9 thoughts on “Libertines Split”

  1. Oh man. An Ultimatum. I love this band and hope that the incredible Rock and Roll circus that is the Libertines never dies.

  2. I completely get you! I know its been coming but when they officially announced their split I did cry. Its such a tragedy, Pete needs Carl to help him through but I know Carl doesn’t know what to do. I know Pete’s got Babyshambles, and they’re great, I got tickets to their Christmas party, but nothing can beat the Libs!

  3. I didnt think they had officially split.

    Itd be great to see em reunited but I reckon Pete would do fine on his own.

    Just listen to The Freewheelin Pete Doherty. Kilamangiro, Albion all great great songs.

    I dont think Pete has any major plans to go clean as Carl would want.

    It’s also a bit rich o Carl to take the moral high ground when hes been known to dabble in the old Colombian marching powder.

    It would be a pity if the best band around went their separate ways though.

  4. If you look at them you can see that Pete is doing alot better now and isnt doing the brown as much, and Carl is slowly going downhill (he has a serious alcohol problem, and does the brown every now’n agen)

    I doubt they’ll split as the news was broke by NME the worlds music tabloid

    May the Albion sail oncourse!!

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