that DOES enrage me is when urban sophisticates with great breeding and cynical cognition of life make FUN of being robbed blind. I wasn’t raised to understand wealth, or even a fico score , or entities or be a forensic accountant and if I don’t do most of it myself it won’t get done, and so I’ve learned a lot and I share a 100000th of it occasionally, if it can help anyone that’s great. But to make fun of stealing and to imagine that lawyers and cops and loan officers are these fucking saints who don’t steal from uneducated rock musicians rap musicians and athletes is just plain fucking stupid? Got it?

    She’s right, of course. We’re so quick to judge her based on her ridiculously awful typos, spelling, etc. Granted, her tone is usually hysterical and hyperbolic, which renders the content preposterous…

    And in this case, she’s calling out Ryan Adams by name as opposed to his former manager/her ex-boyfriend/general shady character, Jim Barber. Blaming Adams for stealing directly is silly. (Blaming him for making a crappy record, however, is totally justified.)

    But it shouldn’t surprise anybody that musicians get ripped off all the time.

    Now, if Courtney didn’t come across as so habitually PARANOID, we might not all be as quick to blow off all her seemingly batshit crazy accusations…

    Who knows?

  4. Yeah, if she wasn’t off her nut and was actually telling the truth, wouldn’t that still make Barber the villain, not Adams? Err.

    The only song I liked on Rock n’Roll was the one that sounded like a U2 song… “So Alive”. I don’t know what bands the other songs were intended to sound like, but since that album was supposedly one big joke on Lost Highway, it’d be interesting to know.

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