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Listen: JTL FM – This Summer

Spotify: JTL FM: This Summer Look, those white linen dungarees you bought in a frustrated, which way is up moment back in the deepest, darkest depths of winter are not going to wear themselves. The breeze won’t catch the light tick of their fabric, and you’ll never savor the aroma of Impossible Burgers grilling as … Continue reading Listen: JTL FM – This Summer

Listen: JTL FM ii

Spotify: JTL FM ii I don’t want nobody hurt, but I made an exception with him. –Cherry Glazerr Making a mess is easy when you think you know it all. –Jessica Lea Mayfield The color of your mind, you feel it coming right through you. –Beach House When you talk to my face you speak … Continue reading Listen: JTL FM ii

Listen: Jams of Note, June 2017

Some jams of note for June. Or, really, it’s a mix about where do you put “Cut To The Feeling.” Is it first? Is it always? Is it just “Cut to the Feeling” for an entire Sound Design tape? Both sides? I got a tape once like that from a pen pal, years ago. Same … Continue reading Listen: Jams of Note, June 2017

Listen to Frontier Justice 3/25/17

Tei Shi has described her songcraft as a communion of many jams, tributaries of ideas meeting on a flood plain to the wide open sea. You can climb inside the layers on a track like 2013’s “M&Ms,” let the stuttering beat of 2015’s “Basically” blast from your imaginary boom box as weird thoughts bounce off … Continue reading Listen to Frontier Justice 3/25/17

TRAX: MisterWives – Machine

Audio: MisterWives — “Machine” MisterWives – Machine (Audio)Watch this video on YouTube MisterWives is the band nineteen-year-old-me would’ve loved — a cool girl out front, being super posi and singing huge, soaring hooks. There’s also a groove, and that’s like No Doubt in its earlist, best moments. And oh yeah, there’s a horn section. There … Continue reading TRAX: MisterWives – Machine

Listen to Frontier Justice 2/19/17

The Thousand Points Of Light Memorial Waterfall lies dry at the center of the Super 7 Mega Mall food court tetrahedron, and everybody’s got an opinion as to why. Hair triggers, we have them. In this new reality of hot takes and burning questions, it’s fun to clamber onto a roof and shout “BELL BOTTOMS” … Continue reading Listen to Frontier Justice 2/19/17

The Ministry of Found

What was once angry might once again inspire volume It was a few days after the election when I found nihilism lying broken in the street. Scuffed, half-crushed, and sharing a gutter with chicken bones and an energy drink that didn’t take, it still had spittle in its beard, metal shavings in its throat, and … Continue reading The Ministry of Found

Andrew WK Live in Chicago: Ten Years After

Andrew WK at Riviera Theatre Chicago, March 25, 2012 All of the dudes were there, and that was just on stage. Flanked by four wild-haired guitarists, plus a drummer and his black leotard-clad wife, Andrew WK stood in a party line of his own making and flailed, writhed, pumped his fists to the rager soundtrack … Continue reading Andrew WK Live in Chicago: Ten Years After